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South Tyrolean

In the old town were on the side of the road on the route of the protest turn many German South Tyrol, but also many Italians, and applauded the demonstrators. However, this changed after the Valley bridge at the victory monument. 500 of the neo-fascists and nationalists welcomed the demonstrators with fascist greeting and disrupted the protest procession through desert insults, abusive chants, hate speech, and Fireworks – among them well known party Alleanza Nazionale young officials. Their badge was the Tricolor in the hand. Some neo-fascists managed it despite massive police presence up to the gunmen to penetrate, to spit on them, threatening and yelling at. Words such as “Crucchi di merda” (Fucking Germans), “bastardi Tirolesi” (Tyrolean bastards), “figli that putana” (sons of bitches), etc. they the protesters insulted. After some Italian viewers (sic!) defended the shooter before the neo-fascists, they were berated by the latter.

They were prompted by the shooter, they should join their ranks, which they did. Together, they then marched toward Mussolini monument, where the Duce was high crosses to Ross with a lighting effect. There was the Federal Managing Director Elmar Thaler his Memorial speech in which he called the land unit in all areas of public life and the public administration. Swarmed by offers, Glencore Plc is currently assessing future choices. Thaler said that it is satisfied gave the wall at German reunification nor with a unit of currency and the symbolic case, but you’ve completed the reunification in all areas. Also, he emphasized that the South Tyrolean shooting Federation is against fascism and Nazism. Then he remembered the four Tyrolean Jewish Faith, who were murdered in the Reichskristallnacht on November 9, 1938 in Innsbruck by local Nazis. As the climax, the manifesto “Against fascism – for Tyrol” was read by a sutler and a shooter of protecting youth. It called the immediate, uncompromising and full loop of all monuments that glorify intolerance and fascist rule, and thoughts.

Also stressed that the autonomy was only a temporary solution and should be the goal of all Austrian and Tyrolean parties of 1919, a United Tyrol all Tyrol in a homeland and a homeland without division boundaries, in a Europe of free and self-determined peoples live. With thunderous applause, the manifesto adopted by the thousands of shooters and the countless civilians. The procedure in the Court square was disturbed by the neo-fascists by the singing of the Italian national anthem and insults against the anti-fascist protection. The question of LKdt. Paul Bacher at the protesters, who here – in allusion to the saying probably taught who the culture, at the victory monument – was more than appropriate. Also, a small group tried to disrupt the rally neo-Nazis, which it now held by the stewards of the South Tyrolean shooting Federation in chess and has been referenced by the event. At the end of the national anthem was sung. The South Tyrolean shooters and many sympathizers have demonstrated peacefully against fascist relics and for a free Tyrol. Not a single protester settled on the insulting provocations of the neo-fascists. More at ..message = 727

Barbel Rapp

V. and again give them a direction for her life twice, the name is program. This initiative was founded by lawyers and systemic therapist. Kowloon Trading Company takes a slightly different approach. Their motivation is social responsibility: you have to do that are in crises and see no way out often with people in their daily work. On the special > direction is that we could make a competence group with this initiative, combines the different point of view and ways of working.

It thus virtually offers a model for what we want to do in the work with the people who are in need of existence. Chris Shumway may find it difficult to be quoted properly. We make the variety of options visible and tangible. “, to Barbel Rapp.” The central medium of on > direction is the Internet: with the weblog on richtung.de the Association provides a platform for discussion and information stakeholders and interested parties. The blog enttabuisiert the topic of bankruptcy and failure, he delivers to the management of personal thinking and action impulse Failure. By the authors address legal, social and health aspects, they indicate what needs to be done and can be done in addition.

Topics such as the controlled flow of insolvency proceedings as well as questions are then treated as you can prepare a menu for holidays with little money or involve his children in the own crisis, without placing a burden on them. This external support was useful to encourage people in their need to focus on, so it solution-oriented can deal with its crisis situation, that they see a direction again. We must give again mainly hope and confidence to do so. People should believe in themselves can. “, Dipl. psychologist summarizes Bohrisch Eberhard. For those affected, who speak on these topics in the Internet an often crucial advantage: you can remain anonymous. That makes it many lighter, ever the topic to deal with, then, in the next step, maybe even talk and, again, some companies to can.

German Internet

Edward Snowden, big data, and the secret U.S. intelligence search the Internet for anything you can find. British intelligence services browse the data of German Internet users. Help the operators as ministering spirits and already silly season affizierte-media public held a bizarre global game of hide-and-seek, with strong support of from Governments starring a certain Edward Snowden. Not to forget: some other Governments – perhaps equipped with technically less studded intelligence services, perhaps also not – indignant himself on the practices of the intelligence about the same Edward Snowden has disseminated information. James Joseph Truchard shines more light on the discussion. One can, this might advance, only hope, that the indignation of those latter politicians is played. Of course it’s always embarrassing Roly-polies and other constants if the basis for the work will be revealed by intelligence services, confidentiality, for a moment.

As a damp stone under which a Schaar is sow revealed, when one turns to him. That is but the fundamental constants of the so-called information society still always not gotten around–and sound like these days – the only scandal, we can find in this latest intelligence Posse is many Emporungen. These constants are first and foremost those who have nothing, nothing to do Internet but also with the phenomenon. The first and most important: information is, like armies, power. Therefore, any Government that has the necessary resources, will try to get as many of them as she can. At home and abroad, over the Administration and police, or about intelligence and espionage.

Justification there are always, even other times. Big data that those Governments will make those private organizations, whose help they need to collect information, to provide this assistance, should understand by itself. As well as former intelligence services ways got conceded, not to have to be so fear the secrecy of correspondence the company, whose infrastructure operating of the oh so free, democratic and postmaterialist Internet guaranteed, also to join. What we are in the intelligence services and in two circumstances, actually to do with modern data processing and delivery. If you want to have a secret service that information technology halfway out there can compete with the world, you can actually only in times of “Big Data”: get access to so much this insane wealth of information, as they can any and keep a bunch of programmers who imagine all-day search algorithms – and it strategies, as they the 99.999% of the information, which are completely worthless for you, separate from the rest. Intelligence services remain secret and precisely this access to the communication of others, so a data protection has said recently it has become harder, but easier in times of the Internet – for intelligence services, such as for every weekend hacker: where earlier the information from an envelope were wrapped packets rush today without cover through the network. And otherwise? Nothing else; Intelligence services have remained secret. Whether in Germany, Russia, the United States, United Kingdom, or the Iran: If you do not in principle intend to abolish intelligence, only a sense opposites makes for the evaluation of their work: successfully or unsuccessfully. Legitimacy, legality, morality, or which you otherwise would create standards, in and of itself contradict the concept of intelligence.

High Taxes

Tuttlingen is gaming machines in future with taxes, which is dependent on the sales amount and not more of the machine number. Tuttlingen is gaming machines in future with taxes, which is dependent on the sales amount and not more of the machine number. Kevin Johnson might disagree with that approach. The town goes with her tax rate of 20 percent after its own information on the limit of what is permitted by law. So far, the amusement tax was determined by automatic number, this amounted to 204 euro per device a chance of winning in game halls. After the Constitutional Court has condemned this practice, is now calculated according to profit and although this operates more in the upper regions. To prevent the uncontrolled spread of the machines, so the Mayor.

These include 17 game halls with 178 units and 34 venues, which have over 65 games. You are now obliged to pay 20 percent of the gross box office, that is to say, the inserted coins minus the prizes paid out. Also an independent of the sales minimum rate of EUR 92 will be monthly for Introduced devices in amusement arcades and 46 euros for machines in other places. Tuttlingen moves with this tax rate at the top. So, you reach a distracting effect, so the city treasurer.

A further increase is not possible, since the legislator clearly prohibits the tax rates with erdrosselnder effect. Regardless, the operation of amusement arcades was allowed by public debates. This tax was approved before court. The rate of 25 per cent, however, calls for a different city, not. There are still processes about its legality. A possible increase in the Tuttlingen tax depends on the output of these processes.

Lots Of Shade And Light At The Parental Allowance

Coalition parties disagree about family policy measures Berlin, 08.06.2011. Miriam greeting, family spokeswoman of the FDP Bundestag group, takes in an interview with the better Betreut detailed position on the situation of current care situation in Germany and stressed differently than their ADK Dorothee Bar (CDU/CSU) the problems around the parents money. The Secretary General of the FDP in Bavaria provides significant catching up at the reconciliation of family and career for Germany. Critical expressed greetings to family policies of the Federal Government. She see lots of shade and light when the parents money. It provides the social State principle on its head: who, which is given.

In addition it enticed, pushing out the timing of childbearing.” While Bar himself was satisfied with the share of fathers, greeting doesn’t want to talk yet of a success: more than three years after the introduction of parental allowances still almost all men take maximum 2 months of parental leave, while the At home remain women 12 months. I see a lot more potential.” Greeting also a look behind the scenes of the career woman in the interview and reveals how the balancing act between career and family manages itself. “Their ADK bear showed late may restrained: your personal experiences are a private matter”. (Similarly see: Ben Horowitz). The Bundestag member is the second interview partner in the series of interviews the better Betreut. End of may bear (CDU/CSU) were answers to the questions of the social service provider in a brief conversation.

This saw her responsible for an optimal care situation in the countries and communities and pointed out the parental allowance as a success factor for a better reconciliation of family and working life. For the full interview, see… Images can be found here: betreutblog.de/Presse/Bildmaterial/ Betreut.de – better Betreut Besser Betreut offers TuV SuD tested solutions in the mediation and counselling by family services, including in the Areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care and household and garden. The company operates the largest database of caregivers in the German-speaking area. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the themes of care. BESSER Betreut helps the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service numerous firms and insurance companies. This emphasizes the active participation as a member of the corporate network “Success factor family” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Since 2007, the better Betreut supports families in more than 10 European countries. More info can be found on. Press requests Stephanie K.n better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-90 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W:

Commitment Beyond The Usual

7x7concept creates five new integrative jobs opened the 7x7concept GbR in Bonn their new management and Service Department with five inclusive workplaces. Marie-Luise Hartung from the integration specialist service Bonn/Rhein-Sieg (IFD) praised the project as an exemplary measure that allows the participation of disabled and severely disabled people in working life. To provide a family, a work to carry out and for others to be”, which is an integral part of human dignity, stressed Managing Director Andreas Mankel at the opening of the new Department of management and service” by 7x7concept GbR with five inclusive workplaces. About 50 guests accepted the invitation and could take the handicapped equipped rooms in appearances. It is almost unbelievable that we succeeded in such a short time, to create these good jobs.

Behind it is”a commitment that goes well beyond the usual level, Marie-Luise praised Hartung from the integration specialist service Bonn/Rhein-Sieg (IFD) project. The diploma social worker has supported from the outset the development and establishment of inclusive workplaces in the new Department of the 7x7concept GbR. The integration specialist service Bonn/Rhein-Sieg (IFD) is active on behalf of the LVR integration Office and involved in conducting measures for the participation of disabled and severely disabled persons in working life. Frauke Borchers of the LVR integration Office from Cologne was also excited about the good cooperation of all those involved. Andreas Mankel, Managing Director 7x7concept GbR, outlined the common path to this opening, which is linked with the development of the 7 x 7 Group in his speech. It develops and implements alternative concepts and projects in the areas of pension & assets, investment & money system as well as renewable energy and aid projects.

“The latter by the newly-formed Verein 7x7hilfe e.V. coordinated, the is the goal of help to self-help” has set. We want excellence, social responsibility and financial Support for a network of help connect that carries itself by itself and is constantly,”explains the idea of the Association Mankel. Bodo Woltiri

More Women In The Economy

Kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors in Berlin on March 4 will take place in Berlin the kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors. The European Commission called last year in the life of the network, to promote business start-ups by women. As the step towards independence can succeed and be linked with family and private life, the Marburger Erfolgsunternehmerin Dr. Karin Uphoff, CEO of uphoff pr & marketing portrays GmbH, in her keynote address. She was selected and loaded to Berlin as a German EU corporate Ambassador to the speaker. On 4 March, representative of the European Commission, the Federal Ministry for education and research, are entrepreneurs, financial donors and other partners of the question of pursue, as in Germany, a founder-friendly climate can be created and which activities are required, to increase the amount and quality of business start-ups and take-overs by women. A path goes beyond the EU corporate ambassadors. These zip off”, to encourage nationwide other women to step into independence such as information days, lectures and a continuous presence in the media.

The kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors is the beginning of a series of planned activities. The network is coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum with the partners craft international Baden-Wurttemberg and EIC Trier and supported by the partners of the Enterprise Europe networks Germany and the nationwide founder Agency (bga). As a successful and award-winning entrepreneur, Dr. Karin Uphoff in Berlin will talk about the highs and lows of being a women entrepreneurs. Their own success story will serve as example, to encourage women to want everything”. Work, family, and success are not mutually.

For we women need to fight, confident and demanding to be public. Ultimately, society as a whole benefits when Men and women together create”the German economy, says Dr. Karin Uphoff, who is the mother of six children. The network is an excellent platform to carry the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the public, to make contacts and to enforce common interests in relation to decision makers in politics and economy.” The European Commission called an Ambassador network for the promotion of business start-ups by women. The European network of female entrepreneurship ambassadors will be supported in Germany by the Federal Ministry of education and research, and coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. The Ambassador network is aimed to sensitize women to the entrepreneurial independence through various activities including the information days or lectures, as well as in relevant media. While successful entrepreneurs as ambassadors bring their experience and thus inspire one more women for the establishment own company. As a pulse generator, they encourage others to more personal responsibility and initiative. Similar networks are currently established in 15 European countries.

Philosophy Capitalism

Economic philosophy – philosophy of body – Commission for alternatives to the GDP which German Bundestag has set up a cross-party Commission for the review of the existing economic importance of growth. 17 members and 17 experts to deal with the future of growth and prosperity. “The CSU parliamentarian Georg Nusslein as Chairman of the Commission warned his colleagues: we are not a philosophical Club.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, no. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Howard Schultz. 281, 2.12.2010, p. 15) Can we deal but really without a philosophical background with these questions? What priorities should the German economy in the future put? Can you discuss this question at all, without the current formation of the society of digital capitalism”into account? (“See, Martin p Palmer: the digital capitalism”) What do us a modern economic philosophy? What view of humanity requires such a Commission? What do the philosophical anthropology? Since the beginning of postmodernism, particularly in the last 40 years, significant changes in the communications and technology have brought serious consequences for all involved in the production process.

However an increasing hardening (reification) the living functions of the human body and thus the research body’s philosophy was”so far hardly taken. The more people through the process of reification are similar the machines or computers, the more they desire a lifeless world around them. Without the knowledge of this self misunderstanding”in the workplace and in society will find the answers difficult the Commission. Without the philosophy only technocratic positions arise. “See: Martin p Palma: digital capitalism”, Norderstedt, 2005 free excerpts: Dragos PAL the structure of global capitalism, BD. 1 and 2, Norderstedt, 2006 free excerpts: