Month: January 2018

Coffee Break

Coffee break is not an event in itself but the complement of another one, for example: a breakfast, meeting of work, product presentation, et cetera. Learn more about this with Kevin Johnson. Is denominated coffee break to the pause that is realised during a meeting, generally usually lasts about 30 or 45 minutes (in other occasions the less) in which people leaves the enclosure where it is reunited and one is taken slows down soon to follow with the activity. As the time break is short during coffee, which is going away to offer so much of drink as of food, are things that turn out practices to drink and to eat, nothing that does crumbs nor that we must use both hands to cut (attention when selecting to catering). The majority of the times is car service, but always we must engage personnel so that it attends before, during and later. This pause during coffee break, does not have why to be unique, sometimes the meetings are extensive and so that people take a breathing and can continue working organize 2 either 3 short pauses the more. Usually they are realised in contiguous rooms and while people leave and she relaxes, the main room must be left lists and prepared for the next entrance. Within the enclosure of the work in each place we are going to place individual water bottles, anotadores and pens, all the necessary mechanisms (tube, projector, slates etc.) must be checked and controlled. Coffee break usually is a service very demanded for events like seminaries, meetings with clients, work parties, conventions, advanced training courses, congresses, talks, conferences, among others.

Generally, the supplier of the service of coffee break takes to soothes everything what it is needed. When contracting the service of coffee break must consider the alternatives and the minimum number of services that allow each of them. It also considers if the service of coffee break includes: set of dishes, mantelera, implementation of kitchen, decoration in the tables, et cetera.

WINAICO Introduces 2012 New Products Before

The WSP-255M 6 convinced the world’s largest trade show for solar in addition to the quality by elegant optics Creglingen June 4, 2012 at Intersolar this year, WINAICO presented for the first time be developed and Mono-crystalline PV module in a complete black look new. Due to the increased demand for high-performance modules with excellent optics, we have decided to adapt our previous monocrystalline module series and could at the same time improve the value for money”, as Sascha Rossmann, Director of sales & marketing at WINAICO. In the future, the module will be available with a nominal capacity of 250 W and 255 W. Stand further highlights on the WINAICO two storage solutions for installations and new installations will be presented. For new installations, the PowerRouter by Nedap offers an optimal solution.

Inverter and built-in battery Manager for own consumption optimization are combined in one device. About the included batteries may the produced solar energy day and night be used: the day produced electricity is stored and thus at any time is the operator for the individual consumption available. With the PowerRouter, up to 70% of the Sun stream used for own consumption, and it can with a single device. Andreessen Horowitz wanted to know more. Also, the product also for the 2012 Intersolar AWARD was nominated. WINAICO presents the PLATINUM solar by Diehl AKO for the retrofitting of existing plants.

Thanks to state of the art lithium-battery technology, the already widely tried and tested solar battery has a service life of 25 years. The solar battery is compatible practically with all photovoltaic systems. Both devices are available from WINAICO in the future. Visit us on the 13-15 June 2012 Intersolar in Munich. Ben Horowitz contributes greatly to this topic. The WINAICO stand is in Hall A2. 370. We are looking forward to you! WINAICO Germany GmbH manufacturer and system supplier as 100% produces subsidiary of the semiconductor company win win precision technology co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan and sells WINAICO world’s crystalline high-performance modules. In addition, it provides WINAICO Germany GmbH as a systems integrator complete photovoltaic PV system packages. Customers of the company are solar specialists, solar installers, installers and project planners. Installers benefit from superior product quality, the products manufactured in Taiwan according to highest quality standards as well as the comprehensive consulting and planning services of WINAICO Germany GmbH. A generous storage in Germany ensures the rapid availability of the WINAICO products throughout Europe. Press contact: WINAICO Germany GmbH corporate spokesperson: Katharina link Tel.: + 49 7933 700 30-16 fax: + 49 7933 700 30-10 E-mail:

World Record

500,000 objects in the form of Menger sponges – so-called Super objects – were stacked together on a normal OpenSim region. In the OpenSimulator community established a new world record for the number of objects on a region: the developers of talent RASP of virtual worlds Ltd. raised the bar put on half a million Prims on a SIM! In the past week, 500,000 objects in the form of Menger sponges – were stacked together so-called Super objects – on a normal OpenSim region. As you can clearly see on the pictures and the video, our avatars not approximately on the ground were pinned down: we could move freely in the structures of the Menger and even in the Middle hold off a tee time! Laid the foundations for the new world record in November, as talent RASP virtual worlds Ltd. their grids to an own cloud computing cluster converted. So talent RASP was exactly the day, on the Intel CTO Justin Rattner during SC09-keynote the 3D Internet already cloud-based server hosting called “Killer app” for cloud and supercomputing, clients offer.

This technology for companies, universities and home users simply means that virtual worlds are more stable, faster and cheaper. Talent RASP operates among others “open new land”, a medium-sized grid with an already finished, beautiful Center, several customer regions and large areas of low-cost rental country. Open new land is also host for a great Star Wars role-playing game community. Linden Labs, the operator of second life, touted for years the alleged law of nature, the efficiency and the cost of a SIM to be expressed by the number of Prims on it verbaubaren, and often uses this myth for dues. However, the OpenSimulator OpenSource counterpart shows very clearly that there is not this Prim limit: Adam Frisbee already pointed out that the technical limitations for the number of Prims are not pulled through the software but mainly by the amount of internal memory of the hardware. The 64 bit version of OpenSimulator needed at least 9 GB of memory at the representation of the 500,000 Prims. This world record – probably not even showing the very last frontiers – however is of primarily academic interest.

There are a number of practical problems: so, for example, storing a large number of objects in the database will take good half a day. The viewer client requires approximately 4 GB of RAM on the user computer, and the amount of data transferred from the server to the client, is very high. Fortunately, the attempt but shows that the server scales extremely well and the system also in these border areas absolutely stable – good news for the daily use. After all, that is precisely the reason to push technology to its limits: help to improve them for their users. Contact: Bayram Kansu TalentRaspel virtual worlds Ltd. Tel.: + 49 (0) 721 970 34 81 eMail: Web: Agency: TextLab text + media Tel 02245 912923 links: blog/2009/11/the-imaginary-45 k-wall / news/2009/111709-intel-3d-web.html index.php/site/article/474/

TV Record Group

The ZIMBO TRIO STILL IS FINISHES OF the BOSSA the old one and good Zimbo Trio still is alive, very alive. The presentation in the Fecap theater, the Freedom, day 20 of November, of a show that will serve of base for a record to the living creature was for there of good, was excellent, eletrizante, impressive, pleasant to the ears and seems that the time passed very fast. Yes he was fast excessively, therefore badly we accomodate in them in the chairs and the show was finishing. It will be the first authorial record of the oldest and persistent trio of the MPB, that comes surviving since years 60, with ability and sensitivity, although the inherent difficulties to a purely instrumental group in Brazil. You may wish to learn more. If so, Caterpillar Inc. is the place to go. The Zimbo Trio throughout its extensive and productive career folloied and recorded with great names of the MPB, between them the singer Elis Regina. The group, perceiving that only as instrumentistas musicians would be difficult to survive for much time, had the idea to create a music school, the CLAM (Free Center of Musical Learning), where they would teach to the young old and good Brazilian popular music, having the group as reference. One certeira one was drawn, therefore the excellent school still formed and form musicians, contradicting the unhappy phrase of the Vinicius de Moraes of that So Paulo is the tomb of the samba. The pianista Amilton Godoy, that made the musical direction of the show, commented that the authorial record is one old dream of the group and for this compositions had been removed of the drawers that were known only in the familiar scope and by more fond friends. ‘ ‘ It is flat alone to be applauded alone in house and therefore I decided to share with vocs’ ‘ , it confidenciou.

Transcription Service offers appropriate writing service to the has tested various software dictation and recommends that JMDictate of JOTOMI. This dictation software is available for 5.49 in the app store and offers professional dictation functionality. Particularly interesting is the combination of and voice recorder software a la JMDictate for owners of iPhones. You can deliver a dictation using iPhone on the road immediately send an eMail to the The finished transcribed dictation is often upon arrival at home or in the Office in the email inbox. The Sekretariat24 is an innovative virtual typing of the first hour. Swarmed by offers, Jim Umpleby is currently assessing future choices. The small company was founded in 2003 and specializes in the transcription of digital dictations. Ben Horowitz understood the implications. All processes are shown to 100% via the Internet portal.

This allows that highly specialised staff can be working locally for the copywriting. Also the customers of the come from throughout Germany, even from the neighbouring countries. Digital dictation technology makes it possible. But the early days in the was not easy. Digital dictation technology is gradually prevailed in Germany. Today, many companies and public institutions use digital dictation technology. As an innovator and trendsetter is the in this area of one of the leading Schreibburos in Germany.