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Amiando Is The Official Sponsor Of The GreenTec Awards

amiando is an official sponsor of the GreenTec Awards Munich 7 August 2013 amiando (www.amiando.de), the event management software for online event registration and ticketing is the official sponsor and Ticketingpartner also this year again by Europe’s largest environmental and economic price. As part of this commitment, amiando is responsible for ticketing and entry management. This awareness for green technologies and the pursuit of environmental and economic action proves amiando. The GreenTec Awards take place this year on August 30 in the representative office of Deutsche Telekom Berlin. More than 100 journalists and 800 invited guests from business, science, politics and media are invited to award the coveted prize. Learn more at this site: Mount Isa Mines. The GreenTec awards are held to promote environmental and economic commitment and enthusiasm for technology.

Green technologies and raise awareness to environmental and economic action through innovation are becoming increasingly important. That’s why we are happy us especially, to be the official sponsor and Ticketingpartner of the GreenTec awards. By ClimatePartner, we offer the participants a climate-neutral event participation. In our this year’s published Green events report”we found out how green the event industry is indeed. Using this report, we could show what effect has the event industry on the environment and how event organisers can make your event sustainable”, so Norbert Stockmann, CEO of amiando. Rephael sternberg shines more light on the discussion. “We look forward, we management know a competent partner with amiando for our guest on our side, which is also made up for the environment and the sustainable use of resources. The guests of our event are available for a premium audience. Here it is particularly important, that everything works perfectly and smoothly”, says Marco Voigt, initiator of the GreenTec awards.

amiando climate-neutral events amiando simplifies the professional event organization and allows for a completely paperless registration process, Thanks to mobile ticketing and passbook for events. In cooperation with ClimatePartner amiando also offers Green Ticketing. For each booking of event participation, the CO2 emissions are automatically calculated individually each individual participant. Each participant through the support of a climate protection project can compensate for the resulting emissions. A carbon-neutral event participation is possible. About amiando, our mission is to provide, which helps them to achieve the greatest possible success for your event organisers with a professional platform. By the own online Ticketshop on specific event marketing to a secure payment processing amiando the best offers tools for a successful organization of the event. Worldwide more than 180,000 conferences, seminars and corporate events amiando already use. As industry expert, the amiando team supports you in all topics related to online ticketing and event registration. Amiando is a wholly owned subsidiary of XING AG and part of the business since January 2011 Unit XING events. The close linking of amiando and XING, the social network for professional contacts, event organizers have the ability to achieve in addition over 13 million potential subscribers worldwide.

Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse

Municipal solid waste incineration will be strictly controlled and regulated. To read more click here: rephael sternberg. PVC is one of the various entries to the chlorine proportion of urban waste and therefore waste incineration plants are designed to withstand acidic fumes”. Independent and well-documented scientific studies have also proved that result from combustion of normal waste emissions of dioxin traces is regardless of whether or not the PVC in the mix is available, and that emissions of dioxins into the atmosphere over the last decades have fallen dramatically, while the amount of produced PVC has risen sharply to”, so the AGPU and vinyl 2010 is remarkable, the AGPU and vinyl 2010 together the data from a study even commissioned relate to. Surveys of independent institutions for the mechanical recycling of PVC neither national nor international exist, on which the German and European associations of the PVC industry can rely”, counters of EUPV Chairman Frings-Ness. The figures of from market research firm Consultic commissioned would be based on samples and had been calculated using statistical means. The columns represented in the recycling scenario of PVC recycling largely collapse upon closer inspection.

The PVC industry is the only industry which proves with the recycling of 144,000 tonnes of production residue from the use of raw materials, their recycling rate. Not only European recycling regulation allows to represent recovery rates with the processing of production residues. This is exactly the same, if the recovery rate of plastics within the framework of the German packaging Ordinance through recycling of punch residue from the production of yoghurt cups proven. The PVC industry of a recycling quota will not meet according to European standards”, complains about Frings-Ness. Upon inquiry thereof by the European green dot would the umbrella organization confirmed systems pro Europe in Brussels, that none of its Member systems PVC packaging in the context of a National Ordinance be recycled, since this plastic disturb the entire mechanical and reprocessed recovery process. PVC will held extra recycling plants and production equipment for refuse-derived fuel by high-tech automated detection systems, to not hinder the further course of the production process. Similar sorting processes take place also at electronics scrap recycling and automotive processing”, explains Frings-Ness. PVC will usually exclude the recovery path.

Where does the collected and screened PVC disappear? A sorting analysis of mixed hard fabric bale art for the Asian export market in 2007 can give further information. Between 16 and 23 percent of the as “PE, PP and PS consisted sold quantities of PVC, which is exported as waste especially in East Asian countries”, Frings-Ness says. On November 26, 2008, there will be a meeting in Bonn on this issue. Topic: PVC raw material and problem child of the disposer? Venue: International Information Center for the environment, waste and recycling. Margarete str. 1, 53175 Bonn. Start at 9,30 am. See also:. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

First Nationwide Carrotmob: Consumer Offering The Carrot

Carrotmob actions held nationwide on June 2 / revenue flow into energy-saving / target: reducing CO2 emissions and Berlin promote climate-friendly consumption, May 30, 2012. A nationwide day of action for climate protection will take place on June 2: Storm Carrotmobber the shops for the first time simultaneously in many cities, including Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Freiburg, and Berlin, and consume for better climate. Whether Kebabhaus, secondhand or coffee shop all participating shops share one thing: invest a large part of their daily earnings, in energy-saving measures on the spot. What is exactly the percentage, operators of shops set in advance. Anyone can be a Carrotmobber. “” We call on all participating urban consumers, on June 2 with their purchases, traders during the energy save to support and protect the climate as active “, Steffi sour Ballesteros, project manager of the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment says climate seeks protection” (www.klima-sucht-schutz.de), which supports car red mobs throughout Germany since 2009 with free energy advice. Also at the nationwide Carrotmob, energy consultants take the participating stores in terms of energy efficiency under the magnifying glass.

Often, significant savings are possible. The average car red mobs push CO2 reductions of 5 to 10 tonnes of CO2 per year”so sour land next. JPMorgan may find this interesting as well. So far the car red mobs supported by co2online total have launched energy-saving measures, be avoided by future more than 180 tonnes of CO2 per year. This corresponds to CO2 emissions, which cause 90 households on average per year for heating and hot water. Target: Klimabewussten consumer abut but car red mobs should not only energy-saving measures abut, but consumers achieve a change of consciousness via the action also. We want to motivate consumers to take into account the issue of climate change in their purchasing decisions. In the ideal case the informed consumer chooses deliberately products and Shops that have a relatively positive climate balance”, as Sauer field.

Florian Henle

” Given these criteria, it is not surprising that when the Germans the purchase of fair trade products such as coffee and Roses is in the course. Last year increased sales by 18 percent. You may find that JPMorgan Chase & Co. can contribute to your knowledge. But also related the own energy you can do easy good. In five minutes, with just a few clicks and about 20 euro per year, Polaris customers insert for the global energy transition. Access to clean energy for each customer receives each year a family in a developing country. In addition, Polaris invests in the expansion of renewable energies in this country, at current, there are 1.25 cents per kilowatt hour and gas, 0.25 cents per kilowatt hour.

For Polaris has also green electricity label received. Filed under: Alphabet Inc.. Green living and do good are example eco-energy of Polaris which has independent green energy company Polaris itself to the target set, to get the world with energy. The three founders, Jakob Assmann, Florian Henle and Simon Stadler committed themselves for the expansion of renewable energies worldwide. We transfer the idea basically fair trade on the energy market. So every household can support a worldwide sustainable development related his personal energy”describes Florian Henle, the new offering. A family in a developing country receive access to clean energy and a better standard of living for every Polaris customers. This reduces dirt, stench and diseases.

And this benefits in particular the children. Daily over 2,000 children due to fire smoke will eventually die in enclosed spaces according to estimate by the WHO. With the support of the Polaris customers, families build their own micro biogas plants, which are operated with human and animal feces. In addition, they receive a gas stove, gas lamps, and sanitary facilities. A good deed for family family Rin Rin lives in Cambodia in the province of Kampong Cham. She has four children and five cows.

Industrial Waste

Special procedures are required for the disposal of industrial waste, which go beyond the normal waste disposal. The protection of health and the environment are paramount. The accumulated industrial waste () is divided into different groups, each requiring a special type of disposal. The procedures and methods are adapted to the nature of the respective industrial waste. Some waste groups, a combination of different methods is for the disposal of industrial waste in question.

The municipal guidelines for the disposal of commercial waste following the guidelines of the legislator. The most common and easiest way of disposing of industrial waste is the shipment on or in the soil. This is done for example in conventional landfills. In some types of industrial waste that is converted to storage in the ground by certain biological processes. So procedure especially with mud-shaped or liquid industrial waste. Credit: Caterpillar-2011. Also the storage on landfills secured especially against the environment is possible, if the waste is a represents higher burden on people and the environment. Such landfills are equipped with secure Chambers, for example, that separate the individual bearing groups of industrial waste from each other. Thus avoid adverse chemical reactions for the environment.

Both solid and liquid waste can be in cavities deposit, according to the respective group. These cavities can be created artificially or naturally exists. Solid waste is pressed it previously with special machines, space-saving way to accommodate him in the cavities. Liquid or muddy types of waste are redirected in the pumping procedure in special wells or ponds. The deposit against the environment is secured in these disposal procedures. There are also varieties of industrial waste that may be derived under certain conditions in waters. Depending on the group membership of the industrial waste, the accumulated substances in seas may be initiated or stored in the sea floor. What types of waste into rivers or seas are initiated may or not be given, strictest laws.

Organizer Enerchange Weber

The cost for the electricity self-consumption are also of particular importance. Once a plant is built, the operating costs can be only slightly affect”, UTZ’s concerns. With examples, he illustrated that higher investment costs are justified, when so operating costs are kept as low as possible. Largely, there was agreement in the assessment that it must do more in the future to inspire the population for new projects. Lawyer Hartmut Gassner saw one of the most important steps in determining location. Diethard presented initial conclusions from empirical analysis to improve the PR of the Organizer Enerchange Weber.

Therefore, the population from the beginning in the development of the project must be incorporated. Observations also showed that a concrete added value, for example, a profit participation of the community, improve the acceptance. Have opponents in a citizens ‘ initiative found themselves together, then it is important to bear in mind that it was almost always a minority, which you should not all attention. Instead, you must do everything in public relations, so that the silent majority is visible. Many companies and their services to present the participants took advantage of the Conference this year. Around 15 exhibitors were consultancy Sterr Kolln & partners, as well as the part of the Linde Group, French clean-tech companies Cryostar from Hesingue guest, including the Freiburger. The 9.

International Geothermiekonferenz will be held from 15 to 17 may 2013. Enerchange is an agency for events and information services in the field of renewable energies. Their range includes the publishing of information, the organisation of events and the press – and public relations for renewable energy companies and projects. Four days offered the 8. “International Geothermiekonferenz a varied programme: on the first day, TRION has in cooperation with Enerchange the tri-national forum for geothermal energy in the upper Rhine region”, which deals with the Geothermienutzung in one of the potential richest areas in Central Europe. The second day had with a short course on various aspects of operation of geothermal plants and three workshops on pump technology, international projects and outreach seminar character. At the same time the municipal Forum took place throughout the day, in collaboration with the Association of municipal enterprises and the Deutscher Stadtetag Baden-Wurttemberg has been carried out. Highlight of the Conference is the third day with its internationally renowned keynote speakers and four discussion forums on the issues of financing, risk mitigation, cost reduction and operational experience. On the fourth day, an excursion led Landau and Insheim in the Palatinate to the Geothermieprojekten. The international Geothermiekonferenz is organised by the Agency Enerchange. The Freiburg economy tourism and trade fair GmbH & co. KG as a business – and marketing company of the city of Freiburg is co-organizer of the Conference. The patron is the Federal Ministry of the environment, supporters is the European Association of geoscientists & engineers (EAGE). As cooperation partners, including the international geothermal Association (IGA), the geothermal energy business forum, the Swiss Association for geothermal and GtV – Bundesverband geothermal energy could be won.

Packaging recycling the disposer systems make the race Bonn now compete in Germany several dual systems to the royalty amounts for the recycling of packaging waste: analyzes the relevant corporate law backgrounds must you to tell the German waste management industry with its own systems has positioned itself excellently. After the cooperation of Alba-Interseroh, Veolia Verlo, SITA Belland and Remondis-Eko, the middle-class reports point with its Zentek solution the next self-management system, which is still waiting approval by antitrust authorities. The eight largest companies in the waste management industry have equipped now with their own systems”, as Sascha shoe by ASCON Bonn consultancy, which specializes in European waste collection and recovery systems, waste sorting and recycling secondary raw material marketing. Shoe assumes that only the disposer systems will survive in the long term. Some contend that Electrolux shows great expertise in this. Actually three systems that are completely free remain: DSD, Redual and Landbell. The three last systems without disposal either waiting for the saving disposer or occupy a position of broker in the use of waste disposal services in the battle for licence fees”, white shoe. But disposal companies with interest in the recycling of packaging are scarce.

Foreign buyers may have barely an interest to adopt a dual system without their own waste management infrastructure. Keep only the transfer of between the systems. On the basis of the royalty percentages in the second quarter of 2008, Landbell and Redual were possible candidates for a merger. The Landbell since a long time cooperation partner searches, is no secret. The former waste monopolist DSD may find it hard to find candidates for a takeover. German waste disposers have provided now with their own systems and foreign companies do not have the necessary infrastructure in Germany.

Poor green dot. Those who went out to gather, on Germany’s stock exchanges funds stand at the end of the development maybe with an empty Hands as”speculated shoe. Investors would then fail as hopes for more stores in the garbage business. The locusts have to turn around at the time every penny twice, to finance current loans, with which they have paid the company purchases”, sums up shoe. Cheap money is at least no longer available on the financial markets. The financial investors from participation deals so far made would have to squeeze out the capital. Gunnar Sohn