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As a rule, it has several causes. First, the technical condition of the batteries have reached a ripe old age, leaves much to be desired. Secondly, batteries, old-style long and hopelessly obsolete. Difficult imagine that a museum piece, which weighs more than a dozen pounds, in the interior of modern apartment. But do not pick up a modern radiator based only for aesthetic reasons. His technical parameters, such as operating and maximum pressure should meet the parameters of your heating system.

Obtain such information, you can contact the local ecd. In city apartments, depending on the house type and year of construction, pressure can be from 4 to 10 atmospheres. Please keep in mind that during the seasonal heating systems inspection, they check for leaks. In this case, pressure is applied, at least half the working. For those who enjoy autonomous heating system, the problems described above are irrelevant.

A feature of such systems is small, with small amplitude vibrations and pressure. For this option, chosen radiator with a working pressure of six atmospheres, will have twofold safety margin. In general sale now are four types of radiators at different constructive and has performed in various price categories: 1. JPMorgan Chase does not necessarily agree. Aluminium radiators. Consist of prefabricated blocks, or sections. This design solution allows you to purchase the device with just a given heating power. Price indicated in the section: the more sections, the it is higher. Feature of the radiators of this type is the rapid heating and rapid cooling. 2. Panel radiators. Heat-conducting element in such devices are steel plates located between the hollow panels, which circulates hot water. Power output is regulated by increasing or decreasing the number of panels. Maximum power – three paneli.Razmery a radiator is standard and does not depend on the number of panels. When the low price it has good performance of heat transfer. 3. Cast iron radiators. Compared to other options, this type of radiators has a higher resistance to corrosion. Although the device and has a modern design, but the shortcomings of models of iron in it remained unchanged. This fragility and the need to constantly update coming into disrepair coat of paint. 4. Tubular radiators. Made of the so-called bimetal. Design, they resemble radiators made of aluminum, but they differ from past use in the construction of pipe stali. the highest rates of thermal radiation of the quality and reliability in operation. Of all types of radiators on the market, pipe – the most expensive. When you have selected your type of radiator, you will need to calculate the required heating power. This can be done by simple the formula: in a typical pre-fabricated house, at the height of ceilings up to 3 meters for heating rooms with one outer wall and a standard window, one square meter to 100 watts of power. To determine the need for comfortable heat capacity to 100 W multiplied by the area of your room.

Diamond Products

Included with the jigsaw chainsaw can be supplied: Interchangeable blade screwdrivers, liquid lubricants, and other necessary in the “stuff”. Pilkey Jig Saw blades (blade) may differ material manufacture, size, shape, shank, color and teeth. Material for the manufacture of the saw blade saw blades are usually steel or bimetal. Carbon steel (HCS) is used to working with soft wood and some synthetic materials. High-speed steel (HSS) is used to working with more solid materials (Steel, aluminum, nonferrous metal, plastic, etc.). Bi-Metal blade (BIM) are characterized by high elasticity and durability, are universal, but are especially useful for working in tight spaces.

Shank blade shape end blade (shank) is different. At work, the tool is not impaired, but can cause difficulties with the purchase of a replacement blade if it is – quite a rare form. The size of the saw The most common blade length for the nail files Jig – 50 to 105 mm, but there are also a long blade. Saws are for cutting straight and curved cutting material. Blade for curved cutting narrower. Color blade says the appointment of sawing.

Unfortunately, a unified classification does not exist, so the color coding of different manufacturers may vary. Teeth of the saw blade Jig, depending on material for which is the file, her teeth can be of different sizes, shapes, have uneven step. On packages (blister packs) to specify the appointment of sawing blade. In some emery board completed layout of the tooth, which increases productivity of work, but slightly reduces the quality of the cut. To work with ceramic tiles or glass used blade without teeth, with deposition of hard metal or Diamond Products. Criteria for selection Power Jig most significant indicator of the power of influencing the depth of cut for various materials and uptime. Get all the facts and insights with Ben Horowitz, another great source of information. Domestic jigsaw have a capacity of 350 watts, professional – 580-750 Tues By the way, the most powerful models also have more weight. Number of strokes per minute effect on speed and clean cut. In this jigsaw.

Environmental Design

In the late 20 th century there are environmental organizations and structures that are designed to regulate the human impact of large companies, industries, plants on the ecological situation in the Roos. Formed state. Organization: Rostehnadgor, ses (), Committee on the Environment, Environmental Assessment, etc. All of them belong to the inspecting authorities and coordinated environmental and planning documents. So how do the whole environmental system works today (Consider the example of St. Petersburg). Suppose you have a private firm in St.

Petersburg, which is developing environmental documentation: dwgndl – draft standards for waste and limits on their placing, the eia – Environmental Impact Assessment on Wednesday, the spz – a sanitary-protective zone, ep – Environmental Protection, the pds – the maximum allowable discharges, mpe – maximum allowable emissions, passport hazardous waste treatment process schedule with construction waste, the license for handling hazardous waste, sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of radiation sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on soil contamination, reports, analysis, research, and much more All these documents are regulated by a specific standard, which minimizes the impact of any facility, enterprise, plant, production on the environment in St. Petersburg. The customer (the owner or the plant) contact you (private firms) for help in the development and harmonization of environmental documents require inspektiruyuuschie bodies (, ses, the Committee on Natural Resources in St. Petersburg). After discussing the price and time come to an agreement (contracting for) and start working. Projecting the environmental projects and align them in the state. structures, You are all the documents delivered to the customer (the work is done). Conclusion: Environmental design, environmental projects and documents one of the measures to protect nature from the negative, excessively impact of industrial, modern man. In the next article I will tell you about the removal of construction debris, waste and soil in St. Petersburg (for example, the object under construction)


Pragma (Pragma) – Sewer Spigot pipe made of polypropylene with a double wall. The outer corrugated surface – rust-colored, the inner smooth surface – white. Circumferential stiffness of 8 kN/m2, the operational length of the class T. pipes – 6 m, at one end of the socket, the groove in the other end – the rubber seal. Fitting system Pragma: – Dual socket, sockets – O-rings – Taps, turns – Tees – Bushes for passage through the reinforced concrete well – Transitions – Prehod on pipes pvc – Pipe Plugs Pragma (Pragma) – slip-joint pipe with double wall structured, designed for the construction of non-pressure drainage systems. The method of production – a double Coextrusion, when simultaneously inner and outer walls forming the outlet from the extruder unit.

Outer wall – corrugated, brown, that meets European trazitsiyam visual identification of the destination pipe. Internal – smooth, white, which provides an excellent opportunity for the television inspection during operation. Bell made separately and welded to the tube during production, providing tightness of the construction. Pragma pipe produced by the outer and the inner diameter of 150 mm. – 1137 mm. Pragma pipe made of polypropylene block copolymer (PP-b).

Temperature range – 60 C + 100 C . Ben Horowitz can provide more clarity in the matter. Polypropylene (PP) is resistant unlimited number of cycles of freezing. Resistant to acidic and alkaline environments. Differs both high strength and elasticity. Restores a form for short-distorting. Maximum resistance to shock impact. High resistance to abrasion, is not afraid of the impact of abrasives (sand, coal chips, etc.) High resistance to uv radiation allows to store the pipe on outdoors for a long time. Low coefficient of roughness for high bandwidth. Polypropylene pipes are not affected by overgrowing, are self-cleaning in the minimum speed allowed by standard sp 40-102-2000. Subject to modern methods of cleaning using hydrodynamic machines. Pipes do not make stray currents, ie does not require cathodic protection devices. Does not corrode, rot. Light weight – do not require mechanisms for moving and stacking. Easy to connect pipes, processing, and fitting on site does not require the use of special tools and skilled workers. Not required as additional operations to seal the tubes and additional sealing materials, except rubber O-rings. If necessary, repair is performed with a minimum of operations and materials. Pipes made of pp can store "pipe in pipe", which allows efficient use of space on site. Projected service life of pipelines from the pp in normal conditions 100 years.

Home Furniture

Specialists think that the one from the list of most valuable for the person places in the house is a bathroom. Actually, that's really where the place in which everyone of us there is no need to pretend and try to show themselves from anything such. As they say, as someone born without the things, so he will remain in the bathroom – completely naked. Consequently, a bath without fail must be as pleasant as possible and functional. In addition, of course, small amount of space necessary to accommodate the maximum number of desired accessories. It is believed that in order to optimally use indeed every inch of floor space, it is best to choose furniture by individual orders. But in fact, a large number of situations, to buy furniture for the bathroom normal size really easily and without additional cost to your time and money.

As manufacturers, that operate in the domestic market, well aware of the leading construction figures, which are forced to live their theoretical buyers. That's because to pick a suitable solution of the already prepared Technology does not make substantial efforts. Moreover, there is an opportunity not only to buy a reliable bathroom furniture that will provide the opportunity for maximum use of all available living space and that will make bath and attractive, and protection, but in addition to find bath screens from mdf, which including the power to work to fulfill the main goal – optimum trigger space. Modern screen is a bath – it's not just a comfortable design for the sanitary object, which allows you to hide all possible leads, but in addition, durable object, giving the opportunity to literally use every inch to create the most efficient storage space. Importantly, the involvement of high-quality materials makes it possible to use the bath only the highest quality and long servants of them. After all, it is clear that the bathroom – a source of considerable danger to the furniture: the constant action of water, and sometimes hot steam to actually check on the strength of all possible kinds of materials. However, looking at Modern online store plumbing, it is possible to identify a considerable number of various proposals, which will not only taste including the most demanding users, while at the same time be able to serve including the plight of the bathroom is really a great number of years. Choosing modern furniture for bathrooms, today it is possible to dwell on the variant, which will meet all the requirements: the functionality and beauty to a long period of service.

Main Nuances In The Construction Of Wood

Today, city residents are willing to buy a separate housing, ie, own home. This particular house may be located as close to the city, and in its precincts. Undoubtedly, all the advantages of their homes and not to list – this is no Neighborhood and individual space, and almost complete autonomy. But by scheduling the construction, and there is a lot of problems and chief among them – is the material from which to build a house? In the present small article we would like to tell about the construction of wood, log-baths (in Novgorod region). Construction of houses and buildings made of wood has a large number of advantages. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ben Horowitz has to say. Firstly, it is absolutely pure and natural material, which gives us the natural environment. Cold winter tree well save the warmth and comfort, and save a chill in the hot summer and a pleasant atmosphere. Second, the tree – it tasted the time the material from which from time immemorial have built different buildings, and cutting-edge technology able to improve his good qualities: high strength, thermal conductivity and reliability.

Construction and erection of such buildings will not provide much of a hassle and worries, and wood is simply ignored. Log of logs will serve you for a long time, without providing unnecessary worries for operation and maintenance. Deciding to build a similar house, must be very careful and thoughtful approach to selection of building an organization that will implement your idea. Today the market is full of such proposals, but need only find an experienced company. It is mandatory to inquire about the experience and the former has already completed projects, look for reviews of former clients (it is often easy to do on the Internet thematic resources, etc.). Often, big companies individually suited to each client and plan to individual project, rather than sell you a well-worn solution. Such firms can make the work of any complexity and build whatever you want: a house or a hand-bath cabin for example. Major and often decisive nuance to get the project cost, in this case should not be very stingy with the money because the house is being built not for another year, but also to give too much is not necessary. For example, the organization vipdom established itself on the positive side of the construction of the tree