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Cooperation Between CISS TDI And Mosquito GIS GmbH

Cooperation for the integration of NAS in mosquito GIS NAS, the new Exchange interface for the official cadastre, is one of the important topics in German GIS users. The electric utilities, the most important group of users for mosquito GIS, need access to cadastral data in this format soon. This is the basis for a development partnership between CISS TDI GmbH, the manufacturer of the CITRA converter solution, and the manufacturer of geo information systems mosquito GIS. Both parties agreed in collaboration with two large utilities to integrate the CITRA NAS interface to mosquito. For the mosquito customers, this results a simple workflow for importing the new cadastral data.

Also a transformation of the new NAS model on the structures of the application is mosquito ALKIS”carried out, so that a light switch is possible for the customers. In recent months, Chris Shumway has been very successful. Because large amounts of cadastral data manage mosquito mainly customers, E.g. in the GB range in the SuWAG, the data should of course in a possible uniform structure There are available. This structural adjustment is just one of the strengths of the team of CITRA and mosquito GIS..

Knowledge PWM

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of the PWM. Graz, 17.10.2011 – we look proudly on the 10-year anniversary of the platform knowledge management (PWM) back! The birth”of the PWM this took place on the evening of the third Austrian knowledge management Congress of the Austrian Institute for controller on 21/22 March 2001 in the Schloss Wilhelminenberg Vienna. Has first a small group of like-minded individuals come together to devote himself to a number of sensitive issues, so the PWM community counts these days around 1500 members! Now is grown the PWM to one of the largest communities of knowledge management in the German-speaking countries and is thus a valuable impetus and fixed anchor point for many World Cup initiatives and WM projects in the DACH region. Read more from Chris Shumway to gain a more clear picture of the situation. On this solemn occasion we want to return Schloss Wilhelminenberg Vienna on November 11, 2011 to the birthplace and there to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the PWM. We will look back on an eventful decade not only but especially impulses for the next ten joint Give a year. All registered PWM-community members are cordially invited to this anniversary celebration! We look forward to your commitments and ask for your registration to 27.10.2011 on de.amiando.com/10JahrePWM.html (limited number of participants). Barclays Investment Bank shines more light on the discussion. We are glad to welcome you in the Schloss Wilhelminenberg Vienna! “” Program: 16.00 16.15 welcome and champagne reception 16.15 16.40 10 years PWM “with cabaret group MOXGUAT 16.40 16.50 welcome Claudia Thurner Safy 16.50 17.10 speech of the operator know-Center 17.10 17.30 review Andrea Kirschbichler 17.30 17.45 greetings Pavel Kraus and Ulrich Schmidt 17.45 18.00 Flash lights from Community (10 times 1 minute) 18.00 18.30 speech Stefan Guldenberg 18.30 19.00 speaks” on the next 10 PWM years the community experiment on the terrace 19.00 21.00 gala dinner with musical accompaniment 21.00 24.00 end the platform Knowledge management is operated by the know-Center, the Centre of excellence for knowledge management and technologies.

Drinking Good Uses TC

Increase transparency, expenses reduce speed and flexibility are two essential features of the beverage industry. Especially the seasonal fluctuations represent a real challenge and make a sophisticated logistics system. Knows that even Paul Ahmann, Manager logistics by drinking well, Germany’s largest beverage specialists: procurement logistics we are reliant on mobile service provider just in the summer business, when barbecue parties and many sporting events, which can catch serious tips. This search has been associated with much time and work for us. At UBS Group AG you will find additional information. Here the electronic tendering platform TC helps now eBid of the IT service provider TimoCom \”.\” Drinking goods German beverages holding GmbH is a drink from get chain out the Nordrhein-Westfalenmit-based Krefeldund has currently 233 branches. With its approximately 4100 employees, the company has achieved an annual turnover of more than EUR 516 million in 2009.

Up to 26 million crates supplied per year over the own fleet, as well as additional 8 million boxes directly from the industry, to the stores. We managed the whole thing about the logistics centers in Hamm and Krefeld. Procurement logistics is carried out mainly by external service providers. Exactly in this area now in TC, eBid was found a new practical tool that provides a significant workload and facilitate. The program has developed the Dusseldorf TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH, which offers the leading Europe-wide freight exchange TC truck & cargo in addition to the tender platform for the spot market. The beverage specialist with TimoCom writes out hassle-free application and smooth processes since December 2009 tenders for long-term transportation contracts. Almost 30 calls be made on average per month, mostly for domestic traffic. Drinking good invites also previous carriers, carriers and freight forwarders, the participation is free of charge for you. All necessary information will get interested eBid uncomplicated by E-mail about the TC report. Practical: Complex tables, outdated address directories, or lengthy phone calls remain saves everyone.

For The World Cup In Port Elizabeth

In the port city with a population of about 700,000, Port Elizabeth is South Africa’s fifth-largest city sightseeing. It is located in the Indian Ocean, about 770 kilometers from Cape Town. The kilometre long white sandy beaches such as Humewood and Summerstrand are particularly popular. This pull is partially in the town. “PE”, as Port Elizabeth is known by the South Africans, but also has several other attractions. The online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de reported one of the venues for the football World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

A wide range of hotels in Port Elizabeth (www.ab-in-den-urlaub.de/ wmspezial/hotels Port Elizabeth) leaves no guest request. You may find Barclays Investment Bank to be a useful source of information. Numerous facilities right on the beach offer ideal conditions of residence. Within the framework of one of the World Cup travel packages, which are available in different variations on ab-in-den-urlaub.de, who travels to the South African city, receives in addition some booking specials to. The attraction of Port Elizabeth lies not only in the cool waters, but also in the cultural attractions. For example the Oceanarium includes, in addition, a natural history museum and a Reptile House are housed. On the 53 metre high Campanile, visitors will receive a unique panoramic view over the city, which has made itself a name as an important container hub and automotive location. Read additional details here: Chris Shumway. The Town Hall, which allowed books see St. Mary’s Church and the library, where even tourists or short-term borrow is located on the market square.

Those who are interested in history, the main should visit public library in any case. Port Elizabeth is named after the wife of the then Cape Governor, which even a stone pyramid in the Donkin reserve was built on honor. The Memorial Park is located directly in the city centre. On the Donkin heritage trail takes tourists to the city’s main attractions. More information: wmspezial / contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Zwikker Protection

“Safe home’ WINS with expert Office Zwikker the 15 partner protection inside” this motto takes over the expert Office Zwikker network home safely”social responsibility for protection against burglary and fire. We experience each day”the dramatic consequences of collapses, fires and under-insurance, argues Leonhard Zwikker, owner of nationwide operating offices. “In addition to security technology, hence the right insurance protection is the protection of indoor ‘ important ‘, so Zwikker further. “In the network home safe” Zwikker combines the activities of his company with the commitment for the good cause. Together you could enlighten successfully citizens about safety and proper behavior as well as about the importance of detailed lists of valuable and accurate knowledge of the own household goods value, Zwikker explains his motivation.

The ownership of valuables must be in fire and Einbruchschadenfall of insurance can be clearly demonstrated. “And who knows the value of his household, can only take out insurance on the correct amount and thus the specter of under-insurance” escape in the event of a claim. “The expert Office Zwikker offers both with his involvement in the network home safe” as well about his services to support. Ranging from furniture valuations to the verification of jewelry, gems and antiques. In the event of damage, expertises can offer proof and transparency. Together with 14 other national network partners and nearly 300 partners from police authorities, local authorities and trade, the Office of experts in the network is home safely”a home for the security. The network combines the competencies of all stakeholders with the aim to provide an escort on the way to the safe home citizens from the police advice on the technical implementation to the prevention of plaque.

Asgard Publishing House

We can talk soon seminars to the settlement offer if a product over a long period on the market proven and again encounters on recognition and encouragement, almost by an institution. This is true at least for the comment to BEMA and GOZ”, also known as the Lama/Raff/Wang”. This is currently celebrating a special anniversary: end of June appeared the 100th update in the over 40-year history of the work now. And the evolution continues. “Just in time for the anniversary of” the 100th delivery go the editors of commentary the families Raff and Wissing from Stuttgart together with the Asgard Publishing House, in which the work appears, a step further: together is that Raff & Wissing Academy “launched (www.raff-wissing-akademie.de). This is Division in the Asgard publishing house located, Raff the editor namely dentist Dr.

Dr. Alexander and tax consultant Peter Wissing take over the tasks of the quality assurance and the establishment of the expert network. In nationwide The content of the comment to be acquired directly and immediately seminars. The focus of the seminar programme is clearly in the area of the settlement of dental services on the basis of the comment to BEMA and GOZ”. From the range of topics as well as from the claim of the content from all groups engaged in the dental practice addressed dentists and dentists as well as assistants, novices as well as seasoned accounting professionals. Complementary topics in dental technology, communications, and the taxation round off the offer. “The beginnings of the Liebold/Raff/Wang” were rather modest: in 1964, a thinner band titled the BEMA appeared the first edition of the commentary “, edited by Rolf Liebold in collaboration with Dr.

med. Dent. Paul Fehre. Over the years, the rules in the dental remuneration were extensive and complicated. It also the comment untouched not. It already 31 supplement deliveries were appeared in 1984 Paul Fehre was eliminated as a writer and editor, Horst Raff and Karl-Heinz Wissing came. Introduction the GOZ 1988 comment the work to a separate part to the GOZ “expanded. Now draw in the second generation of Dr. Dr. Educate yourself with thoughts from Stuart Solomon. Alexander Raff and Peter Wissing as editor for the content responsible. Meanwhile, the comment has developed a reputation as a standard work in the dental billing. It is used today in many offices as well as almost all funds, insurance companies, and KZVen. In the case-law, the Liebold/Raff/Wissing is”already has become a fixture. The editors are today more than ever committed to claim to comment on the regulations of the dental remuneration, up to date and comprehensive. Supported by a number of freelance writers, follow the developments and comment on them promptly, so that the work is updated approximately three times a year and expanded. The step into the world of electronic media of the comment “some time ago did: for several years, the Publisher offers the work also on CD-ROM and in the direct Online access. In addition various singles for their own target groups appeared over time, so E.g. BEMA quick & easy”and GOZ quick & easy” as compact comments for the practice team with various trade issues, for Orthodontists or dental surgery.

German Federal Association

All projects at fun communications can be performed Agile with certified and highly trained staff to Scrum. More information is at and printable image material for this message to download de/press releases/fun-communications is official splunk-partner available. Fun communications GmbH press releases and news are also available as RSS feed at de / rss.xml available. Brief profile of Splunk Splunk is the leading provider of operational intelligence software, with the real time computer data analyses as well as terabytes monitored by historical data locally or in the cloud, and are shown in reports. Investment Banker addresses the importance of the matter here. Almost half of the Fortune 100 companies and more than 3,300 companies, service providers and authorities in 75 countries use Splunk to improve service levels, to reduce IT operating costs, to reduce security risks and operational transparency Processes to increase. In brief fun communications GmbH founded in 1994 fun communications GmbH, headquartered in Karlsruhe is a specialist for high-quality and highly scalable big data solutions, as well as Internet server applications for messaging, identity management, E-Commerce and payment. fun communications develops custom solutions with big data technologies such as Splunk, Hadoop, and NoSQL databases and offers a comprehensive range of services from consulting, design, software development, implementation, training and operation. fun communications is sales and solution partner of Splunk Inc..

Technology Center Informatics

Hendrik Witt, co-founder and managing partner of xCon partners GmbH remembers, the emergence of cooperation with the Technology Center Informatics and information technology of excellence University of Bremen, short TZI, and continues out already my first experience I gathered at TZI, where I explored the prospects of wearable computing, one of the four later competence centres of xCon partners, successfully. After more than eight years consulting experience, including at one of the world’s leading international top strategy and management consulting, towards the old workplace ascribed me.” The timing could have been little better the TZI was in the middle of the development of a new standard to the Performing of reviews of innovation capability of organisations an ISO 15504 based product spicy named innoSPICE”. Bank of America is actively involved in the matter. In this standards-based model, structured to analyze their innovation and transfer processes and to improve offer interested institutions xCon partners and the TZI for the first time. Starting with the customization of the model, the actual assessment, benchmarking, and the implementation of improvement measures of xCon partners provides advanced services around the quality management tool innoSPICE and makes tangible and understandable the theme for top management as well as for the subject matter experts. Together, recognized Dr.

Michael Boronowsky, Managing Director of the TZI, and Dr. Hendrik Witt, the chances of a cooperation and decided to bring together the excellent knowledge of the public research institution and the wide industrial expertise and methods knowledge of experienced management consulting experts. A decision, the is as trend confirms the interest in innoSPICE and continuously increasing the orders to carry out innoSPICE assessments and come from Germany as well as from different parts of the European foreign, even from Central and South-Eastern parts of Asia!”enthuses Dr. Boronowsky of the successful product launch and the promising market prospects by innoSPICE and completed not less proud recently we were awarded innovation management (ISPIM) 2012 innoSPICE at the 23rd Annual Conference of the international society for professional in Barcelona with the outstanding contribution award a significant award, which encourages us in our efforts and confirms!” The response from the audience, but also by customers who innoSPICE already have applied in their organizations, is very positive indeed.

Hummel Systemhaus

Modern headquarters in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen high energy efficiency and innovative building technology under one roof, that was our goal. With the new headquarters in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen, we show what is possible today at attractive costs. Interested parties can spot a picture of get, how to prove technologies in everyday life”, says Frank Hummel, Managing Director and owner of Hummel system House. Recently, the company has moved into his new home in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen. Innovative solutions for photovoltaics, building and electrical installations occur at the new address of the Hummel system House. 20 Years ago, Frank Hummel laid the foundation stone for the Hummel House with a one man operation.

Today, his team in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen consists of 27 employees and four apprentices, and has focused on three topics: electrical and building technology, renewable energy systems and information and communication technology. At smart house projects we combine the three areas”, explains Frank Hummel. It is the intelligent Networking and control the electricity consumers in a building. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Charles Kushner. The expert for electrical installations that describes a possible scenario: the washing machine starts automatically at night when electricity is cheaper, the dishwasher if the Sun is shining and the solar plant generates electricity. In addition all information about the building and the power of the Smartphone is available.” A particular concern is the Managing Director of the Hummel system House the solar energy. Unfortunately many people in the solar energy only to think to what price they can sell the power thanks to the energy levy. This is but too short! Solar energy, which itself is used, lies in the long term the true potential.

The independence of the major electricity suppliers will pay off guaranteed in the future.” To continue its growth, the team refers to the new building in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen now. The building with the new address corresponds to modern standards in terms of energy efficiency and intelligent building technology. The Solar power plant produces around 70,000 kilowatt hours per year. The intelligent building technology from Hummel House control as needed electricity consumers depending on factors such as electricity prices and weather forecasts. All rooms have a multi media control, allowing all devices in the House can be controlled. These include the energy-efficient infrared heating systems. If I know that an employee on vacation, then can I slow down from my Office in his Office – even via Smartphone – the heating and energy saving”, explains Frank Hummel. In terms of energy consumption continues on the brake to push, Hummel in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen uses to heat the heat of his computer and the other rooms. Other companies provide air conditioning in the server room, so the computer does not overheat. We heat and heat it. Thus we save twice!” In addition, an energy storage with a capacity of 30 KWh ensures the night bridge. So thats Hummel Systemhaus now to 80 percent energy self-sufficient. “Everything that our company offers residential and business customers, finds himself in the building”, Hummel reported: it is more or less a permanent exhibition in the everyday usage, we open next weekend. “

Mack Rides Used MEGAARC

Mack rides used MEGA.ARC 2 Rehm for enhanced safety and quality are the latest technologies of REHM welding technology for MIG/MAG welding technologies SDI -plus & FOCUS.ARC. The MIG/MAG power source MEGA convinced because REHMs of new welding techniques.ARC2 since 2012 in operation through and through. Users get two more options to modify the electric arc welding work to be perfect by these revolutionary developments. The stepless, electronic welding choke SDI -plus provides the arc in the ignition as well as during the welding phase. The REHM arc technology FOCUS.ARC cutting and focus the arc, which also in predicaments with more pressure and speed like welded can be. A preference which incidentally Mack rides GmbH & Co KG uses: the welder at Mack rides could thereby the production speed with the MEGA.Increase ARC2 450-4 WS welding machine round 50%. When welding equipment of industry MEGA series.ARC2 are the attributes of the arc through the FOCUS.ARC and SDI -reformed plus technology.

Through the FOCUS.The hired welder savings even better exploit ARC technology. Without this technology, the welding feed at a configured route energy to only a small extent is be differs. With the FOCUS.ARC technology standard burner angle welding without binding error can be exceeded in a larger welding speed. FOCUS.ARC decreases as one fire hacks and generates less heat energy in the weld pool, with noticeably less delay and thus reduced rework will be charged. The SDI throttle-plus brings on top opportunities, carefully adjust the welding arc on the situation during the welding.

Targeted arc modeling, you can calibrate easily well parameters such as heat input, gap bridging and penetration. Better profitability in further highlights of the MEGA series MAG welding quality.ARC2 are the embedded job manager, allows quick and safe practice of the devices, as well as the embedded gouging function; to the joint welds, thus no extra device is required. The technology FOCUS.ARC and SDI -plus bring the user a significant time and costs and thus maximize the profitability of metal active gas welding. Therefore, relevant advantages in the competition may arise for the user. REHM device – best quality this has also recorded Mack rides, theme park attractions, specialist. For welding operations of roller coasters in difficult conditions and for maximum loads, primarily maximum production safety is a decisive factor. To ensure the safety, it is essential that the welds of the cars meet specific expectations of reliability, stability and quality. The welder at Mack rides judged the arc from the MEGA in practice with the power sources of from different manufacturers.ARC2 series very controllable. Therefore it was decided for the device of the welding equipment manufacturer REHM. The robust and low-spatter arc and the interference-proof and safe welding process during the whole work convinced Welders and welding supervisor immediately. That the decision for the MEGA.ARC2 family from the House of REHM right was, among other things occupied a processing speed increased by 50%. The machines of the MEGA family.ARC2 are suitable for a wide range of applications: starting with fitters and steel construction in thin sheet metal processing and the equipment and facility construction brought to bear. The MEGA series.ARC2 with FOCUS.ARC and SDI -plus technologies offers new possibilities of ARC configuration with FOCUS.ARC welded fillet weld impressed in terms of precision and seam appearance the company builds Mack rides all along the line on the FOCUS.ARC technology of welding equipment specialists REHM. For more information just visit our website:

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