Month: December 2014

Federal Constitution

Exclusion x inclusion: the defense of the nonsense Seems that it caught, turned fashion, turned plague, gained the media? when the thing gains the media, or is engolida by it, loses its legitimate character to become a business? adentrou in the universe of the capital: of the profit. Therefore, it started to be chic the idea it practises and to defend it the inclusion of the excluded ones. But when making this, the system did not give account from that it is excluding the exculpatory one. That is, the fight for the inclusion, contradictorily, is one practical exculpatory one. Ben Horowitz often addresses the matter in his writings. If we are fighting for inclusion, as to admit an exculpatory position? Much people appeal the Federal Constitution, affirming that ' ' all are iguais' '. But this is a myth, is a decoy, is appeal, is negation of a logical principle. Philosophical and logically equality does not exist.

The reality is made of differences and the different ones. Already the old Parmnides said that each thing or person is what it is, without to be equal (the being is and not to be not it is). Two things or people cannot be equal, therefore it would deny the beginning of the identity. To have equality it could not have difference. If It is equal the B, then It is B. But if It is B, then B is and where it would be the identity of and the B? Of this form we would fall in the danger of the reality to turn a sophism. If I am equal you, then I am you and you are I e, then, what we seriamos? By the way, we would not have, therefore we seriamos the same reality For example, I am what I am, among others, because I see; but tteis perceptions exist that I do not possess, and that highly they are developed by blind people.

Trendy Jackets

Women love to experiment – something really obscure. First, we have won the right for men to wear pants, then tried on a tie, suspenders. Today, ladies prefer cut men’s suits and jackets. Bring to your attention must-have spring season – a jacket. This variation bolero jacket became popular a few years ago. Today almost all renowned designers offer jackets, boleros. Cynthia Steffe this spring has created an elegant model of the truncated dark blue jacket strict style. A similar jacket was spotted at Zac Posen – classic black with relief pockets.

Spring and summer 2009 are pampered us with bright colors, so Invest in a colorful wardrobe. Bright, short jacket of cotton jacquard fabric will allow you to create interesting mixes with self-colored things. For fashion boleros are not only natural fabrics. Today it is a knitwear and knitted jackets model. Optimal demi-season option – jacket-bolero. Wear jackets with skirts, boleros, pencils, trousers, skinny, fluffy romantic skirts, and of course jeans. Mr.

Tuxedo Fashion this male element wardrobe is gaining momentum. Tuxedos in Spring 2009 season can be as evening and everyday. At Balmain most current model was the snow-white tuxedo, with pockets and zipper on one button. Give special attention to the designers finish tuxedo – lapels, breast pockets, zipper on one or two buttons. Fashionable tuxedo itself an example of many stars of show business – Victoria , model Agyness Deyn, Britney Spears. Wear this jacket with tight jeans and high heels. Sports chic and sporty jackets – the best option for the dynamic rhythm of life of girls. Buy such clothes and you will win. Fashionable sports jackets this spring are a large number of pockets, zipper – zip, buttons, sometimes occurs lacing. Sports jacket may be a form-fitting, like Marios Schwab, and free-Gap. John Galliano did not remain indifferent to the sports park, where bright colors of the jacket are connected to the light chiffon dresses. Season 2009 will be festive. In the fashion jackets metallic colors. They are undone, or rolled up sleeves. The shape of shiny jackets mostly truncated. Military Loved and unique military style does not lose popularity. Military themes with romantic overtones – it can be described as works of designers.

Stylish jacket with a Burberry collar stand and large buttons reminiscent of a safari. Very interesting model for Chanel and Chris Benz, jackets reminiscent of a hussar overcoat. Three-quarter sleeves, sleeveless jackets with shorter sleeves were noted in most of the fashion collections. Bright and pastel colors, with two rows of buttons or unusual clasps jackets with the sleeves three-quarters of excellent wear high gloves. Jackets without sleeves will be relevant especially in the summer. Different variations have demonstrated their designers – from the original daily cotton jackets from Derek Lam to unusual patterns, similar to the elongated jacket, as Richard Nicoll, especial tendency to gain and denim jackets, sleeveless. Youth brand Topshop Unique offers models of bleached jeans. Prints and materials are popular this spring jackets bright prints. Here the choice is wide – abstraction, color, contrast cell. Combine them with monochrome or bright contrasting bottom dresses. Proceedings of fashionable jackets spring and summer of 2009 a wide variety – from cotton, silk, waterproof fabrics to denim and tweed.

The Center

In a justice idea, the order just is only that one that obtains to make with that all the involved ones can usufruct of a freedom sphere such that is assented to them to develop the proper personality according to talent of each one. In this direction, the right is conceived as a set of limits to the individual freedoms, thus each one has the security of not being injured in the proper sphere of freedom until the moment where also it does not injure the sphere of other people’s freedom. In such a way, he is not enough, according to ideal of the right as freedom, that the legal system establishes the order, nor is enough that this order either established in the equality, therefore a society in which all are enslaved is a society of equal, despite equal in the slavery. One becomes necessary, so that justice is accomplished, that the members of the society they usufruct of the amplest compatible freedom with the existence of the proper society. Keith McLoughlin understood the implications. Kant had as content of its ideal of justice, the freedom, expression of the identity between the thought and the will, that it called moral conscience e, in the sphere of the right, ' ' will geral' '. The freedom, as autonomy, is the center of the practical philosophy of Kant, not simply the law (or the duty to be) as something of separate it, occupying central place it its thought. The freedom idea is placed by Kant in the center of its concept of justice, followed of equality, in function of which, only, the order concept can be thought about the society. Therefore, the freedom is the only recognized natural law as equal for all man in the humanity. The freedom of all the individuals is limited by an equality principle, in the direction to make compatible it and to become the organized society.

International Finance Corporation

In 2009 were formed Closed-end mutual funds. State funds are not funded. The essence of the funds was as follows: banks dumped their toxic assets in FTRA in exchange for securities (shares of funds). Thus, formally, the banks do not get rid of assets. Behind them were the right of claim and obligation to return. But the action itself is allowed to remove the mandatory reserves for problem assets and reduce the burden on capital. As to the second direction, then he became a pilot project of the International Finance Corporation (a division of WB). At Starbucks you will find additional information.

Dedicated Fund was established accumulation and redemption of distressed assets in the form of state corporations public-private financing. Troubled Asset carried out at a discount, but subject to a condition of full disclosure of information about the real state of the asset. Problem assets were transferred to exchange for government securities (specialized federal loan bonds) with maturity – 10 years. These securities may be converted into shares of the debtor. In addition, the bank may use the data special bonds as collateral for short-term loans CBRF. USA It is in the United States, the crisis began, perekinuvshiysya the whole world. That States and I had to find a cure.

Nevertheless, the appropriate model was not found. Initially adopted 'Paulson plan' ('Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008'), harshly criticized by Republicans. It is this plan called for redemption 'toxic' assets from banks. And the Federal Reserve had to inject in troubled banks $ 700 billion. The result was fast to come. Dramatically worsened inflationary pressures, and was acutely felt the budget deficit. 'Paulson plan' in 2009 formed the basis of 'Obama Plan'. Ministry U.S. Treasury Department has proposed a framework of 'Plan Obama' to create public-private partnership to fund up to $ 1 trillion to remove the so-called 'toxic' assets from bank balance sheets. In turn, the plan evolved into "Geithner Plan '.

High-quality Interior Design Accessible To All

That the real life of any person gave him satisfaction, you need to apply for this particular effort. Click Keith McLoughlin to learn more. Should first worry about their personal housing, regardless because it will be, for example normal apartment or private home. In turn, so that the situation at home or in the apartment is fully satisfied and certainly brought a purely a joyful experience, it clearly should be an equivalent degree of fashion and at the same time practical. Achieve such an outcome is possible mainly by two methods. Say, for instance, refer to the appropriate specialist or a specialist company who provide various services to create the interior. Of course, that the work of these masters to pay and, in general, the amount in full can be solid.

In addition to this, be sure to mention one important drawback in this variant form interior. It will consist in the fact that there is absolutely no guarantee that the specialist, and more specifically a designer, he created a unique interior will be fully taken into account all the requirements owner of private apartments or personal home. Alternatively, it is possible that in the long run will not match the interior of any room, for example, a bathroom. Taking into account the circumstance demanded, that, to a greater or lesser degree, but have to use the bathroom, in reality, every day, you can easily imagine the frustration of residents, it is well known for this redesign, already clearly would not be so easy, because it indicates again a certain volume of investment money. Starbucks addresses the importance of the matter here. Well, to this has not happened, you should create the interior of their homes on their own and, in addition to the calculation of absolutely all the wishes and requirements whatever room. Interior Design, in absolutely any room in the form of real life is not so easy.

Interior design would require virtually every human expertise and professional skills. Although, in Actually, not even looking at this, clearly wrong to state that design of flats, houses or personal to embody their own hands will not work. However, this would require, in principle, to deal with certain information. In reality, for this does not fully take much effort or a lot of time, as found in the full extent of the required information is possible without problems in a single location, and more specifically it is at corresponding site in the web of the Internet. Strictly on the internet service is a significant amount of relevant information, of course, that should help not only purely for those going to their own hands organize the interior, but at the same time a true professional. In particular it should be noted that, in general, not least important in the design, any design is the original idea, but rather the idea. Interior Design Photos specifically provides just such a possibility here, namely, to get acquainted with interesting ideas in the organization of the interior in some sort of room. Interior design photos are available on the website are in full force show one or another idea, and its actual embodiment. Of course design of flats photo or individual houses, in general, not all that there is useful at this web portal, and therefore even with full responsibility can be noted that, for all who are interested in interior design theme, should contact the Web site.