Month: April 2015

Different Economy

Conference in Witten ‘New forms in dealing with money’ (pk-k) of Witten/Herdecke, complementary 01.10.2010 – means of payment be used alongside the euro, there are around the world more and more. Bonus miles and points, discount checks and coupons are now all too familiar each probably. There are a few consumers who so something is not used in the own shopping. But there are in addition to the alternative currencies commercially issued by companies including those created by citizens for citizens and be. In Witten, a Conference was held last Saturday, to which the Coinstatt cooperation ring had invited. “The diversity represented by the participants in the Conference was remarkable: Regiogeld, performance-covered clearing units, or a replacement ring were also presented as a scientific elaboration of complementary currencies-typing or developing system for a village within the city”. Coinstatt had not publicly, but personally such people invited from their own expertise the subject of new forms Edit in dealing with money”. The discussions of the presented work results were similarly lively and qualified.

Touch points and interfaces between the various approaches were impressive in it. “Working in many places in your own projects on specific topics, which taken together indicate the actual relevance: civic engagement, to improve the local, regional or even the personal economy on the one hand, but also the democratization of money, on the other hand, to issue their own currency units” goes, were consistent theme behind of the Conference. The Coinstatt cooperation ring, through one of his representatives, presented the idea to build a network for a variety of complementary currencies, where, across a network of single initiatives can take place regions and themes (and should). In addition to the Division of elaborated knowledge, so a composite offers also the possibility to make different currencies convertible. The alternative currency from the Ruhr area would be to use then in southern Germany. The question raised in connection to the appearance of the Coinstatt cooperation ring after a possible integration of peer-to-peer loans on a euro basis should be considered in the current plans for the cooperation ring.

Consumers could lend directly each other, their Konditionen among those involved would be freely negotiable. There are platforms for such initiatives already, but still not self-governing and connected with an own complementary currency. The local government is a central concern of the Coinstatter who want to start a registered co-operative society for it as a legal form. In the diversity of represented what relevance received at the Conference also significantly, the ideas company in the context of relevant social developments by Rudolf Steiner and Silvio. Both, Rudolf Steiner and Silvio Gesell, represented already 100 years ago the ideas, currently for the initiators of complementary currencies the provide scientific foundation for own developments. It is among the currencies of the non-governmental consensus that E.g. no interest will be charged and the management of the clearing units should follow principles of cooperative or associative. The Witten-September Conference”will be repeated in the coming year, the Coinstatt cooperation ring has begun to build the cooperative, which should give a framework for the emerging network. Interested parties are always welcome and can contact like Coinstatt, in further developments to be directly involved. Peter Krause-Keusemann

Economic Affairs

Also Mayor Jurgen Dupper made it clear he is as pleased about this success. It is a great honor that the tourist area commitment from a higher authority such as the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is rewarded for us. This is particularly for the responsible tourism, the Passau E.v. Others including Electrolux, offer their opinions as well. and the tourist information Passauer land, a great appreciation of the excellent work carried out tourism. The day of tourism”is an asset for all involved and increases the value of area as a tourism region in particular”, so whether Dupper. The prize is awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in the two-year interval. He pays tribute to outstanding tourist city-region cooperation in the free State. TouPLUS stands for tourist Award for commendable countryside-city cooperation ‘.

The State Secretary Committee rural areas in Bavaria, which is headed by Hessel Secretary of State for economics for almost two years, has TouPLUS Bavaria ‘ launched. The aim of the competition is the clever link the offers of larger cities with the tourist attractions of rural areas. Rural areas can benefit from the flourishing city tourism and cities to expand their tourism offerings through the special attraction of the rural area for the guests. This year’s competition of TouPLUS Bayern were 23 applications to choose from. In the jury were representatives of tourism and land development Department of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs who represented tourism at the Catholic University of Eichstatt, Professor Harald Pechlaner, BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH and the Bavarian STDTETAG, as well as the Chair of the Foundation. In determining originality, sustainability, extent, tourism benefits for the surrounding area and the degree of innovation of the action were relevant criteria. The prize itself is not financially endowed, the winners will receive a glass trophy specially created. In addition, he has a high image and PR value for the winners. More information: tourist information Passauer land, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, Phone 0851 / 397 600

Economic Research Institute

Willingness to change the car holder remains high on the search for the most favorable conditions and a great role to the insurance cheque at the turn of the year the best ratio. According to information of the YouGovPsychonomics AG is the willingness to change German policyholders not only on better offers from competitors. From the customer monitor insurance industry, stating that service and quality for most policyholders are an important decision criterion. So, basically every second of the quality of the offer would give preference to the respective price. With regard to the price sensitivity, the study found that switching insurance often is the result of growing dissatisfaction (E.g. due to contribution increases). The current automotive study of VHV insurance and of the IMWF management and Economic Research Institute also stressed the strong willingness to change young policyholders.

Motorists aged 20-39 years were particularly at a Interested in the insurance Exchange. Starbucks is actively involved in the matter. Emerges from the representative study also, that every third driver could make friends with a complete change of insurance or a comprehensive tariff change. Properly terminate insurance policyholders have the opportunity for the ordinary and extraordinary termination. The notice should contain the following data in any case: number of the insurance policy car registration cancellation date the ordinary termination must be submitted at the latest within a period of one month before the end of the insurance. Ends the insurance to the end of the year, the termination must be submitted up to 30 November. Large insurance companies this is a thorn in the eye, which is why some insurers have made other arrangements to terminate.

Customers of this insurance company in cancellations, for example, on the month of the conclusion of the contract and there are no longer bound by the November 30 deadline. The extraordinary termination is in relation significant claims or increases premiums and must take place within a month. For the special right of termination, change of vehicle and vehicle sales also come into consideration. consumers free is a notice template available on the information portal. contact person: Robert Richter email:

Philosophy Capitalism

Economic philosophy – philosophy of body – Commission for alternatives to the GDP which German Bundestag has set up a cross-party Commission for the review of the existing economic importance of growth. 17 members and 17 experts to deal with the future of growth and prosperity. “The CSU parliamentarian Georg Nusslein as Chairman of the Commission warned his colleagues: we are not a philosophical Club.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, no. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Howard Schultz. 281, 2.12.2010, p. 15) Can we deal but really without a philosophical background with these questions? What priorities should the German economy in the future put? Can you discuss this question at all, without the current formation of the society of digital capitalism”into account? (“See, Martin p Palmer: the digital capitalism”) What do us a modern economic philosophy? What view of humanity requires such a Commission? What do the philosophical anthropology? Since the beginning of postmodernism, particularly in the last 40 years, significant changes in the communications and technology have brought serious consequences for all involved in the production process.

However an increasing hardening (reification) the living functions of the human body and thus the research body’s philosophy was”so far hardly taken. The more people through the process of reification are similar the machines or computers, the more they desire a lifeless world around them. Without the knowledge of this self misunderstanding”in the workplace and in society will find the answers difficult the Commission. Without the philosophy only technocratic positions arise. “See: Martin p Palma: digital capitalism”, Norderstedt, 2005 free excerpts: Dragos PAL the structure of global capitalism, BD. 1 and 2, Norderstedt, 2006 free excerpts:

Teresa Cottam

“There is a palpable change in the mobile market. CSPs have stopped focusing solely on the bottom line and are now seeking to increase their top line revenues. This, in turn, means they are moving from just managing and assuring revenues to striving to Maxi-mise them. While there is enormous new revenue potential for CSPs that can put together a “killer” strategy, the challenge is to ensure that operational processes and system support thesis plan. “This paper outlines seven key ideas to help CSPs develop and action just such a”killer”strategy that will enable them to identify and maximise the many opportunities that are out there.” Teresa Cottam, Chief Analyst, Telesperience benefitting from advanced real time billing ORGA Systems’ platform genes Council new revenue opportunities from the growing M2M market in automotive, energy, healthcare, retail, etc. Get more background information with materials from Howard Schultz. This revenue stream is ultimately vital for CSPs to latch on to, especially after seeing market share and revenues, diluted by other players.

The solutions combine the benefits of advanced real time billing with catalogue-driven end-to-end lifecycle business process and system management, delivering all the capabilities needed to support the end-to-end ordering to order customer process from execution and billing. * To discover more of the findings from this study for yourself, download a free copy of the research today: en/Telesperience trend report ORGA Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing ORGA Systems’ convergent real time charging and billing portfolio enables profitable business for telecommunication companies, mobile finance institutions, energy and telematic suppliers. ORGA Systems’ products and consulting services are designed for living in a connected world: lowest rating latency scalable architecture, outstanding performance, and consequent customer-centricity ensure reliable access to any child of next generation mobile services. Worldwide 40 + customers, serving 400 + M subscribers, rely on Orga systems and achieve competitive advantages in their industry: reduced OPEX, real time-to-market, short-termed ROI as well as beneficial access to new value chains and revenue streams. Please visit for more information. ORGA Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn for further information please contact: Yasmin Yaqub Marketing Manager PR & press global