Month: November 2015

Bonn Forest Finance

(…) To plant a forest, considered to be investment, the also discards an ethical return”, so financial test and execute:”no wonder that icons of the green business put on forest. ForestFinance Harry Aboagye, the confidence of many friends of the correct Geldanlagens enjoying holding as a former Managing Director of the Association and board the Securvita behind.” ForestFinance was the only FSC certified under the forest investments financial test tested. The company is also the world’s first German, which the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services” Division received. FSC is the world’s most recognized seal for socially and environmentally responsible forestry. About the Forum sustainable money systems e.V. (FNG): The sustainable investment forum was established in 2001 as a trade association for sustainable investments in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland.

Its 160 members include among others issuing houses, banks, insurance companies, Investment companies, asset managers, financial advisers and NGOs. ForestFinance is also a long time member of the sustainable investment forum. Objectives of the FNG are among others the increase of awareness of sustainable investments, the networking of stakeholders and the participation of the political, legal and economic framework conditions for sustainable investments. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance group sustainably farmed several thousand hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. CO2 is bound by the afforestation of pasture for decades, rain forests are protected and species-rich mixed forests created. ForestFinance forests are species-rich forests in contrast to widespread monocultures. ForestFinance became the first German company worldwide the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services”. The FSC logo is the world’s most recognized environmental seal for socially and environmentally sustainable forest management.

ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, the lucrative Connect the return with ecological and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management.

New Financial Regulation

How is the new financial regulation of the 29 USA October 2009 No financial system can work indeed if the financial institutions and the investors operate with the belief that the government will act to protect them of the consequences of his faults, Barack Obama, president of the USA. The originated financial crisis in the market of mortgages prevails of the USA has had until the moment like winners to the main financial institutions of the USA (with the exception of Lehman Brothers), like Citi (NYSE: C) or the Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), that have managed to save their head thanks to the taxes of the contributors. This situation is not pardoned by the Americans and is for that reason who the government of Obama must act to demonstrate that she is in favor of the financial consumers and contributors of the country. In the search to convince and to please, the reform of the American financial system continues advancing, and all hope it does that it in the correct sense. On the success in the regulatory reform, it will depend that a future crisis is not generated in the USA a traverse of the operating one of the financial organizations, although this does not clear the horizon of threats. The day Tuesday was not a day more for the reform of the financial system of the USA. The project appeared to face the systemic risk in the economy, initiative that includes the approval of a measurement that will expose to the bottoms of cover to a greater scrutiny. The initiative would grant vast powers to a new regulatory advice, to the Federal Reserve and the Federal Corporation of Insurances of the Deposits (FDIC, by its abbreviation in English) to watch and to face risks the economic stability posed by financial companies difficulties. The new regulation anticipates one more a more preventive attitude to avoid headaches that cost several thousands of million dollars.

Financial Errors

Are overwhelmed You with the debts and she does not know like leaving them? It would want to learn to handle better its money to be able to survive in unstable economic times? In order to be able to change our financial situation, we must understand that it is not thing to look for ways of how making more money. Our present financial situation is a consequence of our way to think about the money. While we did not change our way to think, the problems are going to follow equal, independent of the amount of money that we have. The shortage is a condition of the soul, not of the wallet. The good thing is that, if You take pains in producing changes in your mentality, its financial situation also is going to change! How to do it? Next there are 10 data keys that will help to change their financial situation him in gradual form, but maintained: Data # 1: It analyzes his beliefs about the money. If You think that the money is vile, it is little probable that it improves his financial situation. However, if it sees the money like a tool stops to make the good, is going to have a positive attitude towards the money and this one is going to flow towards You Data # 2: It leaves his zone of comfort. It costs to us to face what it is not known, but is the unique way to grow.

Pngase a goal to leave its zone of comfort daily. Thus it will progress always. Data # 3: It overcomes the fear to the failure. The errors are steps towards the success. The secret of the success is to be arranged to fail. It does not leave the fear and the preoccupations maintain in a standard of life inferior to it to which You were created to live.

Financial Intermediation

The new edition of manages franchise, programme Gestiona Radio station dedicated world of the franchise, had the participation of Olivier Rousset and Cristian Garcia, President and CEO, respectively, of the Group Best. This company comprises franchises as Best Credit, dedicated to financing and financial intermediation, or Best House, oriented to the real estate sector, and that the guests offered an overview of its history and evolution. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ben Horowitz is the place to go. Later was the turn of Ana peak, representative of O!MyGood, based on the frozen yogurt franchise and that just completing their first year in our country. This teaches business concept is based on a healthy product and fashion in Spain. For its part, the space program dedicated to treating the latest news from the world of the franchise made a review of today’s flags as Pollo Campero, which inaugurated its fifth restaurant in Barcelona; Bioenergy, multinational that begins to grant franchises in our country; Blue elephant, whose last campaign of marketing was the protagonist in the games between Barcelona and Real Madrid; Carrefour, which incorporates a new hypermarket under the name Planet model; Lizarran, with the opening of a new restaurant in Miami; McDonald s and the announcement of the economic results of the first quarter; and Mango, that focuses on expanding in the United States.UU.

through shops at airports. During the first few minutes of the programme, their drivers Jose Ramon Inguanzo and Jaime Parrondo, responded to the questions posed by listeners. The first topic was the definition of pilot franchisee, the reasons that may lead to a company that has just begun franchising to employ this model and the considerations taken into account by the entrepreneur. The following question was focused in training franchise stations, and, in particular, in the condition of continuity that is or not applicable to the same, point that must be contemplated in the franchise agreement. Listen to program (can download the audio file by clicking the link with the right button of the) (mouse and choosing the option Save target).

Manages Radio is a radio chain attached to the Group COPE, which emits a programming specialized in economic information since 2009. Currently, manages Radio have dial in Madrid (94.8 FM and FM 108.0), Valencia (100.7 FM), Seville (90.8 FM), Zaragoza (98.3 FM), Malaga (98.5 FM), Bilbao (107.9 FM), Valladolid (88.9 FM) in brief points of the dial in other provincial capitals are added. The program manages franchise is the first qualified franchises radio emitted by a large national chain in Spain.