Month: January 2020

Breeze And Reuter, Bring Fresh Wind Into The Bath

Just losreutern and with a little luck win a dream bathroom worth 10,000 euros: Monchengladbach, 17 July 2012 who buy in supermarkets in Germany, should on the large display, make sure that point the way to the dream bathroom. Praises because together with the fragrance of the Reuter Onlineshop breeze one-touch Traumlos as more shopping vouchers from. And who breeze one-touch with a room fragrance new holder design decides, in any case, among the winners: because on the packaging a 10 euro voucher is included, which can be redeemed in the online shop by Reuter. The details of the big action: The manufacturer SC Johnson trade supplies with its product breeze one-touch in the scents of lemon, source of freshness and summer bouquet. The 10-euro voucher for a purchase in the online shop Reuter is already included in the selling price for the breeze product. Who also still favorite selects from the breeze -Duften and submits the entry card, takes in the lottery to the bathroom in the value of Part of 10,000 euros. In addition to the Grand Prize, Reuter is sponsoring also shopping vouchers to the value of 500 and 100 euro.

The large-scale campaign runs until August 31, 2012. The vouchers are in the online shop to redeem even until December 31, 2012. The Monchengladbach company which is one of the largest specialist and online retailers for bath and home decor in Europe, has such cooperation for and with the stationary trade for the first time. So we have”the ability to attract new target groups outside of our online shop and our exhibitions and to make them aware on the subject of bathroom and bathroom, says Marketing Director Daniel Goertz. The promised from price to the value of 10,000 euros is expected achieve also the proper interest. Because actually provides Reuter with its multichannel approach for years that customers can make your dream bathroom at attractive prices. In addition to the extensive online shop customers also have the option, in the two exhibitions in Monchengladbach and Gundelfingen (Fribourg) personally to convince products and quality. Who has this opportunity, can comfortably phone advice and daily until 22.00.

As a customer also chooses the order is done always online, no matter whether at the exhibition or by the domestic sofa. An offer that know to appreciate more and more customers, so the company could expand strongly in the past few years. Monchengladbach Reuter company based on Reuter 1986 is one of the largest specialist online retailer with over 200 employees for bath and home decor in Europe. The online shop, founded in 2004, is one of the European most important in its segment. Bathroom and sanitary ware, living and kitchen accessories, home textiles, furniture and lighting fixtures and garden furniture are available in. In all areas of Reuter exclusively uses brand and design products. In his TuV certified online shop Reuter offers with 500,000 articles unsurpassed plenty of range of and their constant availability, combined with expert technical advice and competitive online prices. Managing Director is Bernd Reuter.

Teacher Stress

Among the various existing programmes selected several strategies to help education professionals to take care of your health. It is intended to prevent the negative consequences of stress in teachers caused by both internal and external stressors and enhance the quality of life of this group. There are causes triggering stress in teachers, such as status, organizational structure, control styles, variables of work environment factors, which are beyond the control of them, the prevention of which corresponds to the administration or to the business organization. But others can control because there are specific individual techniques that help teachers to cope with the stress. In the proposal of intervention exposed in this work is taken as core this line of prevention, i.e.

individual guidelines are given to prevent stress. Many writers such as Andreessen Horowitz offer more in-depth analysis. Below are some exercises and tips or strategies to develop them. Strategies for reducing stress will work in six areas. These are relaxation and breath control to control the body. Knowledge of the behaviour of students and strategies to improve them. Promoting personal skills: communication, techniques assertive to improve relations. Cognitive restructuring and inoculation of stress to control harmful ideas. Conflict resolution and decision-making to improve behaviors. Schedule time to prevent stress.