Month: August 2018

Delirium Social

It is commented that together with its inaugural workmanship, other headings as Meat in Delirium, Georgette and Eudemnia, had caused in Rivers sadness and deslumbramento a time that such workmanships if found in a list affixed on the church door as books that had been excomungados. Commenting on the fact a worshipper it arrived to say &#039 to it; ' It does not bind not, all adore its books. The people read to the list in the door and run direct until the bookstores to buy them. Check out Starbucks for additional information. This is its greater propaganda' ' (Id, p.48). The attempt to forbid the workmanships consisted of possible ' ' attempted against to the good moral and costumes' ' , therefore beyond verbalizar on sex, the author criticized the hetro-patriarcal system, where its personages notadamente disobeyed the moral codes of effective social behavior.

Lesbian Assumidamente, Cassandra Rivers fought intentionally for the right to the ficcional existence of the lesbians as protagonists, not as simple figurantes of a history, but also it are of this paper in its Real existence. Its workmanship, therefore, possua a shape character, where the critical spirit guided its writing making of this a change, transformation vehicle and not any panfletrio writing. Of general form, we see that the works of Rivers are directly on to the question of the identity, construction this that if of the rejection of the feminilidade standard. Thus, the homossexualidade represents the order of psychic, social and cultural conflicts. In this direction, Navarrese Tnia Swain makes a boarding commenting that history collaborates in the construction of a feminine one, fragile type and submisso, naturalizing the behaviors and creating social representations conducted by the patriarcal order, where ' ' history, owner of the time, forgot that time means transformation, forgot proper history to trace one alone profile of the relations humanas' ' (2000, p.14). It is related to the displayed one that the social representation of the form woman is approached not uniform, which had to this it is that if it starts to mention the estimated ones of the one after-modernismo that rethink the fixed categories that divide the humanity in diverse identifications and subjetividades, regarding this Stuart Hall Affirms that.

Bench Marking

The global economic crisis at present is an evil of fashion in the economy of the people. For this reason the population has problems of stress and hopelessness at the time of thinking about improving your quality of economic life. But this crisis for entrepreneurs is not more than the perfect time to discover business opportunities, which in the future will be new generating companies of wealth globally. From this point of view I make a question: are you an entrepreneur or spectator in this crisis? Whatever your answer, is necessary that we all begin to create a consciousness of contribution for the improvement of this crisis and take the challenge of looking beyond what our eyes show us. There is a theory that most large employers have been those who have managed to find the perfect business opportunities at the right time, and for you my friend this is the perfect time to start creating new businesses. According to the globalization of business, we know that there are companies that have begun to do business over the internet, and that one of new trends for market positioning is the multilevel system, which is generating large dividends, this is a new generation of companies that are a step beyond its competence. From the point of view of this humble servant I am a believer in the theory of Bench Marking (observe and improve), thus necessitating the creation of networks of efficient businesses that generate income through the internet is a modern alternative of business, which merges the tendency for larger companies. . The entrepreneur of the future will not be more that sitting in an Office in terno and tie, but will be a free person able to conduct their business and obligations from anywhere in the world and at the same time be support to help more people to create networks of businesses and thus obtain an equitable economic well-being worldwide.

Helping Children Make Decisions

The ability to make decisions is one of the key features of a successful person. However, there are many people who have enormous difficulty of having to make decisions. Reach the point of preferring others make their decisions for them or that life takes its course and "what will be will be." The problem with this passive attitude is that their lives will be at the mercy of the criterion of other people and circumstances around them. However, to be a successful person must learn to have a proactive attitude and knowing how to measure the risks inherent in each decision. We should not ignore the importance of knowing how to take decisions in life, because the choices we make determine the course that will take our lives. How can we help our children make right choices? It's simple. We need to stop taking it for them, if that is possible according to their age and maturity.

We must allow them wrong within a preset safety limit. The worst thing we can do as parents is patronized and do everything for them not to suffer. Unfortunately, mistakes and personal experience are the best teachers and we must help them learn from them. Here are three key things that you should teach your children to help them make right choices in life: 1 .- Each decision we make has a consequence that we must take, good or bad. Explain to your children the possible consequences of its decisions and then let them make their decisions. Along with this is not the blame for their mistakes.

They have to make mistakes to learn. Each time your kids make a mistake, discuss it with them and help them find how to avoid that mistake in the future. Do not pay, remember that it is a learning process to real life. If you condemn their children every time you make a mistake, they will become adults who never take important decisions in their lives for fear of making mistakes. Winston Churchill said that success is going from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm. In the same way we teach our children that failures are only stepping stones to success. Let your children make small mistakes when they are small and will be better prepared when having to make major decisions in the future. 2 .- All the decisions we make in life fall into two categories: A. – B. Morales – Financial This forces us to prioritize our lives. Give your children a solid foundation of values and life principles that will guide the time of having to make decisions. Not enough to have the necessary knowledge to make good decisions in life. We need wisdom, which is the ability to apply that knowledge properly. An infallible source of wisdom for life is the bestseller of all ages, the Bible. Read a chapter from the book of Proverbs with their children every 3 .- Our most important decisions are not between bad and good option. The most difficult decisions we will face in life are between something good, something better and something optimal. It is usually easy to recognize a bad option. However, most of the time we must make good to excellent. And again we need wisdom to distinguish between one or the other.