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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

All important CRM data through server-side integration on your iPad Greifenberg/Munich, November 18, 2010 Omni technology solution (, the first provider of a server-side integration of different CRM systems, supports now the iPad with Riva CRM Integration Server. Sergey Brin pursues this goal as well. With just a few clicks mail is configured on the iPad that users on the mail application on the iPad complete access to all of their CRM get contacts, calendar and sales opportunities. Salespeople can use so the iPad not only as a presentation tool, but about the iPad sift their CRM data, and change. The bi-directional synchronization ensures effective use of CRM. Riva connects more than 10 leading CRM systems with Exchange and GroupWise mail servers with its server-side installation. It requires no installation on the iPad. Apple has is 95 percent of the market share in the fast-growing Tablet iPad 2010 already secured PC market with its Tablet PC in the third quarter, the market researchers from the House of Strategy Analytics 1.

Also in Germany used the iPad more and more for the field. These sales people are increasingly dependent on information from the CRM system. It must be checked before dates contact and to find last orders out to optimally prepare an on-site appointment with the customer. In the or the latest data and information in the CRM must be entered after the customer conversation. With Riva integration server sales staff can use also the iPad. Riva seamlessly integrates CRM information from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, SageCRM and other leading CRM vendors in the email application (mail) of the iPad. Field staff have access to CRM contacts, calendar and requests, as well as sales opportunities so at any time. For an even more effective use of the CRM, Riva simply offers the possibility to move the respective emails in the CRM folders in your e-mail client (copy) in the course of the Riva synchronization between CRM system and email application automatically the selected emails Projects, sales opportunities, or contacts in CRM added to and archived.

The Journey Of Parenting

It is fun to play in the yard or park the whole family. But what happens when you one long trip? Sit and be bored? For children and began to act up … But do not give way to despondency, and play a fun game. Travel with Children can be great fun. Indeed, all that is needed – just prepare for the trip and show imagination. It does not depend on whether you are traveling by car, train, or fly an airplane. It does not depend on whether you go to urban traffic, or go to the countryside ride, or went to the sea in hot countries.

Remember that if you travel with children is very important respect. You take the kids along, so we must behave as a family. You may wish to learn more. If so, JPMorgan is the place to go. Times when you could go to Europe, hitchhiking with a backpack and a credit card, you are in the past. Now everything is different. Game the whole family very well unite and help a good time.

Complex adaptations is not required, but you can not take them with me, but still need to take a lot of fun. Sometimes the fun – it's you, so be prepared to sit with your child to play with him in the game (of course, if driving someone the other). Do not forget the comfort and safety. This is especially true of automobile trips. In addition, you will need to have a special seat for the child, appropriate to his age, maybe you can help the following tips. Take regular stops, even if nobody needs the toilet. Stop to warm up and stretch. Kids get tired of sitting in the car and want to run. Do not allow children to get up from his seat in while driving, no matter what happens. If the kids are tired of sitting, stop the car in a place where you can play.


Rent bus: Who want to travel in the group, must pick up rental bus not even one. When it comes to planning a trip, a trip, or a school trip, the means of transport question first. Just for fixed groups, rental buses are often a good way to get convenient, common and flexible on the destination. There are many possibilities, when you ask, where can I get a rental bus. Alone the range of different vehicle types is seemingly huge: there are cheaper deals for vehicles with basic facilities for short rides, but also more noble buses with galleys, DVD’s and large WC’s. There are many possible types of vehicles like modern low-floor buses with easy entry and exit, Intercity buses and classic coaches in 3 or even 4 star categories. The coaches include always essential features such as air conditioning, WC, adjustable reclining seats with footrests and folding tables and ABS system. Learn more about this with Ben Horowitz.

Outstanding amenities such as washrooms, on-board kitchen and video systems are often thereby. Special buses such as Club coaches with seating areas, tables and special sound system are also available as specials. The riders are always experienced and well trained and always service the old horror image of the love bus driver, that has remained trained class trips in vivid memory, you can forget so confidently and instead look forward to friendly, local drivers. Often bus companies can also travel packages according to the wishes of the customers tables nights lace reservation, pre-order belongs also to the service such as the search of the best connections to the target point and the organizing of regional leaders. The new rental bus round to insurance, which includes valuable benefits of both rental of buses for both sides is always included in the bus company. Cancellations and insolvency cases are automatically secured. Andreas Mettler

ICANN Registrar

The application process for new top level domains, ICANN will start end of 2009. Bonn, 07.04.2009 – ICANN will start end of 2009 the application process for new top level domains. Organisations of all kinds can then apply and costs an application are however immensely. EPAG support interested parties in the preparation and implementation of an application for the their own top level domain. After long discussions are the plans of ICANN for the opening of the existing name space on the Internet specific start of the application procedure for the introduction of is new generic top level domains (gTLDs) currently to be expected for the end of 2009. Organizations of all kinds have the opportunity to apply for ICANN to operate of its own gTLD.

Geographic regions are allowed such as associations or owners of trademark rights to the application process as well. “Some initiatives such as. berlin,. paris, .nyc and other so-called City TLDs” for a long time in the wings, and the way to the Opening already paved for all that well in the next few months the own application prepare. The own gTLD promises benefits for many reasons. So the operators of gTLDs itself sets, rules, by which persons and at which prices domains can be registered in its gTLD. The design of innovative services by using its own gTLDs is possible, as the recently-launched .tel domains. Before applicants can enjoy the benefits of their own gTLD, a complicated and highly formalized application process in ICANN ahead of them.

Before entering the application phase one should be therefore deliberately, not only a tremendous effort for preparation and application is imminent, but to bring also considerable costs amounting to a total of about 400,000. Since ICANN has lashed at present not all application requirements, the procedure means a certain risk for the applicant. The extensive catalogue of questions for an application and the sometimes nebulous formulated criteria in the Point system for assessing future represent an almost insurmountable barrier for lay people. Interested in your own gTLD EPAG domainservices GmbH is therefore helpful to the page. With longtime experience and contacts to selected international experts the Registrar accredited by ICANN since 2000 offers support at all levels of the application process as needed to the operation of the contracting authority, after the contract was awarded. It is free to decide, where cooperation is aimed at the interested parties. Detailed information on request directly at EPAG. EPAG domainservices GmbH is one of the leading registrars in Germany that specializes in domain management for domain resellers, corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. EPAG is since 2000 ICANN Registrar as well as contract partner of many domain registries. Now 280 top-level domains can be registered centrally via direct interfaces of EPAG. The expert team of EPAG offers its customers a comprehensive service of the fully automated domain registration up to the personal assistance with exotic domains registration.

UNESCO World Heritage

Africa National Park Loango journey through primary jungle regions: the location of this park is fascinating. From the terrace of the lodge overlooking the lagoon still lying there, 50 meters behind the tide of the Atlantic Ocean is raging. Otherwise, there is silence. One hears, sees and smells just nature. Different types of forests alternate with savanna, mangroves and extensive marshes and bogs.

The white beach stretching miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Birds circle above the dugout. Heron and proud pelicans start to the flight. The Atlantic Ocean lies at the end of the promontory. It walks along the beach. Countless crabs fleeing the approaching people. Further, the Group launches a few steps on the trail of a hippopotamus. Hippos leave, as also the buffaloes and elephants, the rain forests and freshwater lagoons and approve is a bath in the sea, because salt water rinses off the pests of animals and is a very good treatment for your skin.

After a nearly one-hour walk, a level that is planted with Palm trees overlooking the sea is reached. The guide makes attention to elephants. The Lope National Park, who was recently appointed to the UNESCO World Heritage, was one of the first areas in Gabon, which has been placed under conservation. During game drives, walking, Jeep or motorised pirogues, the guest in the Savannah area of the northern part of the Park already can stop. More than 1000 Mandrills were counted here. Thus, there is the world’s largest population of this Baboon species in Lope. Further, we encounter on this tour of elephants, chimpanzees, brush ear pigs, red Buffalo, monkeys, gorillas and antelope. It is an experience with the local guide through the forest to sneak, to put out and to listen to the sounds that suggest monkeys nearby. The plants alone is worth a visit. Is the lighting impress the different, unknown in our native trees, shrubs and ground plants with the Twining stems very. Birdsong and the sound of a nearby stream, let’s forget the modern industrial world. Suddenly a Noise. A grazing Buffalo nears. A unique experience. The Guide gives instructions, the Group should withdraw. Cracking branches, the Buffalo prick up your ears and takes the escape hitting zigzag. Lambarene is renowned for its domestic and international peace Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweizer jungle hospital approximately 6 km from the city centre on a small hill lying on the right bank of the Ogooue (1875-1965). If you are driving on the hospital grounds, pleasant cleanliness and order this place stands out one. It is almost a bit, as if one enters a sanctuary. These help ensure also the peace that radiates a hospital, and the unique location of the whole plant, which was founded in 1913 as a private institution. The National Park Akanda is located in the North-East of the capital Libreville of the Mondah and Corisco Bay. Akanda can be visited only on the waterway. We rent a motorized canoe on the outskirts of town when local fishermen and leave us here by the Bay ride the flowing rivers and canals. Left and right close and in the water to grow mangroves. An ideal area for numerous bird species, which live here permanently or move here during the European winter. With us, you can visit a country where the world is still in order. Be accompanied by a unique landscape.

Spiritual Journey

End of January 2010: A journey to self on a very special place: the great pyramid of Giza, the last of the seven wonders of the world. Some places are still free… A spiritual journey with meditation in the area of the pyramids of Giza, is something special. If there is then the possibility entirely exclusive to visit the great pyramid, which is something very special. The tour takes participants on the way to her own self.

Saganja de rissen directs a light Centre in Berlin and more recently this spiritual journey in the land of the Pharaohs. Habib Saeed asked them about this new project. Habib Schafer: what was the trigger to offer a spiritual journey to Egypt? Saganja: The trigger for the trip is the fact that I inaugurate in the seven stages of initiation Egypt for several years. Here, I offer this work in Berlin because Berlin is the city of the heart. Here we have again the true quality of our hearts the heart chakra at four different levels, which means that we’re capable of, find, to live and to grow. The seven stages of initiation Egypt were of course previously inaugurated at the pyramids. Egypt is part of energy considered the note of the world, i.e. There is the solar plexus and for this reason we find there the Sun God RA.

The solar plexus includes inner calm and inner peace. The ancient Egyptians were the mediators of energies between heaven and Earth. Did you know the origin of light and how it is complete with the light, to be connected. This knowledge of the strength and the power of the light has led among many Egyptians also to abuse of power and ultimately doomed. This fact prevents many Egyptians out to take their power. But ultimately it is also abuse of power, if not his skills and his power.

The Journey

There are thousands of ways to receive a message. The more we learn to recognize them, most patents are made and more often we are able to recognize them. The second part consists of acting accordingly. Nothing serves our attention and advise where to go if we then take the opposite road. 5. Here, Sergey Brin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. All decisions are good just to decide because it is a good thing. There is not a bad decision, because not deciding implies not to move the point of the maze in which we find ourselves. Other leaders such as Sergey Brin offer similar insights. Therefore, no matter whatever decision we take, this always will be correct.

When we are in front of a crossroads, two or more different paths, it is very possible that more of one decision it is good to reach our goals (to reach an important red dot), and that others make us give some rodeo, but our I top us help on the way in which we are, appear the lessons that we must overcome. Conclusion if we understand life as a path forward, with a series of objectives designed beforehand by ourselves before birth and with free will to decide how to reach them, then one understands the need to clearly understand what those objectives, which is our mission in this life and that way we can learn to read the signals that us iran approaching events more important by which we pass. Whatever our goal in this life, the important thing is always move forward, enjoying the journey, and when things are not going well, stop and ask yourself if it is that we have reached in our particular maze to a point at which we must walk a little back and back on another path. In any case, at each crossroads await us new surprises and new lessons, and sometimes the obstacles are not more than so that we can learn to skip them, since behind them lies a small fences much better situation. Original author and source of the article.

Iceland Journey

Northern Europe has become increasingly popular in recent years as a tourist destination. But who has ever spent his holiday in Scandinavia or other Nordic countries, knows the high prices and VAT rates. As the leader in the level of prices the North Atlantic island Iceland turns out for travellers again and again. Tourism something to strengthen the back and vacationers his stay more affordable to make, the Icelandic Parliament decided a reduction in value-added tax last year, which entered into force on 1 March 2007. The cost of food should be brought on the price levels of the other Nordic neighbours, Prime Minister Geir H.

Haarde said at that time. Also some duties should account for food and general duties on meat products. Today is only 7 percent value added tax on food and is thus still only half as high as it was before. Also 7 percent the tax on food in restaurants, where she previously was to pay full amount of 24.5 percent. More There are tax breaks now on goods such as books, magazines, hotel and guesthouse accommodation and heating costs. save yourself in the future also in currency of euros in Icelandic krona may allow. This fall the country Portal asked his readers on behalf of a customer of the amounts that they intend to switch for your Iceland vacation. Still, the Iceland portal would like to know whether the tourists for a better exchange rate would take a service provider to complete. The reader survey takes place until December 31, 2007, in a competition, in which some book vouchers will be raffled. Michael Feldmann

Lenggries Coupon

Free food is in prestigious restaurants in bad Tolz Wolfratshausen \”Coupon books classic\” the restaurant guide coupon book\”now rightly call: over 200 editions of the book and more than eight million copies sold throughout Germany speak for themselves last sold the gourmet guide of is even better than the Harry Potter novels. In the District of bad Tolz Wolfratshausen appears already in the sixth edition of the bestseller and is always growing in popularity. Sebastian Seydak, Managing Director of the Publisher publishing Ellusion: The first-class quality of the participating restaurants and the good spatial coverage of the District have led to an enormous demand. JPMorgan will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The last of the coupon book was bad Tolz Wolfratshausen over 8,000 satisfied buyers in the district.\” Not only the customers, restaurateur and bookseller are also highly satisfied: Siegrid Fraas, owner of the bookstore Fraas in Wolfratshausen: customers ask often months previously after the next Coupon book. Last year we have sell more coupon books as the new Harry Potter Roman.

\”Our customers are very satisfied and we even!\” \”The principle has remained the same over the years: the price of 16.80 Euro away eating friends get\” a restaurant guide for 37 selected Inns and restaurants in the region between Lenggries, bad Tolz and Wolfratshausen Schaftlarn. (A valuable related resource: Ben Horowitz). The hosts invite the owner of the book to return at least two with them\”and the second main dish’s let go for this House! The customer card in the book, the buyer receives the book even free access to over 6,000 more vouchers nationwide. For this are not only friends of the classic Bavarian menus at your expense but also lovers of fresh fish, pasta and Asian or Turkish specialties will find it in the coupon book. Many of the renowned who leafed through the book and guest houses known far beyond the borders of the district, part: so are to the Example this year to find the Klosterschanke in Dietramszell, Gasthof o in Egling and the Humpelbrau in Wolfratshausen in the coupon book.

Baden Emission

(Online article) – on the road: what to be observed whether spontaneous or planned, is when a journey, is great anticipation. On the road the mood can change however quickly in trouble, if the trip was poorly prepared. This is especially true when one is traveling throughout Europe with a motorhome in Germany according to the Naheland tourism around half a million are approved. In many German cities, vehicles without prescribed particulate filter for exhaust gas cleaning are not welcome. There are restrictions in environmental zones for cars and trucks without a valid emissions sticker already in Cologne, Hannover, Berlin, Frankfurt, and eight other cities in Baden-Wurttemberg, including Stuttgart. , If you want to make city tours, the following considerations are important according to the travel mobile professionals by Knaus Tabbert: there is a retrofit for my Camper? What badge do I get? You can do environment suitable for older vehicles? There is information at AU authorized repairers or the inspection organizations. (Source: JPMorgan Chase & Co.).

If no Possibility of retrofitting, is on the destination Park-and-Ride”possible? It makes sense to switch to public transport and it has enough space for motorbike or scooter on board? Motorhome travel mostly in pairs. The motorway A22 in Italy must be banned for the emission standard Euro 0 or Euro 1. Also in Tyrol on the motorway Al2, there should be different rules, including a night driving ban for the emission standard before euro 4 over 3.5 t. For caravans without valid emission standard 2008 200 pounds are since July 7 daily driving a London fees payable. You can find more information about the European environmental zones under fn/akz

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