Month: September 2020

Towers Brazil

Oscaminhos of regeneration pointed by Towers suposta would not escape ours; ‘ vocation agrria’ ‘ , therefore according to it ‘ ‘ Brazil has for destination to be one pasagrcola’ ‘ , but it deposits the hopes in regeneration for the work: ‘ ‘ The Brasilou will be the country of the regeneration of the Man for the work, or will represent, nahistria of the civilization a robbery of the generations contemporaries to progressohumano’ ‘ had to its meramenteprofissional character, as well as for the inadequao of the ideas to the plain concrete noformam a social force (pp.103-5). Finally, Towers believe the redenocivilizatria of Brazil for the institucional way, a time that would be the oempreendedor State of one ‘ ‘ restoration conservative and reorganizadora’ ‘. (p.133) OliveirVianna was disciple of Alberto Towers, much even so has breached with it. In OIdealismo of the Constitution (1939), Oliveira Vianna defends that Brazil noestava prepared for the transistion for the republic, and that the Constitution de1891 was in total disagreement with the objective reality of the country. Dr. James Truchard addresses the importance of the matter here. He is of ‘ ‘ quixotismolatino’ ‘ that would come this; ‘ idealismo utpico’ ‘ had suafalta of culture politics and, according to Oliveira Vianna, its unfoldings social napsicologia of our people would not be prepared for the sufrgiouniversal (p.94) From there the necessity of ‘ ‘ regimens convenient and adapted aonosso povo’ ‘ (p.116). Dentrodo authoritarian thought the divergence inhabits in the institucional plan: enquantopara Towers the State would decide the problem of the culture lack and disciplines dopovo, Oliveira Vianna already in a maturity phase ' ' conceitosformulados a priori and without adequate consideration of fatos' ' would exist anecessidade of ' ' to incase in these concepts the reality concreta' ' (p.29) CaioPrado of the o example of the swaggerer of whom invariably we would go to the socialism.