Month: February 2016

Handstitched Business

Many of passionate dream needlewomen doing things you love professionally and to receive from him, if not primary, then at least an extra income. Particularly acute issue arose during the period of the decree, the woman eliminated from the usual schedule, her thoughts were no longer engaged in substantive work and the level of family income necessarily falls. Do not be afraid of global changes in life situation, the best Treat them as a unique opportunity express themselves, self-fulfillment in your favorite business and perhaps you will never go back to my old life. Others who may share this opinion include Howard Schultz. The first thing that comes to mind in handicrafts business – it's making things to order. A lover of sewing or knitting can open his small studio, keen scrapbooking – make albums and handmade greeting cards for holidays and celebrations.

Finished work can be taken at the appropriate shops to sell at fairs, internet auctions and Internet sites. However, for Russia in this respect is one big caveat: because we know how to do needlework, every second woman, demand will only truly original thing. Everything else despite the tremendous work invested is estimated fairly cheap. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Horowitz. So many needle women simply wish to sell their work. There may be advisable to photograph the work process, even when you do something for themselves, then to draw it into a master class. Many handmade and women's sites are willing to buy the master-classes in their area.

Some needlewomen find themselves in the creation of shopping for needlework, which may be in reality and the Internet. Ideas for business can be a great many, but certainly not all onimogut hope for success. Usually seen in six months, business is successful or not. This is because in the real world Not all great ideas make good commercial projects. But this does not mean that you should not try. The first thing we must begin a future business woman – definition of their resources. What do you know how that can be embedded in small businesses, the amount of time for him to select. Do not immediately start a business in a big, try yourself in a small, but if luck goes to you, in your hands – is gradually increasing. And do not forget to regularly review how effective is your work and what can be improved with ease, as to free more time. It is important to believe in yourself and never stop in their movement forward and then you yourself surprised to notice how your life begins transformed. The magazine "Fashion Hobbies" We will print the true stories of women who managed to turn his hobby into a job, making it the main business of his life.

Registration Of Legal Entities

The law requires state registration of all newly formed companies. To be able to be a full participant in the market, you need to go through the procedure of registration. Today, such a procedure is permissive, no registration no society can engage in economic activities and the state is always the possibility to refuse registration. Fortunately, legitimate reason to refuse registration is not so many, and they are all defined legislation. In reality, often have to deal with tightening the registration procedures for different reasons. Of course, a full validation of data presented to the public registration for a limited number of days is impossible, but it is a problem of another order. In fact, the state registration of legal entities must take place in the one window and in a strictly certain period of time. Denial may be followed for the lack of the required document from the list or misuse of its completion.

In recent wave of failures in a big show because of "mass" of the same data for different firms. Before registering entity should decide – how to organize a business, what legal form of organization preferred. To decide on what should opt, should enough a good understanding of what kind of activities will be engaged in the firm and who will be its member and partner. For complex cases, you may need professional advice. But such "difficult" cases, usually a little bit. For a different kind of business suit different form of organization, registration of companies Ltd (in the legal form of company) is best suited for small business or having a small number of employees and participants. The entrepreneur, opening a business here to stay discovery prefers companies in the form of company or. And sometimes there is simply no other choice. The procedure of registration of company and harder and longer in time than the company, but joint-stock companies have advantages that are not available to the Company with limited liability. Ultimately, the choice is always the founders, but in each case it is desirable to approach the state register individually. We wish you success.

Russian Tax Ministry

An individual entrepreneur applying for exemption must submit to FNS of their registration the following documents: a written notice; excerpt from the book sales, book excerpt from the income and expenses and business transactions, a copy of the magazine received and invoices. Documents submitted no later than the 20th day of the month, from which the IP wishes to use the release. Form approved by Order of the Russian Tax Ministry on 4 July 2002 N BG-3-03/342. Documents can be submitted in person or send to FNS by registered mail. Continue to learn more with: Caterpillar. Then day of their delivery will be 6 days from the date of departure a registered letter. In applying the simplified taxation system there are two possible modes of taxation: The entrepreneur pays an amount equal to 6 percent of their annual income.

Predprinimate pays an amount equal to ten% of the difference between revenue and expenditure (the rate is valid for St. If you would like to know more then you should visit Electrolux. Petersburg from January 01, 2010). Advance payments under the simplified system of taxation should pay on a quarterly basis no later than 25 of the month following the expiration of a quarter. Declaration on the STS shall be filed not later than 30 April of the year following the tax reporting period. Entrepreneur as a basis, and the STS is required to keep records of income and expenditure in the book accounting. If the employer is the payer UTII, the declaration must be on UTII each quarter not later than the twentieth day of the month following the expiration quarter.

Comprehensive Services

Joined LLC When you just open your business, there are many questions at once, with one of the main – this is actually how to register a new company? The most popular legal form for entity is a company that is a limited liability company. There are lots of nuances and pitfalls associated with the recording company, and get acquainted with them. You can in this state.Kogda Finally, all preparations are completed, you can carry all the documents to the appropriate tax office. Registration is made within 5 days, then issued a special certificate. After this is made printing, CEO issues an order with regards to his taking office, appointed by the chief accountant. Then, a limited liability company shall be registered in the extra-budgetary funds, obtained codes statistics. Keith McLoughlin contributes greatly to this topic. In the end, it remains only to open a checking account at any bank. Thus, the process of registering a limited liability company can be considered complete and can begin to conduct business activities and means registered entity.

We wish you success in your business. Additional information on the registration of the LLC Register of a limited liability company is the easiest way to open his own firm. If you choose this legal form of organization, the cost of opening the company to significantly decrease, also make it much easier than register open or closed joint stock company. The company, created in the form of a limited liability company, different from the company, above all, the fact that the share capital the sum of the individual shares of founders, shareholders do not like in the case of AO. In the event that PI is responsible of his own property, the founders of a limited liability company are not subject to risk of additional losses because Ltd. is responsible only to their property.