Month: September 2016

Visions Relaunches

Optimal usability for one of the best-selling German online shops MDM, largest coin shop in the world and one of the highest turnover shops in Germany, has a new E-commerce solution: visions, the E-commerce specialists from Hannover, should relaunch the Web shop of Brunswick MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin and lead to more sales with sophisticated usability. Special challenge here was the more internet inexperienced audience of the Silver Surfer. The new store went live after over a year of conception, design and development on the basis of Magento. With great success, so is also MDM with 64 million euro square 52 of the strongest German online shops (see ranking Starbucks recognizes the significance of this. In this project we had to define scratch our personal requirements for an online store”, Dominik explains supervised p.

Muller, project manager of the vision team, the MDM in the other phases of the project. The relaunch was a special kind of challenge. In addition to a variety of extensions and “Interfaces to SAP, Saferpay, eTracker, Zoomio and EPOQ was in designing and implementing our task greatly on the customer target group of the Silver Surfer to enter.” Magento-based shop solution for optimal usability so was here more than the most other shop relaunch to optimise the usability. Visions voted not only the front end of the stores to the target group of the over-50-year-old, but implemented on the basis of the shop software Magento various functions such as newsletter tailored to the respective recipient. Some older customers have so little trust in E-Commerce processes, we also can offer them, to submit the order after visiting the online shop by fax”, as Dominik p. Muller. Until it comes, an optimal usability to customers must lead to the development of an intent to purchase. This is done with the improved monograph, which is also the high-quality products just.” MDM relaunch is gearing for new E-Commerce challenges that the relaunch of the world’s largest Coin shops is successfully managed, is also Detlev Bieser, E-Commerce Manager at MDM: it was certainly no easy project.


An car of golf is a small projected vehicle to around carry two golfistas and its equipment from golf of a golf field. The clubs of Golf, many times have a fleet of cars of golf, that they are available for lease of the field of golf so that its customers to be able to dislocate itself all for the field, with much less effort. Some players of golf are eager to buy its car of golf that they can be stored in its club for a tax. When having its proper car of golf, finishes saving! If not to want to spend much money in a stand thus, can even though buy in second hand. Cars of golf exist in an ample gamma of models and are manufactured by diverse companies, as club to car, therefore they generally have the following dimensions: 4 meters of width and 8 meters of length, are small stands. Some are standard and only contain most basic, including a seat upholstered and a rain layer. Others resemble the vehicles of luxury, personalized wheels, door-cups, devices of sound villages and some exclusive ones of the high classroom, as well as, some communities that make use, of these stands of golf for its transport inside of the local areas, data the lesser cost of the use of these stands. It is if becoming each more evident time that the cars of golf are versatile vehicles that are not more restricted to the community of golf.

Fashion Business

And now one of the most attractive for fashion followers of the materials is a natural animal fur. In fact, in our climate, where temperatures fall in a state up to minus 30 degrees Celsius, significantly purchase quality protection from the cold. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Electrolux. This protection, which is present in animals living in our climate zone. While the natural fur – is at the same time an indescribable variety of tones. The current season – this time, when the most attractive for the richest group of beaver fur, but also coats and hats of the chinchilla, lynx, marten.

At the same coat of arctic fox or beaver today are buying not only the fair sex, as well as boys. Besides being used by a huge demand for hats made of precious furs of animals. It's really very nice, plenty of hints, and also very warm. For a long time so it was that the coats mink in the national climate zone used constantly. Only that first coat worn with the fur inside. This made it much warmer coat.

And for this to be a fur coat and looked attractive, opposite direction covered with woven brocade, velvet or other fabrics easier. And the only collars (for the most part – from foxes) could have looked out on top. However, in the nineteenth century increasingly became coats made from fluffy part of the body. This kind of coat is slightly less warm, but understand how to protect from the wind. Especially considering that even then were already established different ways to improve the heat resistance of the odezhki. The present-day coat – this is sometimes original museum building. Designers and creators of fashion fight between each other for the opportunity to do things with such wonderful and is a win-win kind of material like animal fur. And by the way mink coats – this is not just everyday, but first and foremost, celebratory odezhka. Clothing that is designed for the most valuable of incidents in the life of any one of us. Not for nothing at all times, just a real fur coat was considered really important property: if the host or hostess present coat, then it certainly will be entered into, along with decorations. Today, fur is still a great gift that is not impossible to assess. Sleek and weightless fur from mink, chinchilla or sable may be to the liking of all tsenitelnitse fashion, and thus give the opportunity not only look great, but at the same time and in the greatest cold feel a pleasant warmth and convenience offered by the owner of such clothing. You want all-weather look and feel superbly? Get natural fur coats!

Case-accordion … What Is Life ?

Wardrobe firmly entrenched in our lives. About him know everything. But on the rack-harmonica, few know. Case-accordion got its name due to its shape in the shifted state of the door. In the shifted state, they resemble an accordion. This is – main feature, and the main plus of these cabinets. Such a constructive solution can save significant space of the room. They are also characterized by compactness, functionality, and a small cost.

There are even sliding accordion door which, when folded, leaving the inner space of the enclosure you buy a case-accordion can be easily visually increase the amount of your room. Douglas R. Oberhelman has firm opinions on the matter. This occurs by reducing the area occupied by furniture. Sliding accordion is very convenient. They find their place in the hallway, living room, nursery, office, bedroom. Cabinets, accordion, cheaper wardrobes, made to order.

However, in terms of functionality and ease of use, they not worse. So, to replace the closet with a significant value comes not form an alternative hinged cabinets. The main advantage of the cabinet, an accordion, in contrast to the closet, is the ability to produce angular models. Such a model allows you to save extra space. In this case, is effectively used corner of the room. This performance closet can make a rectangular, elongated room, more inclusive, and comfortable. Here so, without much effort, cupboard, of tedious, but vital subject of interior decoration is of any room. The service life of such cabinets is the same as in conventional cabinets. It all depends on the materials of which made a case, and the quality of the fittings. Cabinets accordion, usually produced from particleboard, MDF and other wood-based panels. In conjunction with the facing material, these plates are undemanding in operation and very reliable. Therefore, with respect to life, and strength sliding accordions, there should be no doubt!

World Bank

Environment, in their qualified materiality, is not amenable to quantitative monetario-crematistica logic and the time needed to replace the eroded soils goes beyond the time of human history, it is impossible to revive extinct species (extinction is forever) or get rid of radioactive garbage, whose life is of thousands or millions of years, or retrieve mineral resources that are themselves non-renewable. Nothing seems to make sense to not be from of the market economy. The environmental field is no exception of that illusion a dissemination of the concept of sustainable development, the transformation imposed in the 1990s, especially after Rio-92, economic intervention of most sectoral environment policies promoted by the multilateral agencies (in outstanding form, World Bank). Howard Schultz does not necessarily agree. Not surprised, therefore, when we are against the sad spectacle of misery and devastation, when they try to impose on us a single logic of generalized commodification. A forest is not the same for a people that has lived with it thousands of years than to a logger who is more than wood, interested in its transformation into something abstract money; in the life of a community, for whom a mineral wealth does not have the lesser sense, can turn into a nightmare if their land is discovered oil, gold or any other mineral that interests to any employer or any avid State make concessions to companies or, also, to collect more taxes. The environmental challenge puts us against the need to build new theories that take as a basis to the wealth and no shortage. Continue to learn more with: Ben Horowitz. Nature, converted into private property, will be buying and selling absolute commodification. In the years 70 and 80 developed a critical movement related to the dynamics of the revolution (in the relations of power through technology) green. This movement originated a movement of alternative agriculture, organic agriculture, agro-ecology, which consecrated expressions as: agro-toxic and gave him a negative sense to all the agrochemical.