Month: August 2019

Florian Henle

” Given these criteria, it is not surprising that when the Germans the purchase of fair trade products such as coffee and Roses is in the course. Last year increased sales by 18 percent. You may find that JPMorgan Chase & Co. can contribute to your knowledge. But also related the own energy you can do easy good. In five minutes, with just a few clicks and about 20 euro per year, Polaris customers insert for the global energy transition. Access to clean energy for each customer receives each year a family in a developing country. In addition, Polaris invests in the expansion of renewable energies in this country, at current, there are 1.25 cents per kilowatt hour and gas, 0.25 cents per kilowatt hour.

For Polaris has also green electricity label received. Filed under: Alphabet Inc.. Green living and do good are example eco-energy of Polaris which has independent green energy company Polaris itself to the target set, to get the world with energy. The three founders, Jakob Assmann, Florian Henle and Simon Stadler committed themselves for the expansion of renewable energies worldwide. We transfer the idea basically fair trade on the energy market. So every household can support a worldwide sustainable development related his personal energy”describes Florian Henle, the new offering. A family in a developing country receive access to clean energy and a better standard of living for every Polaris customers. This reduces dirt, stench and diseases.

And this benefits in particular the children. Daily over 2,000 children due to fire smoke will eventually die in enclosed spaces according to estimate by the WHO. With the support of the Polaris customers, families build their own micro biogas plants, which are operated with human and animal feces. In addition, they receive a gas stove, gas lamps, and sanitary facilities. A good deed for family family Rin Rin lives in Cambodia in the province of Kampong Cham. She has four children and five cows.

Camila Time

More new features happened, my mother engravidou of new, but for return of the fifth month it discovered that the baby was died in its belly. She was there that it discovered that the blood of it did not combine with the one of my father and that if they wanted to have another son would have that to make treatment. They had liveed only one year in Toucan, coming back toward Itaberaba to develop an independent work, and one more time, the daily pay-adolescent a child adormecendoLogo that I came back of Toucan, I was to study in a school where in my room it had only and more four pupils Nina, Camila, Edileide and Vincius -, for result, I got passionate myself madly for Camila and rebelled against the provocations of Vincius fury moments and the provisory loves. Nothing he was definitive, but nothing the rejection for immaturity was so difficult how much – friends costumam to pressure a precocious matureness, inducing ones to the others not to commit criancices, duly warned to be nicknamed bebezinhos or infantile, all time that executes an action that stops they is not proper of an adult -, and I loved playing of fight with my Itallo cousins and Igor, children of Ito. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sergey Brin offers on the topic.. He was in a phase according to mold my behavior of the drawings livened up. But with the time I yielded to the apelos of my older cousins and abandoned this world of fancies. I conclude then, that phases of the life are for being lived, therefore the life is very, very short and that the life follows a systematics that does not allow retroactivity, generating only repentance. As Shakespeare said: ‘ ‘ It learns to construct to all its roads in today, because the land of tomorrow is uncertain excessively for the plans, and the future has the custom to fall in way to vo’ ‘ ..


It is standed out, however, that this transistion becomes of the Romantismo for the Realism, having the last mentioned school bigger emphasis in the workmanship. Of the other style one has only some representations and explicit a critical one to the nailed values, the language is different, is presented objective and daily, the profiles of the personages is others, the society, the environment that is scene for the estria, as well as all the other aspects. already if undoing of that the subjetivismo is Romantic yields place the objetividade, the dream the reality, the feeling to the physical pleasure and plus a series of substitutions. The cited scene is the city of Rio De Janeiro at the time of the Reign of D. Joo VI in the start of century XIX.A workmanship is stuffed of alegricos types that are representative of one same layer of the society, is: barber, comadre, ciganas, widowers and have the presentation of the master-of-ceremonies. The same he classifies yourself as representative of the middle class, however one adds the too much personages participating of conflicts of similar nature. As it appears central office of the workmanship has the Leonardo boy travesso that since its birth already it announced its traquina nature.

All reference of the infancy of the boy what it is had is traps and pranks that the same did not stop to practise. Leonardo is first ‘ ‘ malandro’ ‘ of the Brazilian fiction. If it has some critic or indication that opposes the information, still thus is valid to see it as reigning figure of the malandragem. If in infancy its tricks could be evaluated or be judged as prank, in youth the lack of a craft or inclination for some profession, gave what to speak in that society.