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Organizer Enerchange Weber

The cost for the electricity self-consumption are also of particular importance. Once a plant is built, the operating costs can be only slightly affect”, UTZ’s concerns. With examples, he illustrated that higher investment costs are justified, when so operating costs are kept as low as possible. Largely, there was agreement in the assessment that it must do more in the future to inspire the population for new projects. Lawyer Hartmut Gassner saw one of the most important steps in determining location. Diethard presented initial conclusions from empirical analysis to improve the PR of the Organizer Enerchange Weber.

Therefore, the population from the beginning in the development of the project must be incorporated. Observations also showed that a concrete added value, for example, a profit participation of the community, improve the acceptance. Have opponents in a citizens ‘ initiative found themselves together, then it is important to bear in mind that it was almost always a minority, which you should not all attention. Instead, you must do everything in public relations, so that the silent majority is visible. Many companies and their services to present the participants took advantage of the Conference this year. Around 15 exhibitors were consultancy Sterr Kolln & partners, as well as the part of the Linde Group, French clean-tech companies Cryostar from Hesingue guest, including the Freiburger. The 9.

International Geothermiekonferenz will be held from 15 to 17 may 2013. Enerchange is an agency for events and information services in the field of renewable energies. Their range includes the publishing of information, the organisation of events and the press – and public relations for renewable energy companies and projects. Four days offered the 8. “International Geothermiekonferenz a varied programme: on the first day, TRION has in cooperation with Enerchange the tri-national forum for geothermal energy in the upper Rhine region”, which deals with the Geothermienutzung in one of the potential richest areas in Central Europe. The second day had with a short course on various aspects of operation of geothermal plants and three workshops on pump technology, international projects and outreach seminar character. At the same time the municipal Forum took place throughout the day, in collaboration with the Association of municipal enterprises and the Deutscher Stadtetag Baden-Wurttemberg has been carried out. Highlight of the Conference is the third day with its internationally renowned keynote speakers and four discussion forums on the issues of financing, risk mitigation, cost reduction and operational experience. On the fourth day, an excursion led Landau and Insheim in the Palatinate to the Geothermieprojekten. The international Geothermiekonferenz is organised by the Agency Enerchange. The Freiburg economy tourism and trade fair GmbH & co. KG as a business – and marketing company of the city of Freiburg is co-organizer of the Conference. The patron is the Federal Ministry of the environment, supporters is the European Association of geoscientists & engineers (EAGE). As cooperation partners, including the international geothermal Association (IGA), the geothermal energy business forum, the Swiss Association for geothermal and GtV – Bundesverband geothermal energy could be won.

The Coach

Systemic coaching focuses on the behavior, not on situations. The systemic business coach also knows the characteristics and stress fields in the corporate context. Whether the problem-solving, target sharpening or clarification of various professional and private concerns, just the different facets and motivations make so interesting and varied work as a coach. The coach training complements many professions in the areas of human resources development, advice, facilitation, problem-solving and lends assistance in questions of personal development and self-help. Choice of training who are today for training as the coach interested in is first training swamped by. And who are only now beginning to set, deal with the subject has a particularly hard time. Where separating the chaff from the wheat? What criteria are to apply to the content and implementation of the training courses? In the sea of different labels and procedures quickly lose the Overview. The duration of training in relation to the cost of training curricula with and without certification, as well as the vast abundance of providers can often come to helplessness and a sense of gambling, where informed decision-making would be needed.

When training with longer presence blocks the site and the experience of the trainers often decide on the choice of the Institute. Marc Lautenbach has much to offer in this field. Only a few have the opportunity to learn about the reputation of the Institute in question. And it seems quite impossible to find out the appropriate approach, the attitude as a coach, which is mediated or just not taught in training, given the wealth of offerings in the coaching. Institute in Munich and Stuttgart the coach by Kari communication in Stuttgart and Munich have training experience, skill and composure over ten years. Graduates benefit from proven curricula in the areas of communication, training, coaching and organizational development. Kari communication has a grown tribe of trainers that translates what he teaches in the daily professional life.


Purchased an MCTS certification, the training path to the Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) or Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) is also professional series called, which you see in the tests with the addition of PRO. For Microsoft Certified Professional series certifications, a model was introduced to represent better knowledge both technological and professional level. These skills include design, project management, operations management and planning, each depending on the Professional task. Jonas Samuelson: the source for more info. Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) certifications allow you to highlight your specialized skills. You can now easily as expert in the field of database management, Database development, or business intelligence stand out. These certifications exams usually consist of 1 to 3 and include one or more conditions from the technology series (MCTS). The master series, Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) are a further component in the certification hierarchy.

The new Microsoft Certified Master-series includes advanced technical training and certifications on Microsoft technologies that go beyond any product training, that currently outside is offered by Microsoft. IT professionals who successfully complete the program and the certification exams, have demonstrated their abilities as product experts are able to create solutions and implement, that meet the most complex business requirements. Microsoft offers 5 technical certifications at the master level. Each of them consists of 4-6 tests and extends and deepens the knowledge of experienced professionals. The master certification is a basic requirement for all technical certifications to the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA). The Microsoft Certified Architect (architect series) is the highest level of the CA hierarchy. Here there are only a few worldwide, reaching this level of competency. The training is carried out among others in the United States and the training is not for everyone accessible.

For this certification, it is suggested by existing architects. The following prerequisites are necessary for the architect series: at least 10 years experience, 3 years as an IT architect and profound technical and managerial skills. Unlike other industry certifications, this certification was created by the architect community and awarded also by this. Prospective customers go through a strict examination before a so-called Review Board, which is made by professional, certified architects. The architect series certifications have a demanding and competitive entry process, require close collaboration with a mentor who is already a Microsoft Certified Architect and culminate in a oral interview by certified architects. For those who are interested in the topic Microsoft certifications and require further information, the IT Academy offers MINERVA a briefing to Microsoft technologies Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET Framework 4, Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint, and Windows 7. Interested on the blog or on the website of MINERVA will be complementary background facts about current certifications, test preparation materials, software and much more.

Value Change Reached The IT Industry

Value change reached the IT sector too straight in the IT industry play a very large role values, needs and interests of employees for companies. This shows in IT”the study of career models. So must be reconsidered developments in relation to the development of career models and created more flexible design options. Frankfurt, 17.12.2013 of the APRIORI business solutions AG has in the context of the study series already for the second time with the subject of career models addressed. Check out Howard Schultz for additional information. The first study from the year 2010 brought the matching result that career models significantly contribute to the success of the company and require a periodic review and adaptation to changes in market conditions. The new edition of the research project has focused now on the occupational groups of the ICT industry and aim to realize the construction of an ideal career model for specialist and managerial staff and consultants in the IT environment.

Value change reached the IT industry the current study shows that the IT industry is subject to changing values, needs, and interests of current and potential employees. So the most important career goals of the development of management and technical skills have shifted in the past 20 years and to a stronger focus on lifestyle integration (31.2 percent), so a balanced work-life-balance and high autonomy (28.1 per cent) in the professional life. Willingness to change is growing the career satisfaction is an important indicator of the willingness to change of employees. However the results show the study of career models in IT”that a high willingness to change among the approximately 5000 respondents exists IT specialists and executives. 37 Percent would like to their employer within the next six and even half of all those polled switch within the next 12 months. As a reason for a change they indicated that their current career model corresponds to the needs of not. Classical management career remains surprisingly career goal most people think Interviewed that they achieve their career goals in a classic management career.

The respondents were, to be most satisfied because career success and career goals are best met with a management career. At the same time, many respondents currently pursue a project manager career with which they are dissatisfied and wished a more classic management career. “More flexibility you want the majority of respondents wants both a greater flexibility of career models in terms of the Exchange possibilities between different career columns as possible within their career model without lost glory helped incite” to descend. The requests of its own model of career change during the career and level and should be adapted according to the needs and interests of the employees. We compare the requirements that employees at career models, with the real possibilities that offer this, then be surprised the high “Dissatisfaction rates and the strong willingness to change many employees no longer”, Dr. Michael Knorzer, head of the center of expertise in the business solutions APRIORI finds AG, with a few simple work-life-balance measures it is not done there. What offers staff flexibility with regard to career content and sequences affected traditional career models in their substance. It will be for many companies that don’t adapt to a real problem.” About APRIORI: The APRIORI business solutions AG is a human resources and management consulting. We provide competent professionals & executives and offer innovative, tailor-made solutions for the Organization and personnel management. APRIORI business solutions AG Marie Jonsson Tel: +49(69) 66 80 50-175 E-Mail:

Ebrahim Krober

The next decision was to meet with regard to the training. For personal reasons, I wanted to complete the training in the Munich area preferably. Out of consideration on my calendar, I was looking for, which take place during the week after a course should. More information is housed here: Pitney Bowes. I focused above all else but when searching on the conciliation of systemic teaching. And then a round has been googled. I found the training to the systemic business coach Kari communication.

Also weekday courses are offered by the Institute with headquarters in Stuttgart and Munich for a while next to the weekend training. It was but even more important that the Director and trainers have years of training experience and work as systemic coaches. So, they should know what they are talking about. By chance, had visited friends from Stuttgart at Kari communication an NLP course and were very impressed by the way of the transfer of knowledge. The decision was made so, and I was logged in. What struck me in the course as a first was the mixture of cordiality and professionalism of Ebrahim Krober, the training manager. Enjoy working with people, coaching such as in training, is immediately noticeable.

There are also always enlightening, constructive examples from her own coaching practice in the course of time. These factors change as red Thread through the entire training. The individual modules are so structured and co-ordinated, allowing much needed room to practice. Great, an essential part of the training is devoted to the questioning techniques. In addition, different formats and tools are explained and tested. Ebrahim Krober and her husband, Professor Dietmar Krober, Schwabisch has also a professor at the University of applied sciences Hall that jointly perform the coach training. That makes not only the day of the course with theory, practice, and practice sessions varied. The participants are also getting two experienced coaches during the exercises Council and act with great appreciation to the page. Two modules are mainly engaged in coaching in the corporate context. Here competent coach, Dr. Holger Sobanski, also successful and highly experienced management coach, brings its own practice cases in the training. Also his countless constructive advice for the future profession are extremely helpful. Hotels on the successful completion of the training are to prove a set number of hours in the exercise groups in addition to the visit of all modules, because for the later work as a coach, it is essential that more or less on his own body to experience the different coaching styles. Also coaching with own clients are required for the degree. In training and in practice groups is desired to talk through issues and situations of these coaching sessions and to clarify. So keeping systemic practice after himself. The training is completed, but continues. Above all it means now to carry the learned and experienced in life, to fill with life. Sure I’m irrepressible! I’m still for the regular exchange of experience with my colleagues of course. And it’s good to know that I at any time may contact the team of Kari communication if I need help or a good tip times in my coaching practice. Dr. UTA Hessbruggen

Compressors Storm

To the operation of air screw compressor “Storm” had no problems, it is important to clean the intake air. However, with the air coming into the compressor, there come a variety of small particles. Resulting in premature wear of the screw block. Filter media in air filters compressors “Storm” is very high mechanical strength. They filter the intake air efficiently and reliably. This ensures stable operation of the screw pair. Air filters perform many important functions. They filter from the intake air abrasive particles such as dust, sand, soot and water droplets.

They provide a hit in the screw block only clean air benefits of air filters compressors “Storm”: Warranty Lifetime special structure of the special filter paper for maximum cleaning of air with low resistance to flow; 100% integrity, in particular with reliable attachment of the filter blinds adhesive compound; Optimal corrugation geometry reliability even in extreme conditions; Continuous quality control standards in all production. To ensure reliable and high quality of the screw oil-filled unit used oil filters, providing a high degree of purification of oil. Only clean oil can ensure the stability of the performance of the screw block. The problem of oil filter – to remove particles that are suspended in oil. If the oil is not cleaned properly, dirt quickly find themselves on the surfaces of the walls of the screws. In the oil circulation system, oil filter installed so that the entire flow of oil passed through the filter.

As the filtration material used paper impregnated cellulose-based content with the finest plastic fibers, which gives a high fineness treatment at high absorption capacity. The device is resistant to corrosion and pressure hull. High quality seals ensures sealing the filter and the complete isolation of purified oil from contamination. The advantages of oil filters used on the compressors “Storm”: – the absolute density between the parties and the purified oil pollution – a reliable O-ring – high degree of purification of oil – high gryazepogloschayuschaya ability – low flow resistance – long life – high heat resistance – resistance to vibration – the metal parts with extremely high protection against corrosion, oil filters, mounted compressors “storm”, to be replaced after 4000 hours. The design of the compressor provides a quick and easy filter replacement.

Peninsula ISO

Hexagone language centers franchise has obtained certifications ISO 9001, quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management. He is such and as explain its managers, of two contrasting seals that help this signature to differentiate themselves from the competition, and to stand out from other language schools, few are as its sector organizations which possess it. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Douglas Oberhelman. The first of these, ISO 9001 certification demonstrates the ability of an organization to consistently provide products or services that satisfy the customer’s requirements and applicable regulations. As for the second, ISO 14001, certifies that Hexagone has systematized, in a simple way, the environmental aspects that are generated in each of the activities that are developed in the Organization, in addition to promoting environmental protection and the prevention of pollution. From the point of view of the customer, when choosing among the various possibilities offered by the market, is undoubtedly a decisive factor which a provider can demonstrate the quality of their service and its concern for environmental management, as it also indicates that it has rigorously structured their work processes, says Celine Nguyen, Director of Hexagone, for whom obtaining these quality seals put us ahead of the competition, therefore has obliged us to rigorously to structure our work processes, which has led us to optimise internal management.

And there is also an added value for the entrepreneur/investor who is interested in starting a franchise of this chain of language centers, because these two certificates guarantee you that you will receive a solid formation according to the successful know-how of the firm, in addition to the benefit of all the work done to get these seals: a clear and structured vision of management, and the possibility of certifying their own business at the same time. It is the franchisee who wants to get ISO certification can be done much more quickly and easily, clarifies Celine Nguyen, already the part of consultancy is already made, and would only have to adjust the hues corresponding to the particular situation of the franchisee. It would only carry out the part of audit, which is a saving of cost and time considerable, compared to a businessman who wants to start to get the certification of nothing. Hexagone is a franchise of schools of languages, with a wide range of services, such as individualized training or group for companies or individuals, classes at distance, courses abroad, an innovative system of auditory re-education under the Speedlingua programme, etc. At first, the intention of its makers is to enhance the expansion of the chain in cities with at least 300,000 inhabitants, in the Peninsula and the two archipelagos.

His great experience in the sector of the languages has been its best asset since such large companies as MTV, Carrefour, day, BNP Paribas, Renault or Alain Afflelou, rely on them for years. Part of its success is due to the values that always have guided them such as transparency and proximity with its customers, the seriousness and the dedication to his craft that consider a true passion. His professionalism has been awarded by the attribution of the quality ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Professor Klaus Zimmermann

A contribution to the German-English relationship by Professor Gunnar Beck, who has gained many years as a consultant to the British House of Commons-intimate knowledge of English soul and culture, shows how even 66 years after the second world war the relations between two peoples are broken down. Even today, some English media in hatred of Germany happen. Vice versa in turn the deep-seated sense of guilt of the Germans eats away at any self-esteem to meet English at eye level. Douglas Oberhelman spoke with conviction. Fair, observer’s editor Atul Singh in turn attacks corruption in India in his post”at the self service mentality in India. The country’s corrupt elite slice eradicates thus society as a whole.

This article, though so far not publicly available, reaches large parts of Indian opposition and has met with great media coverage, because for the first time the abuses are denounced as radical in a country that thrives on compromise and saving face. “With less than 30 We have together global thought leaders and the right mix of academics, politicians and practitioners highly respected boards like Jaswant Singh, former Indian Foreign Minister, Glenn Carle, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, Professor Annet Aris, the former head of the Medienpractice of McKinsey Germany and Professor Klaus Zimmermann, the former head of the German Institute for economic, to achieve the ambitious goals”, so CEO David Bell, a New Zealand marketing Professor of the prestigious Wharton School of business in Philadelphia. With more than 100 contributors from around the world, observer has already reached fair a huge milestone. All journalists, bloggers and writers are however invited to use top server a piece to make better and more transparent the world fair in conjunction with the. More information on fair observer there is on. Fair observer LLC Rupender Kaur) head of marketing & PR 2300 M Street Northwest, Suite 835 Washington DC 20037 Ph: 001-202-973-6468, fax: 001-202-293-3083 blog: Facebook page: fairobserver

The Difficulties

The family is each more distant day, had the difficulties to survive in the modernity, that demands of the parents and mothers who work in long days, to give the basic one to its children. People such as Jonas Samuelson would likely agree. This is logical, that &#039 is one; ' knife of two gumes' ' , to guarantee the comfort and access the education of quality to its children, the familiar ones if absent of the creation, leaving many times, these same the luck, or to the destination, or of a formation demanded for the market that robotiza the creation. ' ' We must see, first, the work without romantic airs. The work is what it is, accurately work (it comes of trepalium, in Latin, that it means torture instrument, heavy penalty etc.): tiring and however bearable, monotonous e, at the same time, causer of humble joy, consumes pain of the life and, however, also maintainer of the life, vocation of the man in the act to transform the half environment simultaneously and factor of alienation, punishment and dor' ' (Boff, p 45,1978) In this direction, the work and the economic power start to be the main concern of this young, and are what it more charges itself, and are charged in this period. This collection it comes of all the sectors formadores. The direct family and indirectly also is well cruel in this aspect.

I am not analyzing the concern and optimum for this young and yes the factors that are explicit in its you distress. The relation of the certain wrong also is a factor that this young one is very worried, since it suffers the collections from the way that it becomes related. In this aspect the religion also has its influence of collection and formation. ' ' This sociological and historical concept did not leave to influence the understanding of the church.

Siemens AG And P OPA Logistik GmbH Use Comm.fleet!

Siemens AG and the OPA p Logistik GmbH on the search were long time after a comprehensive and powerful fleet software fleet management. Connect with other leaders such as Electrolux here. With a total of 6000 vehicles are now both fleets with the fleet management software comm.fleet from the House of community4you GmbH manages. With comm.fleet the community4you GmbH has a professional solution for the management of each fleet, which can be precisely adapted to the individual needs of a company, comm.fleet developed the Siemens AG and p OPA Logistics GmbH offers numerous advantages. Especially through the ability to easily integrate into existing IT environments, the fleet management software could be included quickly in running the business processes. A further advantage of this innovative fleet solution is very good scalability. Thus, the load can be extended at any time without compromising the performance including.

Siemens AG and the OPA p Logistik GmbH enthusiastically use comm.fleet in its entirety and bring not only overview and transparency in their fleet, but also its internal work and time and thus their costs lower. Helpful features of comm.fleet include managing master data of different types of objects and data management by business partners. Using the invoice creation feature, all contracts can be billed largely automated. This not only individual customer requirements, but also the agreed invoice layout are automatically taken into account. Also the cost focus on certain types of vehicle or manufacturer can be easily identified. Comm.fleet checks when entering incoming invoices, whether a repair order exists and whether due dates in connection with the stay of the workshop were completed.

Also the appointment management has not forgotten the community4you GmbH in the development of comm.fleet. Freely definable appointment types can be defined for each individual vehicle. While the frequency for dates can be both time? as well as be subject to use. About the many other features of Comm.fleet, like for example that can tank card management, the electronic archive, or also the reporting, you learn GmbH on the Internet presence of community4you. Katharina Zschau community4you GmbH

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