Month: May 2015

Perfect Introduction To The Topic Of Color

Highest color quality and flexibility of Toshiba now also with a speed of 20 pages in minute Neuss, February 2010 Toshiba builds be successful color portfolio further, and presents the new STUDIO2020c. The system is based on the technical merits of the e-STUDIO4520c series and is ideally suited to realize efficient and affordable colour printing in small workgroups and departments. The e-STUDIO2020c is based on the third generation of the well-known Toshiba e-BRIDGE technology and offers therefore highest operating comfort with print, scan, copy, as well as the optional fax functionality. The output speed of 20 pages per minute in colour as well as in S/W guarantees brilliant prints of the highest quality. The processing of various media with weights up to 280 g / m2 and paper formats up to 320 x 460 mm, as well as banner prints offer maximum flexibility when creating professional documents. With a scanning speed of up to 57 pages per minute in color, the new system is ideal for entry into the Document management is prepared.

In combination with the Toshiba software solution e-BRIDGE re-rite the user for example directly from the scanning process can create quickly and easily edited – and searchable files. This saves time and allows a wide range of digital data processing. Thanks to role-based Zugangsreche the cost control for colour and black and white printing and copy is possible at any time. This guarantees an optimum cost transparency and budgetary control. In addition, the STUDIO2020c already offers a wide range of standard security features such as AES encryption, a built-in firewall, and support the SSL protocol.

This sensitive information are reliably protected. Higher demands on the document security can be guaranteed for example by an optional user youre ID card. The new e-STUDIO2020c always optimally adapts itself to the individual requirements of the user and thus smoothly integrates into existing workflows. “That combines the STUDIO2020c outstanding features of the Toshiba color series with modern integration management. Thanks to an intelligent network printing and Windows7 compatibility is possible at any time. a rapid integration into the customer’s IT infrastructure”says Ingo-Gutowski, Senior Manager of marketing at Toshiba TEC. Source: ToshibTEC about Toshiba TEC Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH is part of multinational Toshiba Corporation, which is active in different areas of the high-tech industry. Toshiba TEC is a leading provider of products in the field of information technology and office equipment, the range of multifunctional printing and copying systems (both black and white, and colored) about fax machines to digital document management products. Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging systems has the headquarters in Neuss, Germany, where all business activities in Europe are directed and coordinated. Source: ToshibTec more information under: buroTEC main Valley GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Strasse 9 63477 main Valley Tel: 06181-940950 fax: 06181-9409510 eMail or via following contacts: Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH Vera scratches Carl-Schurz-Strasse 7 D-41460 Neuss Tel: 0 21 31 / 12 45-5 20 fax: 0 21 31 / 12 45-5 45 E-Mail:

More Women In The Economy

Kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors in Berlin on March 4 will take place in Berlin the kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors. The European Commission called last year in the life of the network, to promote business start-ups by women. As the step towards independence can succeed and be linked with family and private life, the Marburger Erfolgsunternehmerin Dr. Karin Uphoff, CEO of uphoff pr & marketing portrays GmbH, in her keynote address. She was selected and loaded to Berlin as a German EU corporate Ambassador to the speaker. On 4 March, representative of the European Commission, the Federal Ministry for education and research, are entrepreneurs, financial donors and other partners of the question of pursue, as in Germany, a founder-friendly climate can be created and which activities are required, to increase the amount and quality of business start-ups and take-overs by women. A path goes beyond the EU corporate ambassadors. These zip off”, to encourage nationwide other women to step into independence such as information days, lectures and a continuous presence in the media.

The kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors is the beginning of a series of planned activities. The network is coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum with the partners craft international Baden-Wurttemberg and EIC Trier and supported by the partners of the Enterprise Europe networks Germany and the nationwide founder Agency (bga). As a successful and award-winning entrepreneur, Dr. Karin Uphoff in Berlin will talk about the highs and lows of being a women entrepreneurs. Their own success story will serve as example, to encourage women to want everything”. Work, family, and success are not mutually.

For we women need to fight, confident and demanding to be public. Ultimately, society as a whole benefits when Men and women together create”the German economy, says Dr. Karin Uphoff, who is the mother of six children. The network is an excellent platform to carry the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the public, to make contacts and to enforce common interests in relation to decision makers in politics and economy.” The European Commission called an Ambassador network for the promotion of business start-ups by women. The European network of female entrepreneurship ambassadors will be supported in Germany by the Federal Ministry of education and research, and coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. The Ambassador network is aimed to sensitize women to the entrepreneurial independence through various activities including the information days or lectures, as well as in relevant media. While successful entrepreneurs as ambassadors bring their experience and thus inspire one more women for the establishment own company. As a pulse generator, they encourage others to more personal responsibility and initiative. Similar networks are currently established in 15 European countries.

Ecology Meets Economics

Ricoh for energy-efficient products awarded Ricoh Europe, a specialist in the area of Office solutions, managed document services and production printing, buyers Lab (BLI) for its energy-efficient products awarded by. The BLI-Award for Excellence went to the most energy-efficient models, which have been tested in the last six months. After evaluating the results of the front-runner in many printer and MFP category BLI has the award-outstanding achievement”(summer 2010) for excellent performance to Ricoh for the A3 multifunction system Aficio MP C5000 awarded has been tested with a Ricoh controller. BLI environmental tests of the energy consumption of the Aficio was C5000 MP in the tested modes, as well as in the standby and hibernation below the average. Thus, the annual energy consumption and the cost of the system are also below average. The energy STAR excellent and RoHS compliant Aficio MP C5000 need also less energy to warm up from the sleep mode than competitive systems. The distinction with “the outstanding achievement of award of the BLI’ for the Aficio MP C5000 because of its low energy consumption is a great recognition of our commitment to the environment”, Harald List, said Manager MFP Department at Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) b.v., this award is a clear signal to our customers that they can meet their requirements for environmental protection with Ricoh.

“Economy meets ecology ‘ is the motto of our market presence.” Consistent color quality and profitability Furthermore awarded BLI his pick “award in the category of single-function inkjet printer” on Ricoh Aficio GX e5550N. The GelSprinter model was awarded for its impressive ease of use, consistent color quality and efficiency. While the industry focuses on, to produce faster and more affordable laser and LED models, experiencing a Renaissance”ink jet products in the Office environment, says senior Test Technician Tony Maceri BLI. The Ricoh Aficio GX e5550N delivers a good color output and one lower page rate for faster test speeds than many of its competitors.

Managing Director

Around 1500 participants celebrate Saxony-Anhalt the network’s biggest party of the year at the first DAK company race. We feeling and networks are more important than the performance! The 1st DAK company run in Saxony-Anhalt is a team runners. In the foreground are the health and the socializing and not the mileage. It applies to present together with their colleagues, their own company. Ever more prominent, the better! “the slightly different network party” should be fun first and foremost. In doing so, companies have the opportunity to create common, especially positive and unforgettable experience for your employees. By the way colleagues get to know each other better.

Employee motivation and morale rise through the feeling. Then business contacts can be establish in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. And that without any barriers, because Managing Director as well as doorman facing in casual, sporty clothes and the business card is available directly on the shirt. The common experience that promotes Communication. The DAK company run shows the economic region of Saxony-Anhalt is as versatile and multi-faceted. Every company has the opportunity to get special attention at the company run.

Whether in large number of participants or the most creative outfit. Are no limits it. Whether as a battery, phone booth, or in the look of the company’s mascot, the eye-catcher is the most creative safe! The companies run Saxony-Anhalt wants to motivate all employees of companies, authorities, associations or other organizations to be. The line is with a length of 5 kilometers chosen so that they can cope without regular jogging, especially since can be tumbled. “Motivate the organizer with the slogan: who runs longer, longer advertises the company!” For more information,

Expected Economic Boom

Optimistic economic forecasts to pull Germany out of the crisis! According to the the autumn report of the eight leading economic institutes should occur this year economic growth at 3.5 percent and 2 percent next year. Also tax estimator additional revenue of 30 billion euros expected by end 2011. assumptions according to to the crisis make 2011 overcome. First with little confidence this optimism, more and more citizens believe in now, according to polls in the upswing. The Federal Government does not benefit but because she stuck with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle (FDP) is still in a mood of deep and only 35 percent of voters would opt for the Black-Yellow coalition. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Horowitz.

The Internet portal has researched on this topic. Significantly weakened after a long-lasting crisis, grows the Republic comparatively so strongly since the boom of German reunification and reaches the percentage of predicted growth in the Autumn opinion published by the 21.10.2010, which serves as the basis for its own forecast of the Federal Government, the highest levels for 20 years. “Growth and employment go hand in hand and to inspire each other,” Economics Minister Bruderle (FDP), who wants to take advantage of the upswing for the termination of stimulus, optimistic confirmed in Berlin. Thus the labour market and the job should improve significantly, which wages increase and decrease the number of unemployed in the year cut to about 2.9 million. Many German citizens and companies were initially critical, assess the improvement of economic development but now according to a Forsa survey for the “Star” and RTL with 36 percent very positive. Reasons for this are mainly the good situation in the labour market and the promised wage increases.

“The workers in Germany will benefit from the upturn. Wages must do something themselves. But many workers have wage restraint, their contribution to their company in the crisis stabilize.