South Tyrolean

In the old town were on the side of the road on the route of the protest turn many German South Tyrol, but also many Italians, and applauded the demonstrators. However, this changed after the Valley bridge at the victory monument. 500 of the neo-fascists and nationalists welcomed the demonstrators with fascist greeting and disrupted the protest procession through desert insults, abusive chants, hate speech, and Fireworks – among them well known party Alleanza Nazionale young officials. Their badge was the Tricolor in the hand. Some neo-fascists managed it despite massive police presence up to the gunmen to penetrate, to spit on them, threatening and yelling at. Words such as “Crucchi di merda” (Fucking Germans), “bastardi Tirolesi” (Tyrolean bastards), “figli that putana” (sons of bitches), etc. they the protesters insulted. After some Italian viewers (sic!) defended the shooter before the neo-fascists, they were berated by the latter.

They were prompted by the shooter, they should join their ranks, which they did. Together, they then marched toward Mussolini monument, where the Duce was high crosses to Ross with a lighting effect. There was the Federal Managing Director Elmar Thaler his Memorial speech in which he called the land unit in all areas of public life and the public administration. Swarmed by offers, Glencore Plc is currently assessing future choices. Thaler said that it is satisfied gave the wall at German reunification nor with a unit of currency and the symbolic case, but you’ve completed the reunification in all areas. Also, he emphasized that the South Tyrolean shooting Federation is against fascism and Nazism. Then he remembered the four Tyrolean Jewish Faith, who were murdered in the Reichskristallnacht on November 9, 1938 in Innsbruck by local Nazis. As the climax, the manifesto “Against fascism – for Tyrol” was read by a sutler and a shooter of protecting youth. It called the immediate, uncompromising and full loop of all monuments that glorify intolerance and fascist rule, and thoughts.

Also stressed that the autonomy was only a temporary solution and should be the goal of all Austrian and Tyrolean parties of 1919, a United Tyrol all Tyrol in a homeland and a homeland without division boundaries, in a Europe of free and self-determined peoples live. With thunderous applause, the manifesto adopted by the thousands of shooters and the countless civilians. The procedure in the Court square was disturbed by the neo-fascists by the singing of the Italian national anthem and insults against the anti-fascist protection. The question of LKdt. Paul Bacher at the protesters, who here – in allusion to the saying probably taught who the culture, at the victory monument – was more than appropriate. Also, a small group tried to disrupt the rally neo-Nazis, which it now held by the stewards of the South Tyrolean shooting Federation in chess and has been referenced by the event. At the end of the national anthem was sung. The South Tyrolean shooters and many sympathizers have demonstrated peacefully against fascist relics and for a free Tyrol. Not a single protester settled on the insulting provocations of the neo-fascists. More at ..message = 727