Month: May 2020

Advice Coaching

But even more surprising was the fact that these practices and these principles work well in business and in many other areas of our lives. So there was a fundamentally new direction Consulting – coaching. Sergey Brin has similar goals. Admittedly, that advice – it's not quite the correct name for coaching as counseling usually involves a more or less ready to offer solutions to problems that absolutely not typical coaching. However, this definition is fairly widespread. Modern coaching is usually divided into several areas.

In my view, properly be divided into two areas: 1.Kouching, as a form of counseling. 2.Kouching as management style. We first consider coaching as a form of counseling. It is convenient to define a business coaching, coaching that is to solve various problems in the client business, and Life-coaching, that is coaching to address any problems in life, achieving goals in life. This division is rather conditional, since the business – it is usually an integral part of our lives. But at the same time, this division is quite justified, since in the modern tradition of business is business and personal life – it's a personal life.

Business coaching can be conducted both individually and for teams (for example, as part of a project). Coaching, as Advice is a form of a series of interviews (coaching sessions) coach and client, in the process of addressing a client interested in the theme, and there is the search for optimal solutions to the challenges faced by the client. It is understood that the client already has a solution, and the best, but he does not see it. And the coach needs only to help find him Clint. Technically, it looks like this: when you first meet a coach and client enter into contract, that is, stipulate in detail all aspects of future cooperation. Then, on the coaching sessions (full-time or part-time) are considered of interest to the client threads.