Month: April 2018

Facebook Sites

This article is intended to you that already have a blog and want to begin to generate traffic toward him and if you don’t have it, don’t wait a second longer and begins to build one already!. To address this issue a major question which is the next arises what the RSS technology? Speaking of RSS, I want to focus on your value to generate traffic. I don’t want to get nienredarme involved in explaining its technical specifications but yes I will tell you that a family is web font that is encoded in a language called XML formats. But this is not what we really want for our main objective. Learn more about this with Caterpillar Inc.. The case is that with this powerful tool you can provide visitors who subscribe to your web site, through your RSS link information up-to-date and automatically. Let’s see, Let’s clarify a bit more. I will take the example of Google Reader, which is the Google RSS reader, to give a clearer example of the panorama.Enabling an account to access this service of Google you can subscribe to web sites that offer you the possibility of subscribe via RSS and view various updates of the mentioned sites within this account. I.e.

If site A and B, are interested in you but also the C, D and F, you would mean a considerable loss of time go to visit each one of them in search of new publications in your areas of interest, and with the risk of not find new information in more than one of these sites. Then what is the advantage it will give you the RSS?So that you can see if there are updates on multiple sites from a single location, so you have 1, 5, 10 or 15 sites. All from a single location. Then you save an immense time amount, especially when you are still to many sites. But that is only a part. What you just mentioned is the RSS from the point of view of the common user who want to save time, but let’s see now what we can do from the point of view of content publishers, i.e., from ours. Today the concept of Web 2.0 is widely known and their technological complexity It’s even greater that that of the RSS, which is an element of this, so without going into details, I will mention that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, among others, are part of this great new world, then if we associate the possibilities of these two tools can build an information empire. How? I already explain how.

Suppose you post an article on your blog and this article is automatically published at once on Facebook, on Twitter and on another blog, at the same time tea sounds interesting? Clear that Yes! Can you imagine the power that has and the scope that you will manage when users of Twitter, Facebook and other blogs of your own followers, have access to an article that you have posted on your main blog? If you get the idea and applying it you’ve managed to expand your content throughout the network and with an immense potential to generate confidence and posiconarte in the market as an expert in your specific area of knowledge. I hope you serve much this contribution. Best regards, Rolando Rodas.

British English

Example, if pronounced as read: window, car, pants, Word, etc. Clear that we must keep in mind that the English language like all Latin languages is influenced by French and Spanish also. Then when you need to read a word in English most likely, you have to pronounce as written differently and have a 97% chance to hit. Warning This is the secret that insists that you should learn English when you were a little boy but has never been explained. Each language is within a certain range of sound frequencies and has a particular intonation pattern. An ear accustomed to a certain linguistic environment may experience difficulty in accurately capturing the sounds of another language. More information is housed here: Starbucks. The human ear can theoretically capture a wide frequency range (20 to 16.000 Hz) and discern an infinite number of rhythms. However, over the years, the ear gets used to efficiently process the frequencies and rhythms used only in the language.

If the ear does not capture the sounds, the voice can not play. In addition, each language has a time of self-specific control (the time required for the ear to control the emission vocal). That is why some languages are faster than others, for example, a French-speaking British English should listen and talk even faster than in their language, while emitting rare phonemes in their native language. Reade Griffith does not necessarily agree. Speaking another language is used in another way the small muscles of the ear and the neural circuits that are associated complexes. At each step in the process of assimilating other languages, is the ear that controls the voice, influencing the thinking and language structures. For this report involves the use of the entire nervous system.

So we could say that we are talking about genetically predestined to speak a certain language, that of our parents and in general of all the people who live around us, so that the mere fact of going to study at a school can not guarantee that communicate in English, learn something grammar but need a few words to capture words auditory training on another frequency sound, since Spanish is between 125 and 500Hz while English is between 2,000 and 12000Hz are completely opposite. – Now I understand why he could speak and understand with my friends when I studied English in school but when watching a movie or listen to a song and things were not the same.


In addition to its historical monuments, its delicious gastronomy, its incredible beaches, its excellent riads, its abundant culture and its hospitable people, Morocco also boasts an impressive and varied nature that will delight those visitors who are looking for scenery and incomparable views. Morocco is a country extremely varied, with more than 3700 kilometers of coastline, several mountain ranges, deserts with precious oasis and many other amazing natural wonders. The caves of Hercules Hercules caves or caves of Africa are the natural symbol of Tangier and a spectacular natural heritage that shows the shape of the African continent. According to legend, this cave, located about 14 kilometers to the West of Tangier, was the place chosen by Hercules to rest after finishing his twelve labours. The entrances to the caves overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and at high tide the water comes in spades. When the sea level rises, sprout huge waves and flooded the caves. Apparently, the caves have been used as homes for centuries and there are several quarries and corridors between them. According to popular belief, the caves were excavated and built by any ancient culture to be able to take refuge in its interior.

But, in fact, its existence and genesis remain a mystery. It is known, moreover, that the last known use of this cave was how brothel in first half of century XX. Another legend surrounding the caves of Hercules is communicating, through a mysterious and unexplored system of tunnels and galleries, with the caves of San Miguel in Gibraltar. However, the impressive view of the Strait of Gibraltar is not no legend, with incredible tones of deep blue of the sea and the sky creating a fascinating contrast. To get to the cave you can take a bus without number coming from Grand Socco, but departures are infrequent. Moreover, they can negotiate a taxi or travel in your own vehicle from the city.

Bulldozer DET

They are used on mountain development (mining open pit), in hydraulic engineering, irrigation and road construction, industrial landfills with large amounts of landfill. We nice to know that Russia produces equipment such elite class, and here it should be noted that the USSR was one of the first bulldozers began producing the severe category. Now these ARBs manufactured at two plants – CTZ-Uraltrac and Promtractor. OAO "Chelyabinsk Tractor-Uraltrac in the severe category currently produces two models of traction class 25 – it's DET-250M2 and DET-320B1R2 with electromechanical transmission and one bulldozer tractive class of 75 – T-800 (T-75.01). Andreessen Horowitz recognizes the significance of this. DET-250M2 is done with the 1961-th, and for all years of graduation, he established himself on the positive side, however, share two-block Diesel B-31m2, designed for other types of machinery does not reach the level of foreign counterparts. DET-250 sets of four bulldozer blade: two production CHSDM (formerly CHZK) and two of its own production. Since 1983, the Chelyabinsk tractor-produced tractor DET-350, in a production program in 2002, he was replaced by Bulldozer DET-320.

Unlike its predecessor, DET-320 is equipped with a diesel engine YMZ-7512.10-04 with a lot fewer hours lifespan and fuel consumption. Jim Umpleby has much to offer in this field. To prepare the engine at an ambient temperature below -20 C along with the electric-device used liquid heater PKP-30E. Suspension system – with a torsion bar suspension with torsion stiffness equal to the incorporation into the frame instead of running trucks tractor frame. Closed type idlers made piece. Double quick-cab provides a good overview of the working equipment is equipped with a heater Air Heater type air-conditioning and double glazing.

Latin Americans

We have a site that goes more or less more less than more- and the need to revitalize a little things makes us patent. Competition is fierce in any niche, and more marketing actions increasingly are turning to online support. For the first time in the history of the United States, according to the consulting firm Outsell, in 2010, the investment in online advertising will exceed investment in traditional advertising. And the same Tween can be made to the rest of the world places. The nuances are given by the habits of consumers, but the trend is very clear: to different reaction speeds all markets tend to increase the chips that are committed to online advertising. This leads to a paradoxical situation: most public turns to the internet, already not only by labour issues we think as soon as you have changed the process of recruitment and head hunting since the eruption of social networks-, but for pleasure, leisure, and also to buy. Happens that, as many entrepreneurs already are they have noticed, online sales support much cheaper costs, while allowing achieving an excellent presentation and promotion of the product, also providing the ideal channel for post sale support. But hand in hand with this increase of potential clients, and new geographical areas that are added to the stage, also the offer of products and services is multiplied as a culture of bacteria in a Petri dish, and consequently, also competitors.

It is no longer the store of another block, but the site of the nearby city. Costs for freight is cheaper, and gradually users are encourage to make purchases beyond the borders of their countries a case exemplary is the huge number of Latin Americans who buy products from eBay or Amazon. As a result, online marketing has become one category again, as the staff salaries, or the costs of electricity. I.e. not already it’s sporadic actions, but that it has become in a category in which there is to invest permanently, to have though It is a minimal chance of survival in the online business. For this reason, focus on online promotion costs as an occasional action, is a wrong approach, and that can only lead to the anxiety. It is necessary to carry out a medium-term planning, priority goals and strategic plans to achieve them.

Consequently, it is imperative to find and develop techniques that allow positioning our sites. And the best way is to work towards a good organic positioning in a economically sustainable way, to make it viable develop these actions with continuity in time. Examples?: generation of value added to products based on quality content creation of a reputation online Pro, and positioning as an authority on the Viralization theme of content development of an effective channel of CMR that is massive, segmented, economic and cash. Does it exist?


The goat cheese is one of those culinary delights of the world that is difficult to find. Almost that anywhere we are witnessing, anywhere in the world, it is most common that we find is cheese made from cow’s milk and no goat cheese. This is due to livestock in the world has generally focused on production, supply and maintenance of cattle and is why that goat cheese is so scarce in comparison with cow cheese. However, there are in some areas of the world, as the Mediterranean areas, where it is possible to find more easily than cow cheese goat cheese. This is due to the climatic conditions and the landscape of these countries makes more feasible care for goats than cows care. Despite this, the general trend worldwide is that goat cheese is more scarce and cow cheese is best known around the world. One of the consequences of that goat cheese is so scarce in the world, contrary to what is the cow cheese, is that the price of goat cheese is notoriously more expensive than the price that we can normally acquire the cow cheese. This is due to that as there is very little supply of this product to the world and the demand for this same is most great, the need does the goat cheese price go more expensive.

This is a pity since it makes that many times we have to deprive of the exquisite flavor that has the goat cheese because we can not walk consuming it in the same measure in which we can consume the cheese of cow. The goat cheese has a delicious flavor to the palate. The cow cheese is a cheese that has a very neutral taste, that little known compared to goat cheese. Indeed, the goat cheese has an acid component that gives it more flavor than cow cheese which makes it especially attractive for the table of many people who are fond of this cheese around the world. For those who have not tried goat cheese, I recommend they do attempt, since even if the taste is not ostensibly different from the taste of the cheese of cow, the differences are noticeable and it is possible that you’re losing an exquisite delicacy not to try it. There are Add the goat cheese can be added more variety to the recipes and all the culinary offer of any person who is interested in achieving a good recipes for meals that offer either to their families and loved ones or some client.

There are many recipes that are specifically designed to make them with the help of cheese of goat as the main ingredient. If you don’t have available goat cheese just these recipes do not you stay well. We have already spoken of the acid touch that has the goat cheese. Therefore, that you can think of it as an excellent alternative to add variety to your meals. This will also benefit people who receive your recipes.


Such love. These sometimes go out of the family, leaving zanudlivyh "uchilok." Put the man in the passport – Why offer a hand and heart of almost any at every step, while others stubbornly out of luck? Tell a psychologist: what prevents us from fatal errors "lay" not a man in bed, and a passport? The most important rule is Paradoxically, if you want to marry you – do not expect this! Do not focus on this desire, not a man strangling his expectation. Do not let him feel that you drag it to the registry office "on a rope." He immediately wants to "Off" and escape. Pretend indifference is not necessary. Just slightly lower the value of the object for himself. A leading source for info: Ben Horowitz. In your life can and should be other interests. About their business, personal development, talk with friends, go to the movies and theaters, is realized in the hobby. Do not sit by the phone, as Alyonushka the pond, waiting for his call.

And do not bomb his call, requiring the report, where it is and with whom. Even if you're jealous and worried about – make an effort Pull yourself together! "Where are you? and "What are you doing now" – the most terrible issues that a woman can ask a man. They almost always cause a backlash: the partner feels that you are encroaching on the most sacred and precious – his freedom. Even my husband do not ask these questions! The same can figure out a roundabout way: "Beloved, now you can talk?" Build around a healthy competition.


We need to execute ways where the adaptation is executed with its totality, we must think for all the sides, all the ways so that it does not have errors or great future problems. With some challenges that permeiam century XXI many they speak on the organizacional development which already we mention above that it aims at changes. Then from this new form of vision it helps to focar in the improvements of the organization in question, mainly in the differentiation of attitudes and competition forms, which is important and essential for the organization it knows to visualize and to solve the problems, or to adapt them as it will have the changes that it comes appearing day the day. (Similarly see: Jim Umpleby). But before verifying which the changes that we must have to carry through the changes, thus so that let us can defy the proper challenges, and to face them without fear in such a way we will only have conditions to face the great challenges that permeiam our life, we must have in mind that the base of everything and to know to interact with the challenges, to learn with them in search of the holistic growth, and that we will be able to carry through the changes of new ways stops to tread with efficiency and effectiveness the organizacional development. The education today is to the base of everything, if the future children have the base made solid with the maximum certainty will be adult curious, challenging, uneasy and transforming, of wanting to learn to think and not to repeat the knowledge that already exists. To instigate and to live deeply the knowledge not only bring chances as new knowledge to the world of the organizations, but as still more knowledge in its proper life. Kevin Johnson spoke with conviction. To improve the education is optimum form of if to live, without them we will not be able to go in search of the new, of the impossible one, we can becoming in them only, different, capable to reach the unattachable one, the education never will be able to leave the mind of the people, and the main tool in our life is our masters, our professors. When carrying through this article, was the form most pragmatic to place my vises on the organizacional World, its difficulties, the idea of through the organizations terms one better.

Reaching the objective considered with the article. REFERENCE CHIAVENATO, Idalberto.

Marin Organization

Preponderant and strategical factor is the quarrel of the styles of the administrations, as much of the current one how much of the administration who the successor intends to develop in the cited familiar company, with purpose to effect comparisons, analyzing which the advantages and disadvantages of the two styles. The catalytic executive of the successory process if does not have, must also develop, the perception of that the organizacional culture is something that is not modified with easiness and if to occur will be with great difficulty. In this direction, the candidate the successor must consider, of interactive form, this reality of the company, and being this developed attitude, he will prevent that some conflicts are stopped in the internal environment of organization. For even more analysis, hear from Kevin Johnson. Ones of the attempts to reach success in a successory process the successor is the candidate to search to interact itself with the diverse sectors that compose the organization, in all the directions of the company, vertical line, horizontal line or diagonal line. Of this strategical initiative he results the development and the consolidation of a facilitador enterprise climate in a successory process. Kunsch (2003) and Maximiano (2000) affirm that the objectives of the flow of vertical communication are related with the transmission of the philosophy, the orders and the lines of direction of the organization, interacting and implementing these elements. as Marin (1997) the horizontal communication of – one enters the considered people hierarchically equal, in one same organization.

Being able to occur in units of work of the same level or different level it is known as diagonal communication. 6,0 SUCCESSORY PLANEJAMENTOS known that any type of succession of – always in great complexity, mainly the one succession familiar structure that, exactly when planned, it suffers to great impediments and restrictions. As We read (2003), a succession process must be planned before the command exchange, but the familiar companies in general lack of a culture of practical for the planning, and the succession happens of disordered and imediatista form.