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Nexans Germany

New service concept for the entire life cycle of high voltage cable systems Hanover, October 6, 2009 the Nexans Germany GmbH offers its customers starting immediately, a modular and individual service agreement for VPE – and paper-insulated high voltage cable systems. The services include the entire life cycle of a cable system from planning through installation, operation and maintenance to correct disposal. To know more about this subject visit Mount Isa Mines. These services can be book as individual modules or as a package. Worthwhile is the service of the first hour: holistic advice brings investment, operating and maintenance costs in line and so ensures low life cycle costs for high system availability. In addition the spontaneity that service customers can access free malfunctions during regular working hours the special number of the call. (A valuable related resource: Ravi Menon). Here, network operators are connected without going through a call center with high voltage experts. By phone, making first aid\”and send experienced personnel using special tools to Place and location. The service hotline is also every day around the clock available for a small fee.

Value added initiative ensures network availability for transmission system operators provides the Nexans services multiple benefit: you can react quickly to errors thanks to the assistance and spontaneous access spare parts. This is especially important when the human resource capacity of the internal maintenance are already well utilised by routine work due to the industry-typical cost pressure not uncommon. If a cable is then accidentally damaged outside, helps our service, to solve the problem quickly and ensures a quick restart of the cable system\”, says Volker Gauler. The head of network services Nexans Germany is called another aspect: required work on paper-insulated high voltage cable systems require special knowledge and experience of the Assembly staff. The younger staff in the Web service of client is often not sufficiently familiar with this generation of cable. Here We bring our know-how with our experienced installation personnel.\” To ensure the availability of spare parts, Nexans offers an individual stock service: the customer is spot on stock essential components for the cable system, other parts of Nexans on demand.

Pay With DM

Still are 13.6 billion deutsche mark in circulation eight years after the introduction of the euro, which replaced the Deutsche mark on January 1, 2002, 6.63 billion in banknotes and 6.97 billion in coins according to the Bundesbank is still nearly 13.6 billion deutsche mark in circulation. Two years ago, Doris Westerschulte against the background of this enormous reserve of the Deutsche mark has developed a stand-alone business model. She secured the domain and offered their customers on this Web site coupons of supra-regional provider be paid by Deutsche mark. From a minimum of 20 Deutsche mark, customers can choose between 20 different voucher providers. Here the range hardware store from Amazon to the toom.

The providers are selected then that also odd euro amounts on the vouchers can be noted. Thus, it is ensured that the appropriate voucher may be issued for any amount in Deutsche mark. Even larger sums of money be sent in addition to long-forgotten coin collections. Many customers find their treasures at parades or renovations. Remainder mark Exchange is financed through a fee that will be charged according to the exchange value.

Great emphasis is placed on speed and reliability at rest mark Exchange. The vouchers are sent on the day of receipt of the money no later than on the next working day. Also, the customer will receive a confirmation of the funds have been received by E-Mail on the same day. By Doris Westerschulte

Rheinland Payment

Trustwave and TuV Rheinland considered all systems and procedures, in which customer-related data be collected, processed, stored and redirected in their respective opinions. Also the high-performance data center operated by easycash, as well as the new ePayment gateway paygenic were examined within the framework of the audit. Companies processing more than 6,000,000 VISA transactions per year are 1 level 1 service provider. The strictest criteria applied to them. Further information: easycash GmbH marketing/communications Nicole Ohagen Tel. + 49-2102/973-314 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: grintsch communications GmbH & co.

KG Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63-54 fax 70 63-50 E-Mail: Internet about easycash and easycash loyalty solutions easycash and easycash loyalty solutions are part of the international Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), a leading provider of payment solutions. As a payment institution (“payment institution”) the easycash GmbH enables customers to participate in the electronic payments across Europe. A total of 530 staff trade, gastronomy and financial industry can provide comprehensive payment services including various innovative value creation opportunities in six European locations. easycash is Germany’s leading card payment provider and serves 92,000 dealers with 283.000 terminals. 2011, the settled payment transactions in Germany amounted to over 1.25 billion transactions. easycash loyalty solutions GmbH is the German market leader for card-based customer loyalty and gift voucher solutions, which are equipped also with payment and credit card functions.

The sister company of easycash GmbH maintains a variety of diverse programs and processed 2010 35 million payment and bonus transactions throughout Europe. The Hamburg company’s 75 employees serve more than 26 million customer accounts. easycash GmbH, in the din of 20, D-40885 Ratingen registered office of the company: Amtsgericht Dusseldorf, Ratingen, HRB No. 43846 Managing Director: Marc Birkner, Christoph Pfeifer easycash loyalty solutions GmbH, Hugh-Greene-WEG 2, D-22529 Hamburg headquarters: Hamburg, HRB No. 103195, Amtsgericht Hamburg Managing Director: Jochen Freese, Christoph Pfeifer TuV Rheinland TuV Rheinland is a leading independent TuV with 140 years of tradition. In the group, 16,000 people working at 500 locations in 65 countries. You generate an annual turnover of Euro 1.4 billion. The independent experts are available for quality and safety of person, environment, and technology in almost all areas of life. TuV Rheinland examines technical equipment, products and services, is involved in projects and processes for companies. The experts to train people in many professions and industries. This, TuV Rheinland has a global network of accredited laboratories, testing and training centres. Since 2006, TuV Rheinland is member in the Global Compact of the United Nations for greater sustainability and anti-corruption.

New Powerflare Online Stores

Munster-based company life is simple is due to high demand another shop on the net. The life is simple GmbH & co. KG from Munster offers Powerflare already perennial a strong product. The round LED lights are suitable for different uses by the private car up to police and fire departments. The increased demand and popularization of the product is simple GmbH & co. KG now to publish an own online stores for the brand Powerflare have moved the life. Charles Kushner Winwood Projects might disagree with that approach. Reliable, robust, easy to use.

These attributes indicate the Powerflare. Powerflares from the House of life is simple GmbH & co. KG a multi-year development phase characterized by. Thanks to high maturity of the product, sees through the continuous development and improvement, and the demand on the Powerflare LED warning lights, 2012 sharp rise since the beginning of the life is simple GmbH & co. KG is now prompted to expose a dedicated online shop on the Internet for this outstanding LED warning light. To do this, one of the managing directors, Philipp Laher: “our product Powerflare has experienced a huge boost in popularity. Primarily we attribute this to our very good price / performance ratio, and the relevance of the Powerflare for different areas of private and police. “The online position of the Powerflare shop is for us the logical consequence of the growth of Pro-Dukes Powerflare.” For the is simple GmbH & co.

KG at life thus the characters continue to growth. Is the roll-out of the shops first transposed for the DACH region, is the creation of more online shops in Europe already in this young Munster-based company planning books. But what exactly is the “Powerflare” from which you can hear now everywhere? Some people has even ever experienced they may be road safety in use. Powerflare warning lights are general-purpose signal lights that will quickly and easily be used in emergency situations. The 10-inch pucks are equipped with a wide range of LEDs and give a far visible all-round Light of the signal. Different modes (SOS, flashing, etc.) are quickly and easily available. For more information about the Powerflare and numerous accessories, visit. Powerflare and Rexon, radio technology, life sells is simple via its online shop and his shop in Munster (Judefelderstrasse 37-38) HAIX safety footwear plant, as well as other products for emergency services, fire brigades and police.

Government Association

So Apple tax saving! The mesh of the company from Cupertino. If there is a company that is broken, that is probably Apple. No other company in the world manages to post it again high profits, but still every year to reduce costs. But Apple has come up with a clever trick, to counteract exactly: negotiations with the competent authorities. Tax cut with tricks as in the read Apple news, has succeeded in once again the company to reduce its tax burden. The reason for this step was the spread of the corporate campus, which will now be doubled. The two free spaces directly in front of the present campus would be suitable for this. So that it will tax not even twice as expensive, Apple has once again made a deal with the existing Government.

This foresees that Apple paid a minimum investment and pays a one-time fee, but should benefit from greatly reduced taxes. The news report that it will definitely pay for the US company. Cupertino However, would benefit from further job creation and by Apple’s glory. Not the first time who looked in the past, should have noticed, that Apple has made such a move isn’t the first time. In the past, Apple has tried repeatedly to reach deals with the local Government Association. The taxes, which lowered naturally want to see Apple to accelerate a low investment were mostly occasion for such talks. Other examples where it was for the US company similar, were building the headquarters, the shifting of work surfaces and the new of energy works, which should benefit from renewable energy. Almost always was there a minimum investment level, which Apple on the existing country needs to implement. Apple had it not necessary the company from Cupertino has despite many billions of US dollars in the background again and again the need to enter into such negotiations. In principle, this works very well.

Klaus Bergmann

Meanwhile, in the declining costs, local heating oil consumers had today. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) At the end of the week the price of oil has been shown more soft. Until the afternoon slid the barrel price for North Sea oil of Brent to just over 87 dollars; US light oil (WTI) cost little more than 86 dollars. Thus the quotes throughout the day easily lost on substance. Currently, the risk appetite in the markets was weak, so analysts. Profit-taking dominated it.

This mixed situation had also yesterday ensured that it went yesterday with the price of oil down and he lost nearly three dollars. Alphabet Inc.: the source for more info. However, crude oil is still at a high level: the weekly basket price of the organisation of petroleum exporting countries OPEC was yesterday at 85,81 dollars, and to as high as 25 months since no longer. According to esyoil analyst Klaus Bergmann, there is currently absolutely comprehensible reasons for last higher prices. He calls the growing Chinese demand, lower US stocks as well as positive US economic data. A further price increase wasn’t mandatory but, since no oil shortage in the House in reasonable time.

And also the OPEC has no doubts that the estate is quickly just oil, apparently because she takes it with AAM loyalty not very exactly she is reportedly 50 percent. Voltage promises, however, the situation on the foreign exchange market. In which direction moves of the euro? Speculations were last loud, saying that the indebted Ireland could take a rescue package the EU claim. These developments should not leave indifferent the markets. Meanwhile, in the declining costs, local heating oil consumers had today. After eight days of inflation in a row, they have a long losing streak behind them. Considered on the whole week, the sum is a price increase of 1.63 euros. On Monday the price for the delivery of a 100-liter batch EUR heating oil EL (for 3,000 litres) 69,48; the weekend is 71.11 euros now. The today’s decrease of 45 cents can not again fully betting the recent mark-ups make, but offers a chance for the storage. Thus the previous average of the month of November to 69.15 euros is a value slightly below the current price.

On The Pulse Of The Economy

CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE informed for the fourth time about energy concepts of the future PASSIVEHOUSE with a ten percent increase in exhibitor numbers in 2010, the CEP reflects the continued positive trend in the industry. 222 exhibitors informed on three days of the fair extensively about innovative products and services in the fields of renewable energy and passive house over 10,000 visitors. Auch international encounters increasing interest the exhibition: so doubled the proportion of foreign exhibitors compared to the previous year and stood at 13 percent in 2010. Kevin Johnson describes an additional similar source. Due to the great success, the CEP will grow further in 2011. So, the fair for the first time opens a second Hall, completely dedicated to the area of growth of organic and wood energy and forestry technology.

Also the special mobility that 2010 was one of the highlights of the exhibition with its interactive exhibition, will be expanded 2011. In addition to the presentation of vehicles the entire bandwidth of the E-mobility presented by generating electricity infrastructure, and network integration renewable energy. Under others are the Bundesverband solar mobility e. V. and the Bundesverband E.v. with a joint stand represented.

New 2011 is energy the special smart with a focus on smart building. They provides a platform for this future-oriented market and presents products and solutions in the areas of home and building automation, data management and information retrieval and system concepts in exhibition and Exhibitor Forum. Also new is the job education market and metropolitan region of Stuttgart. “Wirtschaftsforderung Region Stuttgart has the potential of green jobs” in the energy sector for Baden-Wurttemberg and wall is with a booth and a job “represented on the CEP. During the fair several accompanying congresses, including the energy-efficient conference held city transport and mobility”, which grapples with the urban transport planning and innovative mobility concepts. “In the field of construction and renovation, the congresses are passive house in practice” and plus energy House “in Planning. “” The International Symposium solar and renewable cooling “the international users Conference for biomass gasification will be held for the third time in 2011,” already for the fifth time. In addition numerous free lecture series are offered in various trade forums again, including the day of agriculture”, a pellet-seminar and the investor day. In 2011 the CEP a strong network of partners has again, including the Federal Ministry for transport, construction and urban development, the Ministry of environment, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry for nutrition and rural area of Baden-Wurttemberg. For the first time, patrons are Federal Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer, as well as Prime Minister Stefan Mappus. Also pledged their support to have the Agency for renewable energy, Pro passive e. V. and the fairy e.V. The CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE is from the 10th-12th February 2011 in of Landesmesse Stuttgart held. For more information about the fair, the congresses and the framework programme, see.

Intertime Leads The Publisher Of Bpi Solutions A

Cross media publishing in the furniture industry the Intertime AG manufactures ergonomically perfect seating furniture with wide variety of features and variations. In the pursuit after the perfect combines the family business in every seating design, seat quality and variation in second generation. Founded in 1965, the company stands for a modern, reduced, timelessly attractive design language. Andreessen Horowitz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Many new models of Intertime are honored with design awards. Intertime furniture are produced from A to Z in the Switzerland and distributed in the Switzerland, as well as in Europe. For the seating Intertime launches the new bpi Publisher collections as a central hub for the multilingual sales documents.

The modules cover the entire process from the creation of individual adaptation prepress of the sales documents. Direct linking Intertime allows the quick and easy creation and updating of required documents with the layout. Eliminates time-consuming manual adjustments. Once created, customized documents such as catalogs, sales manual, offer sheets, price lists, tables and other content of any kind be changed in a very short time and printed. The new bpi Publisher convinced at Intertime by ease of use, the user friendly design and functionality.

The practice-proven industry solution synchronizes all product information with various systems within the company. This ensures highest possible data quality and support to deliver high quality and good service Intertime. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the Optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help both the indoor and field and customers rapid communications to build and comprehensive information to provide suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers are starting point as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which incorporate not only systems, but also the business process modeling enable monitoring processes and results, evaluate, and provide real-time information to the optimization of business processes at the disposal. Through innovative process integration, effective Data management and audit-proof archiving achieve significant efficiency company and secure its competitive edge through proactive. Contact: Henning Kortkamp bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg Krackser Strasse 12 33659 Bielefeld telephone: 0521 / 94010 fax: 0521 / 9401500 press contact: Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berliner Strasse 2 b 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 284363 fax: 0451 / 284370

Diomex Software GmbH

With the help of XcalibuR, the ERP system identifies clearly the article. The exchange of catalog / master data as well as the electronic order processing including order confirmations is carried out without any additional effort directly with the manufacturer. With new developments, XcalibuR paves the way of purely commercial configuration, to 2D-Planung up to the Interior (in conjunction with KPS ambiente). Mobile solutions ambience touch marketed under the label KPS with the partners of SHD and bpi solutions, ideally complete the solution. Easily, quickly and safely be variants identified and visualized colour combinations, including pricing. In addition, all of the online processes for use with XcalibuR be enabled 2014 with the XcalibuR Web components. Carl Philipp Bickmeier, Managing Director Diomex software notes: the long term target must be that all processes in the company from purchasing and selling up completely to the logistics for variant items, unique, transparent and uniform to reproduce.

Here is an enormous potential for our customers in trade and industry. Sascha Edison Court, Managing Director Diomex software added: our approach is to provide a basic technology to integrate flexibly. On this basis, our partners put on to make the individual, company-specific requirements of our customers. This approach will lead to the sustainable solution to the challenges facing the furniture industry”. About Diomex Diomex Software GmbH & co. KG, located in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, one of the leading software companies, software and organizational solutions is in the furniture industry. The perfect interplay of software components, the furniture industry and furniture retail customers get a B2B communication solution for bi-directional data exchange of master data and transactional data.

Since the founding Diomex itself in 2003 as an independent software and consulting for integrated solutions. Diomex has consistently focused on business process optimization. With the own solutions the business processes in the furniture industry be simplified, increasing productivity and increase the profitability of the entire company.

How The Middle-class To The Year 2013 Prepared

Companies face three main areas to have in the new year to be successful in business analysis and business seminars of the last half year, accompanied by advisers of G.U.T Rhein-Main GmbH, the entrepreneur and CEO of medium-sized companies in the region reported by their plans for the coming fiscal year. The results show that three points be considered of particular importance for the success of business in 2013: activities in the sales increase: the sales must seek ways to reach new and existing customers better. An increase of the regular orders can then provide continuous and more predictable load. Implement the new ideas into practice: finding and salvaging of innovative business ideas is a critical factor for success in the future. Improvements of the own products and services create the decisive, often small advantage to become more attractive for the customers.

Perform compulsory cost-saving: existing, well-established procedures in a Operating regularly offer improve potential that should be checked. Marc Lautenbach pursues this goal as well. Can shopping be effective? Can the production or delivery be done in less time? Effective measures to maintain the cost-effectiveness and increase are always short – and medium-term it. The savings achieved in the cost-efficiency measures, necessary funds to invest in new issues can be emitted. With G.U.T. The G.U.T Rhein-Main GmbH headquartered in Neu-Isenburg is a consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Rhine-Main region. The range includes the management, marketing and sales, organization and processes as well as finance and controlling.

Further emphasis is purchasing, human resources and information technology. Companies are supported in all phases of the business by establishing development, backup and restoration up to the business succession. It used government funding and assistance programmes on EU regional and municipal level. Keep our more information Internet sites for you ready. Press contact: SCRIPTORIUM Agency for press and public relations work Dr. Michael Eichler email: Mobile: 0176 / 82149024

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