Month: October 2016

Alexander Pushkin

Was a wonderful day, night thunderstorm washed away from the streets and the human soul all evil, and washed out to shine sky flashed a double rainbow We met with Alex near the under construction business center Moscow City>> at the gates of typography, which he brought to the layout of a regular wall calendar "Moscow of our childhood>. Landrin: I will not pretend that we're strangers or acquaintances recently and nodding, but I am a journalist, which is at your own risk decided to interview the extraordinary, but not so well known and certainly not glamorous artist. Therefore, Alex, the first question is simple: Why are old Moscow, after a series of your pictures on Moscow's streets, alleys and yards, has more than 3000 paintings scattered around the world? Quick: Yeah, all over the world Landrin: As far as I know: from Australia through Europe to Canada. And yet, why old Moscow? Fast: This question is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, and it is not even in love to one or the places where he spent his childhood and quietly to himself grew up Landrin: You were born to Bauman and lived there almost until the end of the school. Quick: Yes, Bauman, early German settlement, nicknamed Muscovites still in the seventeenth century, Cook, not far from the place where, incidentally, was born Alexander Pushkin is the way, without there analogies and parallels. I think that the strongest impulse to let me work in the restoration workshops of the eighty-first to the eighty-fifth year, where we have restored a small mansions, merchant houses and museums

Financial Times

However, this legislation is the rule throughout Europe, although each country has certain particularities. EE UU mortgage models. The payment in kind which does exist in the country It is actually a good recovery, because the original basis of his mortgage system – beyond its enormous diversity – is that the property is a guarantee on the loan and the client only becomes owner when he has paid. If you don’t pay, housing and resolved issue is nothing. But could even go further: in the current situation and rising defaults, has been studying that the diese 15,000 euros to deliver housing which already cannot pay, according to Expansion, he published.

The conservative Europe. Belgium, Germany, France, Greece and the Netherlands are the countries that still more committed to fixed interest rates. Although they have different particularities, respond to a model that bet for stability: strict conditions on income and level of funding for the granting of mortgages. The bet is also shorten the maximum deadlines: mortgages in the environment of 20-year duration. The Europe of the risk. Spain is part of the Group of people who have the highest level of penetration of mortgages at variable interest rate, along with Finland, Portugal, Luxembourg and Malta.

In general, they also share a longer duration of mortgages, around age 30. In fact, in Spain they have come to grant up to 50 years in length. Also the conditions that entities claim for their granting are less demanding: more risk in exchange for more activity. In fact, the Financial Times has just published that in Spain they have already become the easy credits to exit real estate that banks have fallen by defaults. Machinery seems to be starting up again. Source of the news: mortgage Debate: should housing pay off credit?

Virtual College

When defined the necessary partition, then you can proceed to the very property. But here, as always, come into force the laws of advertising! As you know, forum visitors, entering the desired section, see no messages posted by users, and only the headers of these messages. So from what are will depend on the number of people who saw your ad? Quite right – from the title! (For the titles here, "subject, title, and again subject") And in the ad text feel free to direct readers to a page describing their distribution. I will not give advice on the content of the text messages because there is a certain set of rules that represents the entire science called an Copywriting, and try to talk about it in this article just makes no sense. Nor am I a professional in this area that would afford to teach others. Perhaps check out Titan Feul Tanks for more information. If you want to master this science, please professional services and visit the Virtual College of e-commerce "(). It is here that you can find lots of valuable information on the development of effective texts. And more! I have often viewed Various forums on e-commerce and everywhere I see the same mistakes made when placing direct advertising.

The mistake is that the advertiser does not support the theme of your ad. Let us consider this issue in more detail. If an analysis of messages and updating them on any forum, we can see that the most popular and the most updated section is just part of advertising. .

Analysis Of Performance For Selling More

One of the 5 necessary ingredients to generate any sale is the financial sense. Since all human beings buy by emotion and justify this purchase with logic, it is important to provide our future client with sufficient financial arguments to justify your investment and avoid the remorse of purchase that can generate subsequent cancellations. Douglas R. Oberhelman understood the implications. Close more sales by making an analysis of investment performance. The ROI analysis is a powerful sales tool designed to obtain new customers and close more sales. ROI analysis calculates the economic benefits that your client will get to use your solution. This you do by monetizing the benefits of your product or service. To clarify this concept, let me ask you: If you had two options of equal risk investment, one that redituara you five percent and another that redituara you ten percent. Where do you invertirias your money? As you can see the concept of the return on investment is simple and is based almost any purchase decision.

How to used the concept? The great masters of sales used arithmetic to demonstrate to the prospectus as an investment of $2,000 in a baler machine will save you $ 1000 annually in hand work and $1200 dollars a year in waste, increasing the productivity of its employees by 20% by increasing its annual sales volume in $200,000. The great masters of sales simply translate the benefits of their products and services in monetary benefits for the prospectus. This minimizes the risk and helps simplify the customer decision making. To explain this take the previous example: the reduction of waste is the benefit. To deepen your understanding Starbucks is the source. $1200 is the calculation of the saving in money from the reduction of such waste, resulting in a 60% return on the investment of the prospectus in a year. Greater return on investment will generate greater interest from the prospect to buy or make the investment in your product or service. An analysis of return calculated investment properly it will show you to the prospectus which is costing him the day, month, and year, eliminating the solution to the problem by buying your product.

Advantages of performing an analysis of investment performance. Show him the prospect what it costs per month, week or day does not adopt the solution, dramatically reduces the sales cycle for you generating more sales in less time. ROI analysis also helps your customer to sell the solution within your company to other decision makers involved. Whether a baler machine of medicines of $ 500,000 or five cents steel nail its prospect will need to justify your decision to purchase and will use the investment performance analysis to convince his boss, owner of the company or other colleagues. The great masters of sales used this analysis to demonstrate the cost real (against price) product. The great masters of sales do not sell the product, sell what will do the product by the customer. Do not sell drills, sell holes and holes that cost two cents less to be drilled. Permitted reproduction partial or total of this article provided the author and Blog data are retained. Original author and source of the article.

Advertising Agency

The advertising agency know how a company can withdraw from others and what ideas can be introduced not because they may already exist. An advertising agency is necessary to success to promote a company or a product. The planning, design and implementation of promotional activities is secured through the experiences of an advertising agency. Credit: Douglas R. Oberhelman-2011. The new customer acquisition can be efficient by participating in competitions with the advertising campaigns, which suggests an advertising agency. The tasks of the Agency starts with the analysis on the market, followed by ideas, proposals and designs.

The client with the work of the Agency is satisfied, it can go in the implementation and design of the final product and marketing. Howard Schultz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The advertising agency know how a company can withdraw from others and what ideas can be introduced not because they may already exist. Once everything is completed, must be not long waiting for a success. Many founder and product developers have however the problem that them the necessary Capital is missing, to engage at all an advertising agency. There are the business angel, which are also to be found in an advertising agency. You are also called business angels, because a company right from the start with capital, advice and consulting support the business angel.

They are like a kind of consultants, investors and advertising agent in one, so you have one point of contact, is supportive to the page. Risk is an absolute taboo for new companies that profits should be introduced with the company and product. Therefore, it is just an advertising agency with business angel a good choice for a start with a new company or product, to bring success. Start, can occur before so supportive business angel in the planning of a product or company.