Commitment Beyond The Usual

7x7concept creates five new integrative jobs opened the 7x7concept GbR in Bonn their new management and Service Department with five inclusive workplaces. Marie-Luise Hartung from the integration specialist service Bonn/Rhein-Sieg (IFD) praised the project as an exemplary measure that allows the participation of disabled and severely disabled people in working life. To provide a family, a work to carry out and for others to be”, which is an integral part of human dignity, stressed Managing Director Andreas Mankel at the opening of the new Department of management and service” by 7x7concept GbR with five inclusive workplaces. About 50 guests accepted the invitation and could take the handicapped equipped rooms in appearances. It is almost unbelievable that we succeeded in such a short time, to create these good jobs.

Behind it is”a commitment that goes well beyond the usual level, Marie-Luise praised Hartung from the integration specialist service Bonn/Rhein-Sieg (IFD) project. The diploma social worker has supported from the outset the development and establishment of inclusive workplaces in the new Department of the 7x7concept GbR. The integration specialist service Bonn/Rhein-Sieg (IFD) is active on behalf of the LVR integration Office and involved in conducting measures for the participation of disabled and severely disabled persons in working life. Frauke Borchers of the LVR integration Office from Cologne was also excited about the good cooperation of all those involved. Andreas Mankel, Managing Director 7x7concept GbR, outlined the common path to this opening, which is linked with the development of the 7 x 7 Group in his speech. It develops and implements alternative concepts and projects in the areas of pension & assets, investment & money system as well as renewable energy and aid projects.

“The latter by the newly-formed Verein 7x7hilfe e.V. coordinated, the is the goal of help to self-help” has set. We want excellence, social responsibility and financial Support for a network of help connect that carries itself by itself and is constantly,”explains the idea of the Association Mankel. Bodo Woltiri