More Women In The Economy

Kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors in Berlin on March 4 will take place in Berlin the kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors. The European Commission called last year in the life of the network, to promote business start-ups by women. As the step towards independence can succeed and be linked with family and private life, the Marburger Erfolgsunternehmerin Dr. Karin Uphoff, CEO of uphoff pr & marketing portrays GmbH, in her keynote address. She was selected and loaded to Berlin as a German EU corporate Ambassador to the speaker. On 4 March, representative of the European Commission, the Federal Ministry for education and research, are entrepreneurs, financial donors and other partners of the question of pursue, as in Germany, a founder-friendly climate can be created and which activities are required, to increase the amount and quality of business start-ups and take-overs by women. A path goes beyond the EU corporate ambassadors. These zip off”, to encourage nationwide other women to step into independence such as information days, lectures and a continuous presence in the media.

The kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors is the beginning of a series of planned activities. The network is coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum with the partners craft international Baden-Wurttemberg and EIC Trier and supported by the partners of the Enterprise Europe networks Germany and the nationwide founder Agency (bga). As a successful and award-winning entrepreneur, Dr. Karin Uphoff in Berlin will talk about the highs and lows of being a women entrepreneurs. Their own success story will serve as example, to encourage women to want everything”. Work, family, and success are not mutually.

For we women need to fight, confident and demanding to be public. Ultimately, society as a whole benefits when Men and women together create”the German economy, says Dr. Karin Uphoff, who is the mother of six children. The network is an excellent platform to carry the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the public, to make contacts and to enforce common interests in relation to decision makers in politics and economy.” The European Commission called an Ambassador network for the promotion of business start-ups by women. The European network of female entrepreneurship ambassadors will be supported in Germany by the Federal Ministry of education and research, and coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. The Ambassador network is aimed to sensitize women to the entrepreneurial independence through various activities including the information days or lectures, as well as in relevant media. While successful entrepreneurs as ambassadors bring their experience and thus inspire one more women for the establishment own company. As a pulse generator, they encourage others to more personal responsibility and initiative. Similar networks are currently established in 15 European countries.