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We can talk soon seminars to the settlement offer if a product over a long period on the market proven and again encounters on recognition and encouragement, almost by an institution. This is true at least for the comment to BEMA and GOZ”, also known as the Lama/Raff/Wang”. This is currently celebrating a special anniversary: end of June appeared the 100th update in the over 40-year history of the work now. And the evolution continues. “Just in time for the anniversary of” the 100th delivery go the editors of commentary the families Raff and Wissing from Stuttgart together with the Asgard Publishing House, in which the work appears, a step further: together is that Raff & Wissing Academy “launched ( This is Division in the Asgard publishing house located, Raff the editor namely dentist Dr.

Dr. Alexander and tax consultant Peter Wissing take over the tasks of the quality assurance and the establishment of the expert network. In nationwide The content of the comment to be acquired directly and immediately seminars. The focus of the seminar programme is clearly in the area of the settlement of dental services on the basis of the comment to BEMA and GOZ”. From the range of topics as well as from the claim of the content from all groups engaged in the dental practice addressed dentists and dentists as well as assistants, novices as well as seasoned accounting professionals. Complementary topics in dental technology, communications, and the taxation round off the offer. “The beginnings of the Liebold/Raff/Wang” were rather modest: in 1964, a thinner band titled the BEMA appeared the first edition of the commentary “, edited by Rolf Liebold in collaboration with Dr.

med. Dent. Paul Fehre. Over the years, the rules in the dental remuneration were extensive and complicated. It also the comment untouched not. It already 31 supplement deliveries were appeared in 1984 Paul Fehre was eliminated as a writer and editor, Horst Raff and Karl-Heinz Wissing came. Introduction the GOZ 1988 comment the work to a separate part to the GOZ “expanded. Now draw in the second generation of Dr. Dr. Educate yourself with thoughts from Stuart Solomon. Alexander Raff and Peter Wissing as editor for the content responsible. Meanwhile, the comment has developed a reputation as a standard work in the dental billing. It is used today in many offices as well as almost all funds, insurance companies, and KZVen. In the case-law, the Liebold/Raff/Wissing is”already has become a fixture. The editors are today more than ever committed to claim to comment on the regulations of the dental remuneration, up to date and comprehensive. Supported by a number of freelance writers, follow the developments and comment on them promptly, so that the work is updated approximately three times a year and expanded. The step into the world of electronic media of the comment “some time ago did: for several years, the Publisher offers the work also on CD-ROM and in the direct Online access. In addition various singles for their own target groups appeared over time, so E.g. BEMA quick & easy”and GOZ quick & easy” as compact comments for the practice team with various trade issues, for Orthodontists or dental surgery.