Zwikker Protection

“Safe home’ WINS with expert Office Zwikker the 15 partner protection inside” this motto takes over the expert Office Zwikker network home safely”social responsibility for protection against burglary and fire. We experience each day”the dramatic consequences of collapses, fires and under-insurance, argues Leonhard Zwikker, owner of nationwide operating offices. “In addition to security technology, hence the right insurance protection is the protection of indoor ‘ important ‘, so Zwikker further. “In the network home safe” Zwikker combines the activities of his company with the commitment for the good cause. Together you could enlighten successfully citizens about safety and proper behavior as well as about the importance of detailed lists of valuable and accurate knowledge of the own household goods value, Zwikker explains his motivation.

The ownership of valuables must be in fire and Einbruchschadenfall of insurance can be clearly demonstrated. “And who knows the value of his household, can only take out insurance on the correct amount and thus the specter of under-insurance” escape in the event of a claim. “The expert Office Zwikker offers both with his involvement in the network home safe” as well about his services to support. Ranging from furniture valuations to the verification of jewelry, gems and antiques. In the event of damage, expertises can offer proof and transparency. Together with 14 other national network partners and nearly 300 partners from police authorities, local authorities and trade, the Office of experts in the network is home safely”a home for the security. The network combines the competencies of all stakeholders with the aim to provide an escort on the way to the safe home citizens from the police advice on the technical implementation to the prevention of plaque.