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Hendrik Witt, co-founder and managing partner of xCon partners GmbH remembers, the emergence of cooperation with the Technology Center Informatics and information technology of excellence University of Bremen, short TZI, and continues out already my first experience I gathered at TZI, where I explored the prospects of wearable computing, one of the four later competence centres of xCon partners, successfully. After more than eight years consulting experience, including at one of the world’s leading international top strategy and management consulting, towards the old workplace ascribed me.” The timing could have been little better the TZI was in the middle of the development of a new standard to the Performing of reviews of innovation capability of organisations an ISO 15504 based product spicy named innoSPICE”. Bank of America is actively involved in the matter. In this standards-based model, structured to analyze their innovation and transfer processes and to improve offer interested institutions xCon partners and the TZI for the first time. Starting with the customization of the model, the actual assessment, benchmarking, and the implementation of improvement measures of xCon partners provides advanced services around the quality management tool innoSPICE and makes tangible and understandable the theme for top management as well as for the subject matter experts. Together, recognized Dr.

Michael Boronowsky, Managing Director of the TZI, and Dr. Hendrik Witt, the chances of a cooperation and decided to bring together the excellent knowledge of the public research institution and the wide industrial expertise and methods knowledge of experienced management consulting experts. A decision, the is as trend confirms the interest in innoSPICE and continuously increasing the orders to carry out innoSPICE assessments and come from Germany as well as from different parts of the European foreign, even from Central and South-Eastern parts of Asia!”enthuses Dr. Boronowsky of the successful product launch and the promising market prospects by innoSPICE and completed not less proud recently we were awarded innovation management (ISPIM) 2012 innoSPICE at the 23rd Annual Conference of the international society for professional in Barcelona with the outstanding contribution award a significant award, which encourages us in our efforts and confirms!” The response from the audience, but also by customers who innoSPICE already have applied in their organizations, is very positive indeed.