Maranho Town

The ESPANTALHO In the time where the south region of Par was still almost that total covered for exuberant forest, consisting of a great variety of leafy trees, and not of this rasteiro green of capim of grass of the great small farms that today substitute roas of long ago, in the small lots of land demarcated in the way them bushes, when the land was of who first arrived, was that compadre Bald, recently fond of the town of Is Domingos of the Araguaia, attracted by the perspective of working autonomous worker, in its proper land, without being aggregate, master for ordering to it, as it was its life in the hinterland will cear of it in the year of 1960, started to work in its proper land, fighting against all the difficulties that threatened to bar it its optimistical perspectives. It adjusted accounts with the owner of the farm where it worked as foreman, it joined the cacarecos, the woman, the three children, and in woods of it ploughs had made trip until the city of Empress, in the Maranho. Of there, they had continued of boat until the o town of Apinags, in Par, concluding the trip on lombos of donkeys, for a narrow and muddy bite, shaded for the cold and festejada bush I sing with it of the birds and the gorgos, what the eyes and the ears of a encantamento never seen in the Cear of caatingas and of a direful estiagem fulled them. The invitation of relatives decides to make this change its, already per some years established in the region, on account proper, without being ordered woods, ' ' proper owners of focinhos' ' ; Good, rich land, sufficiently water, much rain, much hunting, much fish, a paradise in sight the dryness of the hinterland of where it came. Arriving at the town of They are sundays, started to raise it soon its housing; A barraco of straws of babau, equal the majority of the houses of that town, with all the taken off material of the nature; The straw eyes, that if were taken off in the certain moon, would last per some years. .