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Economics Minister Bode

Telematics award 2012: Number of candidates from 2010 already exceeded Hamburg, 06.07.2012. The telematics award of 20112 in vehicle telematics ceremony is one of the most important event in this industry. Jorg Bode, Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, labour and transport and Deputy Prime Minister took over the patronage of this event. He highlights very clearly the importance that he expects to this relatively young industry. Nationally and internationally we provide us economically as politically challenging. (Not to be confused with Richard Elman!). I see the need, that Germany must defend its recognized role as leading innovators and expand it.

This requires smart people, good ideas and bold visions… Read here for the full word of greeting. Exactly this is there in the German-speaking countries and these companies are called upon to submit their outstanding development services and solutions in the field of vehicle telematics as a candidate for the telematics Award for 2012. Partner of the Organizer is Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA), represented this year by Dr. Kay Lindemann, VDA Managing Director.

In his greeting, he stressed: for freight forwarding companies are applications such as for example the automatic vehicle maintenance, the automatic transmission of transport requests in the navigation or the telematikgestutzte route planning according to geographic position of vehicles an indispensable tool to increase the efficiency of their logistics processes. These applications reduce repair and maintenance costs, personnel costs, maintenance costs and fuel consumption… Read the full greeting here is the quality of the Telematics Awards by the competence of the organizer and his partner as well as guaranteed by the expertise of the prominent jury latter ensures the high quality of the evaluation with its composition of creative, makers, journalists, scientists and users. The Telematics Awards are allocated in the form of a high-quality trophy. In conjunction with the ceremony, prizes amounting to a total of 10,000 euros will be awarded. The patron of the Telematics Awards 2012 on the 20.09.2012 together with the Organizer present Economics Minister Bode and Dr. Kay Lindemann, VDA Managing Director the winners trophies to the winners of the individual categories. The editor of telematics Markt.de, Katharina Klischewsky,: explained in the run-up to this event we are on the side of a technology that is more and more increase the innovative companion of economy and society. As a leading trade journal of the telematics industry, I see our task is to inform about the many applications and products in the industry and to provide more guidance in the telematics market so the users. We strengthen our German-speaking innovators with the Telematics Awards, because the TELEMATIK award is awarded only for companies in German-speaking countries. I am very glad that we receive the support of the Minister Bode and VDA in our effort. We call on all companies to participate in this invitation to tender and much wish all an enriching Success. You will find the full programme on our website. Here _ the tender for vehicle telematics / telematics award 2012 ends on 15 July 2012. request tender documentation here. Be guest of this event. You can sign their free participation here.

CRM Initiative Mittelstand

Comselect comselect celebrates premiere at the CeBIT premiere: many companies want to optimise among 3,845 firms according to a customer survey by comselect their sales and business processes, this shy away however in practice to implement. “In the frame of the CRM Initiative Mittelstand” therefore the comselect Gesellschaft fur relationship management is mbH on this year’s CeBIT in Hanover from 05 to 09 March 2013 (Hall 4 stand C67) first introduce your extensive range of services and performance. As a competent consulting and implementation company focusing on customer relationship management (CRM) partners supports medium-sized enterprises in the implementation of sales, marketing and service questions comselect as certified salesforce.com in Germany for solution-oriented customer relationship management, for over 10 years with more than 60 employees. Presented at the CeBIT comselect its unique synergy of the CRM system salesforce.com and its in-house business relations Center (BRC) to the operational implementation of business processes, from the Data enrichment over potential development to customer loyalty and acquisition of new. The adaptation and integration of salesforce.com, the applications for companies, is a leading provider of social and mobile cloud by comselect according to the individual needs and requirements of a company. To bundle more competences and to create synergies for a better cross-platform communication between a company and its customers comselect also as a partner with ExactTarget together, the leading provider of email marketing tools and interactive cross-channel marketing solutions, operates the marketeers offer a unified, cross-channel overview of each individual consumer in real time. Comselect helps its clients campaigns in the implementation and integration of ExactTarget, salesforce.com, as well as in the implementation and operation of email and telemarketing. Comselect benefits from experiences from over 150 CRM implementations and sees itself as a competent consulting and implementation partners in sales and marketing processes for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for large companies.

With comselect CRM QuickStart package, for example, the user friendly cloud-based CRM solution for SMBs, comselect provides a cheap and quick introduction to the salesforce.com CRM system. Guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of business processes to optimize the sales processes, increasing productivity and immediately measurable results only certified consultants at comselect, care with their longstanding practice knowledge, in assisting in the achievement of specific corporate objectives. Comselect is all visitors and prospective customers at CeBIT 2013 (Hall 4 stand C67) as a competent consulting, implementation and optimization partner around the topic of CRM to the page. Get to know closer the holistic, solution-oriented service of comselect and his business-relations Center and inform themselves on-site in the experienced advisers, such as comselect for the optimization Business processes can be helpful. In addition, professional marketing automation and Enterprise APP development discussed and presented. -comselect Gesellschaft fur relationship management mbH Theodor-Heuss-course 12 D-68165 Mannheim – Germany phone: + 49 621 / 7 61 33-500 E-mail: Web: Facebook: facebook.com/comselect Twitter: twitter.com/comselect management: INSA Sanda, Thorsten Heinrich company profile: the comselect Gesellschaft fur relationship management mbH is a competent consulting and implementation company and one of the leading full-service provider for solution-oriented prospect and customer management.

Arad Tel

According to by Transelectrica, reside in Romania photovoltaic parks with a capacity of only two MW, but for the next two years was – the pending projects for 300 MW. In addition, there are wind energy parks 1.117 MW, micro hydro power plant with 400 MW and 25 MW biomass plant/units. Romania has power plants that generate green energy with a total capacity of 1.541 MW. Sergey Brin is full of insight into the issues. 38 percent of electricity consumption from green energy to be generated by 2020. The RENEXPO SOUTH-EAST EUROPE preserves the tradition of recent years, supports the producers of green energy and brings together experts in the field of renewable energies.

The exhibition brings together opinion leaders and stakeholders of the southeastern region of Europe in a central event from 21 to 31 Novem-ber 2012 in the Palace Hall (Sala Palatului) in Bucharest. 2012 will be an exhibitors increase by more than 10%, which shows the growing interest of Romanian and international investors at the renewable energy. During the three-day fair are their innovative products and services in the field of renewable energy sources and the expected 120 exhibitors, more than 4000 visitors Inform energy efficiency. This year’s trade fair topics are: wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, biogas, heat pumps and geothermal energy, energy efficiency in construction and maintenance, energy services, combined production and much more. In a separate exhibition area, visitors can gather in a wind – and solar energy park. During the fair, several conferences on topics such as to the in-game held back wind energy, solar energy, biomass and hydropower. Public national and international authorities, associations, companies and development lungsrichtungen introduce research results, projects, technologies and Inno were in their fields. For more information, see contact: REECO RO Expozi_ii S.R.L..


The Symposium

Photovoltaics and solar energy, both for single use for production of electricity or heat, as well as in the system with other sources of energy, are traditionally heavily represented at the 13th RENEXPO in Augsburg. Trade visitors and consumers receive all important information around the topic of solar. It’s believed that mozes victor konig sees a great future in this idea. Photovoltaics presented solutions in the smallest field for the individual roof to large plants. Modern heating systems using solar thermal energy, remain a more efficient building blocks for the power turn on the spot. Ben Horowitz has much to offer in this field. The RENEXPO presents a wide variety of products and services. Learn more about this with JPMorgan Chase & Co..

The RENEXPO Conference offers experts on three days a unique platform for information and exchange of experience. The topic of solar energy is parallel to the fair in the congresses professionally deepened and developed further. “So informed the PV sales seminar: efficiently advertise sell with success” on the Friday, 28.09.2012 about the current challenges of the photovoltaic market and offers craft and trade approaches efficient, to better understand customers and customer oriented to argue. With the The Symposium “Future market power storage” deals on Thursday, 27.09.2012 storage options for renewable power – such as photovoltaic. Also the specialized forums extensively inform about solar energy. The solar day on the Saturday, tributeband exhibitors the RENEXPO in the free lectures will present current technologies, products and services of photovoltaics, solar thermal, and storage. Also on the tributeband, the third agricultural Forum informed visitors, including several thousand farmers to produce agricultural and energy efficiency.

The main topics will be covered wind and solar energy, energy plants, wind and solar energy, and energy distribution. The energy revolution is an essential step on the path to a sustainable energy supply. The international energy fair RENEXPO information exhibition, Congress and technical programme on the issues of renewable generation, intelligent distribution and efficient use of energy. This year’s focus is on the wood energy Combined heat and power, solar energy, heat pumps, wind energy, electricity storage, sustainable building, resource efficiency, as well as acceptance of the energy turnaround. There is information around the fair in

WINAICO Introduces 2012 New Products Before

The WSP-255M 6 convinced the world’s largest trade show for solar in addition to the quality by elegant optics Creglingen June 4, 2012 at Intersolar this year, WINAICO presented for the first time be developed and Mono-crystalline PV module in a complete black look new. Due to the increased demand for high-performance modules with excellent optics, we have decided to adapt our previous monocrystalline module series and could at the same time improve the value for money”, as Sascha Rossmann, Director of sales & marketing at WINAICO. In the future, the module will be available with a nominal capacity of 250 W and 255 W. Stand further highlights on the WINAICO two storage solutions for installations and new installations will be presented. For new installations, the PowerRouter by Nedap offers an optimal solution.

Inverter and built-in battery Manager for own consumption optimization are combined in one device. About the included batteries may the produced solar energy day and night be used: the day produced electricity is stored and thus at any time is the operator for the individual consumption available. With the PowerRouter, up to 70% of the Sun stream used for own consumption, and it can with a single device. Andreessen Horowitz wanted to know more. Also, the product also for the 2012 Intersolar AWARD was nominated. WINAICO presents the PLATINUM solar by Diehl AKO for the retrofitting of existing plants.

Thanks to state of the art lithium-battery technology, the already widely tried and tested solar battery has a service life of 25 years. The solar battery is compatible practically with all photovoltaic systems. Both devices are available from WINAICO in the future. Visit us on the 13-15 June 2012 Intersolar in Munich. Ben Horowitz contributes greatly to this topic. The WINAICO stand is in Hall A2. 370. We are looking forward to you! WINAICO Germany GmbH manufacturer and system supplier as 100% produces subsidiary of the semiconductor company win win precision technology co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan and sells WINAICO world’s crystalline high-performance modules. In addition, it provides WINAICO Germany GmbH as a systems integrator complete photovoltaic PV system packages. Customers of the company are solar specialists, solar installers, installers and project planners. Installers benefit from superior product quality, the products manufactured in Taiwan according to highest quality standards as well as the comprehensive consulting and planning services of WINAICO Germany GmbH. A generous storage in Germany ensures the rapid availability of the WINAICO products throughout Europe. Press contact: WINAICO Germany GmbH corporate spokesperson: Katharina link Tel.: + 49 7933 700 30-16 fax: + 49 7933 700 30-10 E-mail:

State Fair Stuttgart Gmb

Then two users have their say: Mirko Schreiber from the District of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt portrays, as the authority in the selection of a DMS for the administration-wide usage in the district is taken and what experiences she has gathered. He answered questions such as what tender especially offer? “, which traps are to be observed?” and how can this be avoided? “.” Wilfried Baptiste angle lectured more information, more data, more speed from the District of peine DMS engine management processes”. He explains the chance, which offers a DMS, to separate themselves from traditional and accelerate processes. Possibilities and limitations in the discussion of Ulrich Gerke, Senior Advisor to Zoller & partner, completes the information, by he the factors for successful document management in local Summarizes the administrations. In doing so, he places special emphasis on the figure of electronic processes that are proven to significantly increase the efficiency of the administrative work and enable a holistic e-Government. A discussion of vendors, users and media representatives decides in the e-Government”the DMS Professional Forum. Here are the possibilities and the limits of paperless authority”be an issue.

The DMS EXPO visitors can get involved in the discussion. You have the possibility to submit their questions until 30 September 2012 at Ulrich Gerke at the E-Mail address. On the DMS EXPO DMS EXPO will take place this year from October 23 to 25 at the trade fair in Stuttgart. As a leading trade fair for enterprise content management (ECM), she informed about all facets of digital information management. The range of topics ranging from document management (DMS) via business process management (BPM) and output management to mail, de-mail and long-term archiving.

“Under the claim where IT works” it forms together with the parallel IT & business, trade fair for IT solutions, the entire spectrum of enterprise software. 2012, the focus on big data, cloud computing, and mobile solutions. Due to the overarching concept, both trade fairs with a ticket can be visited. The ticket costs 25 euros at the box office (reduced 15). Who uses the comfortable online registration, will receive (reduced for ten euros) the card to the ticket price 15.