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She arrived before the seven hours of the morning the gallery, was anxious for the exposition, even so she was certain of that everything was ready wanted to revise all the details, was perfeccionista and wise person not to delegate swims, had that to be in command. A little before the foreseen schedule first the guests had started to arrive, the done advertising were intense creating air of mystery around the new artist what it caused in fact a positive effect making with that all were aflitos at last to know the workmanship of so said painter. It was going everything very well, above even of the expectations of Charlote, even so same it did not admit, therefore it made question to even demonstrate that it had the control of everything, of the emotions. Check out Rob Crossland for additional information. The gallery was repleta of artists, figures of the society, politicians, journalists, celebrities of some levels, a true success. it, paraded flaring for the corridors, dressed a long layer green moss with wall lamps of black embroiderings and the highest boots of long pipe, always in the classic style that gave air to it of much elegance. The guests oscillated between appreciating the screens and the beauty of Charlote that did not become of supplicated, accepting all the excused compliments it, however always keeping certain distance.

After one two hours of the beginning of the event appear one new figure, until then not seen in the environment, a high man of carefully combed black hair stops backwards, without nor a wire is of the place. It used tender black color, gray scarf around of the neck and a cane that only seemed accessory, therefore did not make look like to need its I assist for locomotion. Charlote did not notice the presence of the new guest, but it intently observed it to each movement and after some instants if he removed in the same way discrete that he arrived. To the end of the exposition, Charlote and Anne had been to verify the result next to the responsible one for the sales and had been surprised at the notice of the sales of all the pictures for an only purchaser who did not identify itself. The payment was made in money through a carrier with an only requirement, of that Charlote was personally to deliver the pictures in the end of the following day in the hotel that was housed.

Charlote was accustomed the eccentric purchasers, before Brazil already had been owner of the gallery in Paris, but never it had had a requirement as that one, relutou for one instant, but later yielded, did not find to be of good tone not to take care of to an order of a consumer so made use to invest in the market of the arts. When they had left the gallery, Charlote, Anne and Arnaud the painter of the pictures, had been supper and to drink a good French wine, after all the exposition had been a success, needed to commemorate. They had been in the restaurant until talking animadamente and nor had well late noticed that they were being observed for one gentleman seated in a table in the end of the hall. The day amanheceu sunny, without one alone cloud in the sky, nor of far was looked like the shady previous morning. Charlote to the first minutes already was in the sea if to delight with the coolness of the cold waters that received the rays from sun that they scratched out the form waves

Maranho Town

The ESPANTALHO In the time where the south region of Par was still almost that total covered for exuberant forest, consisting of a great variety of leafy trees, and not of this rasteiro green of capim of grass of the great small farms that today substitute roas of long ago, in the small lots of land demarcated in the way them bushes, when the land was of who first arrived, was that compadre Bald, recently fond of the town of Is Domingos of the Araguaia, attracted by the perspective of working autonomous worker, in its proper land, without being aggregate, master for ordering to it, as it was its life in the hinterland will cear of it in the year of 1960, started to work in its proper land, fighting against all the difficulties that threatened to bar it its optimistical perspectives. It adjusted accounts with the owner of the farm where it worked as foreman, it joined the cacarecos, the woman, the three children, and in woods of it ploughs had made trip until the city of Empress, in the Maranho. Of there, they had continued of boat until the o town of Apinags, in Par, concluding the trip on lombos of donkeys, for a narrow and muddy bite, shaded for the cold and festejada bush I sing with it of the birds and the gorgos, what the eyes and the ears of a encantamento never seen in the Cear of caatingas and of a direful estiagem fulled them. The invitation of relatives decides to make this change its, already per some years established in the region, on account proper, without being ordered woods, ' ' proper owners of focinhos' ' ; Good, rich land, sufficiently water, much rain, much hunting, much fish, a paradise in sight the dryness of the hinterland of where it came. Arriving at the town of They are sundays, started to raise it soon its housing; A barraco of straws of babau, equal the majority of the houses of that town, with all the taken off material of the nature; The straw eyes, that if were taken off in the certain moon, would last per some years. .