Logo On Plastic Bags: Methods Of Applying

Logo – is one of the branding of the organization. Is not, and except for the logo on the plastic bag. Corporate identity has a number of important functional tasks: increased attention to the company, enhances the effectiveness of advertising contacts, creates a positive image and reputation of the company, increased recognition of the company. Particular attention is paid to developing the logo shape and color, as they draws in the first place consumers' attention. Often, the logo uses two contrasting colors: white, red, black and white, red and black and other combinations.

This is especially important poi selection of colors for drawing logo on plastic bags. Package with a logo – an essential tool for advertising businesses and branding. A logo on the package can be implemented in several ways: Offset printing, flexo printing, shelkotrafartenoy printing, embossing, and other means. Each of them has its advantages. The method of flexographic printing is good for high volume manufacturing of packages (from 1000 and more) with different thicknesses of polyethylene.

In this way, manufactured most of the packages ldpe hdpe bags with prorubnoy handle, package and rider packet-shirts. The downside is the difficulty of using this method when applied logo on the package of paper. A logo on a paper bag can be carried out by offset printing method shelkotrafartenoy printing (flexography). These methods are typical for the manufacture of small package copies (100 copies). Additionally, when these kinds of printing logos can be treated with foil stamping and other decorative elements. Bags with offset printing can be further laminated, which would give greater solidity of the product, increase its strength and duration of use. Packages being tools of advertising campaigns, fully reflect the corporate identity of the organization. Their use in various presentational activities significantly increases the recognition of the company, as for storing images or visual row man needs to see it from 10 to 30 times. That easily allows you to implement a paper and plastic Packages with the logo.