Latin Americans

We have a site that goes more or less more less than more- and the need to revitalize a little things makes us patent. Competition is fierce in any niche, and more marketing actions increasingly are turning to online support. For the first time in the history of the United States, according to the consulting firm Outsell, in 2010, the investment in online advertising will exceed investment in traditional advertising. And the same Tween can be made to the rest of the world places. The nuances are given by the habits of consumers, but the trend is very clear: to different reaction speeds all markets tend to increase the chips that are committed to online advertising. This leads to a paradoxical situation: most public turns to the internet, already not only by labour issues we think as soon as you have changed the process of recruitment and head hunting since the eruption of social networks-, but for pleasure, leisure, and also to buy. Happens that, as many entrepreneurs already are they have noticed, online sales support much cheaper costs, while allowing achieving an excellent presentation and promotion of the product, also providing the ideal channel for post sale support. But hand in hand with this increase of potential clients, and new geographical areas that are added to the stage, also the offer of products and services is multiplied as a culture of bacteria in a Petri dish, and consequently, also competitors.

It is no longer the store of another block, but the site of the nearby city. Costs for freight is cheaper, and gradually users are encourage to make purchases beyond the borders of their countries a case exemplary is the huge number of Latin Americans who buy products from eBay or Amazon. As a result, online marketing has become one category again, as the staff salaries, or the costs of electricity. I.e. not already it’s sporadic actions, but that it has become in a category in which there is to invest permanently, to have though It is a minimal chance of survival in the online business. For this reason, focus on online promotion costs as an occasional action, is a wrong approach, and that can only lead to the anxiety. It is necessary to carry out a medium-term planning, priority goals and strategic plans to achieve them.

Consequently, it is imperative to find and develop techniques that allow positioning our sites. And the best way is to work towards a good organic positioning in a economically sustainable way, to make it viable develop these actions with continuity in time. Examples?: generation of value added to products based on quality content creation of a reputation online Pro, and positioning as an authority on the Viralization theme of content development of an effective channel of CMR that is massive, segmented, economic and cash. Does it exist?