Baden Emission

(Online article) – on the road: what to be observed whether spontaneous or planned, is when a journey, is great anticipation. On the road the mood can change however quickly in trouble, if the trip was poorly prepared. This is especially true when one is traveling throughout Europe with a motorhome in Germany according to the Naheland tourism around half a million are approved. In many German cities, vehicles without prescribed particulate filter for exhaust gas cleaning are not welcome. There are restrictions in environmental zones for cars and trucks without a valid emissions sticker already in Cologne, Hannover, Berlin, Frankfurt, and eight other cities in Baden-Wurttemberg, including Stuttgart. , If you want to make city tours, the following considerations are important according to the travel mobile professionals by Knaus Tabbert: there is a retrofit for my Camper? What badge do I get? You can do environment suitable for older vehicles? There is information at AU authorized repairers or the inspection organizations. (Source: JPMorgan Chase & Co.).

If no Possibility of retrofitting, is on the destination Park-and-Ride”possible? It makes sense to switch to public transport and it has enough space for motorbike or scooter on board? Motorhome travel mostly in pairs. The motorway A22 in Italy must be banned for the emission standard Euro 0 or Euro 1. Also in Tyrol on the motorway Al2, there should be different rules, including a night driving ban for the emission standard before euro 4 over 3.5 t. For caravans without valid emission standard 2008 200 pounds are since July 7 daily driving a London fees payable. You can find more information about the European environmental zones under fn/akz