In addition to its historical monuments, its delicious gastronomy, its incredible beaches, its excellent riads, its abundant culture and its hospitable people, Morocco also boasts an impressive and varied nature that will delight those visitors who are looking for scenery and incomparable views. Morocco is a country extremely varied, with more than 3700 kilometers of coastline, several mountain ranges, deserts with precious oasis and many other amazing natural wonders. The caves of Hercules Hercules caves or caves of Africa are the natural symbol of Tangier and a spectacular natural heritage that shows the shape of the African continent. According to legend, this cave, located about 14 kilometers to the West of Tangier, was the place chosen by Hercules to rest after finishing his twelve labours. The entrances to the caves overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and at high tide the water comes in spades. When the sea level rises, sprout huge waves and flooded the caves. Apparently, the caves have been used as homes for centuries and there are several quarries and corridors between them. According to popular belief, the caves were excavated and built by any ancient culture to be able to take refuge in its interior.

But, in fact, its existence and genesis remain a mystery. It is known, moreover, that the last known use of this cave was how brothel in first half of century XX. Another legend surrounding the caves of Hercules is communicating, through a mysterious and unexplored system of tunnels and galleries, with the caves of San Miguel in Gibraltar. However, the impressive view of the Strait of Gibraltar is not no legend, with incredible tones of deep blue of the sea and the sky creating a fascinating contrast. To get to the cave you can take a bus without number coming from Grand Socco, but departures are infrequent. Moreover, they can negotiate a taxi or travel in your own vehicle from the city.