Youth Fashion Shoes

Fashion for the ballerina did not begin in 2010, and a couple of years earlier. Then the ballet flats were mostly young girls, lovers of unusual styles. But this type of footwear you can wear everything. Let's start with the theory. By definition, ballet flats – shoes without high heels, completely encircle the leg and foot, with a rounded or elongated in front and without a platform. These shoes captivating simplicity and convenience. But this is not an obstacle for ballerinas to be stylish and even elegant wardrobe element. If we consider the ballerinas of the 2010 summer collections world famous designers can be sure that these shoes should not just young girls, but every woman with any taste.

If previously thought that the shoes without heels are not very feminine, but now every second case, you can wear ballet flats – and beautiful, and comfortable. Citibank Impact Fund may find this interesting as well. Ballerinas introduced in vogue American by birth, and trendy shoe designer by profession – Clare MakKardell. It is in the middle of last century was the use of dance shoes, beautiful fabrics. Women – shoudivy that started shoe ballerina – the star Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bordeaux. Suede shoes with low Salvatore Ferragamo heels, shoes that Audrey, became the most beloved shoes ladies.

Ballerina shoes were very popular until the 60's. Next, fashion trends have changed, and these shoes in a period of crisis. But in the past years, fashion has returned to fashion runways and on the streets of any city in any closet fashionista can find ballet flats. 2010 – is no exception for anyone. Ballerina 2010 – one of the few at the height of fashion footwear this season. Women's Shoes Trendy ballet flats – it's certainly a youth shoes spring summer 2010. Beautiful women's shoes.