Woman Dreams Or Islam After German-style

A documentary film about German women converted to Islam on March 27, 2010 NIO in Hilversum Dutch TV beamed the woman dreams documentary”living in Germany Canadian Moroccan Director Mohamed Nabil from. In 38 minutes, the film tells the experience of three German women who converted to Islam and now have a new life and new dreams. Woman dreams “which was produced by the production company MPP, which is headquartered in the capital Berlin. With this new documentary, the filmmaker wants to the phenomenon of conversion to Islam in Germany and Europe”and demonstrate its various dimensions. Who is Mohamed Nabil? Grew up in Morocco, he earned degrees in philosophy and education there, and taught philosophy and social sciences for four years at the high school, before emigrating to Canada in 2001. There, he studied journalism and political science at Laval University in Quebec, as well as film studies at the University of Montreal. in 2005, he directed his first in Canada “Short film: philosopher”.

Since 2006, lives Mohamed Nabil in Berlin and works as a freelance journalist, actor, and filmmaker. Woman dreams”is his first documentary as a Director. Mohamed Nabil has founded a production company (MPP) in Berlin. MIA paradise