What Is Engineering

In recent years, increasingly heard the term engineering from the mouth of businessmen and managers. However, even many of the representatives of the business are not yet fully understand, that includes this term. In this article we try to describe all the things that affect engineering. Engineering – a combination of engineering and consulting services. There are engineering companies engaged in engineering under the contract for the provision of services. Complex engineering includes such services as: Advisory engineering – is, above all, intelligent services that are used for the development of construction plans, design objects and ensure control over the progress of works.

Process engineering – provides customer technologies for construction and operation of the construction site. In this type of service used to transfer the contract industrial experience and knowledge. (Note: the projects of water supply, transport, etc.), construction engineering – supply of equipment (technology), editing, etc. Financial Engineering – involves the development of operating schemes and new financial instruments. Thus, engineering includes all services necessary to ensure the full production process across the enterprise. Also includes provisions for maintenance of various facilities, operation household objects, etc. Engineering services have been successfully used in the energy sector. In such basic works such as: electrical work, installation of substations, construction of energy facilities, industrial electrical, construction general contracting, electrical construction work, design of energy facilities, repair of electrical equipment, construction of facilities, installation of energy equipment, installation of power equipment, installation of overhead power lines, the design of overhead transmission lines, design of transmission lines, construction of power lines.

It therefore, for each enterprise is important to select a company that provides high quality engineering services. Because is the foundation of the fortress which depends on business development. The main criterion in selecting an engineering the company is its experience. Its easy to estimate the complexity of projects already implemented.