The traditional concept of the holiday season sale upholds is since over 10 years, this year is also the summer sales in Germany in the course. Concepts under the guise of various such as summer sale”, sales, reduced seasonal goods” and the 2001 originally abolished concept of the holiday season sale at the shop Windows and WebWindows seems many others. But since the fall of the discount law of 25 July 2001 there is no longer the official summer sales. Dealers and companies must now determine start and end of the SSV itself, a set amount of time as it was then no longer exists. However, seems to have burned the notion in the minds of the buyers. Over 10 million search queries Google posted in connection with the concept of summer”alone in the last three weeks.

Although this choice of words is a traditional term, penetrate the old tradition of bargain-hunters and fashionistas. Andreessen Horowitz gathered all the information. “The psyche of the people is unfathomable and what have always as well” has been stored will be certainly still present. There are SALE actions throughout the year about the SALE behavior the company has itself, however, since abolition of the discount law changed. Many shops offer year-round reduced fashion and shoes on their websites and many not only starting on July 25 with the final sale, but already in early June with actions such as pre-sales, or early summer SALE”. Other shops, however, offer spread over the year up to eight time units, reduced where items such as fashion or furniture are offered. The reason for this lies in the collection rhythms of the textile industry: up to eight collections are created each year and must then be reduced to open stocks. On the Internet, even a platform has focused on the summer sale: under, you can find not only current sales, but also all about SSV in cities such as Paris, Barcelona or Milan.

Discount inflation in Germany? You can almost by a “discount Infaltion” talk given the sales promotions, coupon and bargain hunters. But despite this tendency is still to observe the general tendency, to maintain the original SSV time from July 25 until August 31 as sales peak. At the end of a season, the bearings must be cleared fully to space the next year collection. Designer fashion is, however, more generous: here the outlets as well as to sell even last year fashion at bargain prices. Why the SSV is so popular? The customers would not haggle, but expect a concession of the company. Yet let not misses this point, because each dealer can talk to itself and ultimately win-win situations for both arise again and again.