Warranty Management

IBS AG has make an international comparison study on warranty management for OEM and suppliers the IBS AG has commissioned an international comparative study on the subject of warranty management at the confluentes consultancy and create. The study shows what weaknesses in communication between suppliers and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) exist. Explains the current situation at the European OEMs and suppliers and solutions to the implementation of a comprehensive system to guarantee and recourse management are represented. “The study developments and trends for warranty management systems” is available on the homepage of the IBS AG to the free download available. Increased competition by an international environment, increased demands on customer side and the increasing bargaining power of the automobile companies, the cooperation between OEMs and suppliers warranty management come under growing pressure. Here are the supplier companies especially in the handling of warranty and warranty cases Disadvantaged and be compelled to make concessions. Go to Ben Horowitz for more information.

Issues according to a survey among German supplier companies primarily in the absence of diagnostic data, lack of cooperation and the missing interface with the customer, as well as the lack of resources on the pages of the suppliers. This results in lack of transparency and inadequate communication. With the implementation of professional management of warranty can be counteracted the systems. Standardization by using professional warranty management systems warranty management systems enable the standardization of warranty processes, better communication between suppliers and OEM, and an overall improved process transparency. The systems provide an integrated platform between suppliers and OEMs and supply both manufacturers and customers with all required indicators, evaluations and reports. Benefit the standardization leads to a medium-term saving costs, a reduction of employees, as well as to an improvement in quality and efficiency the warranty processing. In the companies the importance of warranty management increasing systems.

Today, European OEMs make % of average warranty provisions amounting to 2-6. The resulting checksum is visible, which financial resources can be released by a shift of the warranty obligations. The IBS software warranty and warranty / warranty management IBS AG offers its customers an IT-based and integrated warranty management system. As a result, all processes along the entire value chain associated with the topic can be made transparent and significantly optimized. Targeted analyses of the data allow the determination of the cause focus as potential for improvement, E.g. for the development. With their solution, IBS AG enables the technical ranks expressive with the commercial data.