VAT Office

You can relate to them the costs associated with advertising, travel, communications (telephone, Internet, postage), registration, equipment, and hired services, etc. The difficulties relate to use a personal vehicle and home office. If you use a car, you may decide to use the private car and indicate the "business" account with miles of 19 cents per mile or you can turn car in its business with full balance of all costs and make a correction to your income tax return for personal use. Which option is more advantageous – depending on the situation. Then there matter whether you are allowed to work from home or you need an external office.

While you will not have a large number of customers visiting you, the municipality in the Netherlands – the Netherlands will not disturb the issue that you're working at home. But Still, if you have clients visiting you, the content of external office space can be useful to the decision, not only because the cost of such an office are not taxable. In the Netherlands – Holland home office expenses are not taxed if there is a separate entrance from the street and in the office there is a special equipment. VAT (BTW) in the Netherlands – the Netherlands, depending on the expected turnover and profits tax authorities will determine how often You will have to submit VAT return and assign you a temporary if they are taxing the income tax. It is therefore important accuracy estimation, made at the time of registration. Following the issuance of tax Service in the Netherlands – Dutch tax number, you also get the first declaration (ies) of the VAT for the previous period. Usually VAT return must be submitted each quarter, in the case of high speed, time of lodgement can be changed to monthly. If the turnover is very low each year, filing period may also be changed to annual.