Value Merchandise

The men if differentiate of the too much beings livings creature for possessing one telencfalo highly developed and opposing thumb, that the clamp movement allows. The conjugao of the efforts of telencfalo and the opposing thumb allows that the man works, modifying substances cousins? they are these come directly from the nature or some previous work for production of merchandises that satisfy its necessities. Mr. Suzuki, who possesss telencfalo developed and opposing thumb highly and that it is a producer of tomatoes, does not make it with intention of proper consumption, but to change them in the market for money. Merchandises, according to Theory of the Value, are objects that the conjugao of the human efforts in common has between itself, what it is called abstract work (for abstracting its characteristics).

It has a utility? value call use, without which it would not make sensible to be in the market, but that the merchandise is abstracted when goes to be vendida- and a value that if express for the value of exchange, the amount for which if it changes a merchandise for another one, of what if subentende that it is only merchandise what is available in the market. The price of the merchandise, according to Marx, if of the one for the socially necessary time for its production. To be changed amount is determined by a comparison enters the time of necessary work for the production of the merchandises that if desires to change, what it happens in the market. As Mr. Suzuki does not have money enough to open its proper business, it vende the only thing that he possesss: its force of work. The price of the merchandise work force calls wage and if the one for the socially necessary time for the production of a worker, that is, the necessary time so that it has the sufficient to survive.