Electronic commerce can be used in any environment where documents are exchanged between companies: purchases and acquisitions, finance, industry, transport, health, legislation and collection of revenue or taxes. There are already companies using electronic commerce to develop the following: Creating new channels of marketing and sales. Interactive access to product catalogs, price lists and brochures. Direct marketing and interactive products for its clients. Continuous support, allowing customers to find themselves, and easily, answers to their problems by obtaining files and software necessary to resolverlos.Mediante electronic commerce documents are exchanged business activities between trading partners. The benefits obtained in this are: reduction of administrative work, business transactions faster and more accurate, easier and faster access to information, and reducing the need to rewrite the information in the computer. The types of business which could benefit significantly from the incorporation of electronic commerce are: Reservation systems. Hundreds of dispersed agencies use a shared database to arrange transactions. Commercial stocks. Global acceleration of contacts between stock markets. Order processing. Possibility of remote reference or verification by a neutral entity. Insurance. Facilitates data capture. Companies that supply manufacturers. Save lots of time to communicate and present information exchanged immediately. Tag: .