To VOB / B Or Not To VOB / B?

Many – even smaller – Constructors point in their terms and conditions on the VOB (according to Key), more precisely, the VOB, Part B. What did they engage themselves with as little as they often know their customers. Because the VOB are designed for large construction companies, with large clients. Smaller contractors (and even private developers) are already staffed simply unable to comply with the rules laid down formalities, which sometimes hold very tight deadlines under control. The Council of attorney for smaller construction companies, and especially for private clients, is this: Stay away from the VOB / B! Hardly a private citizen knows, for example, proof that he is disadvantaged if it on VOB contract from a builder does not contradict the final invoice within twelve business days. Hardly any of the other builder is aware that he delayed the maturity of its final invoice in order to smooth two months if he submits the construction contract to the VOB. Ganz ‘koperneckisch’ if it isthe entrepreneur believes that retain favorable arrangements him the VOB / B, the bad, but it can change by its own terms too. ‘Cherry picking’ will not be tolerated by the law (legal) controversy is inevitable. In reality, small construction companies currently have the VOB / B is possible only because the contract, because they can charge this earlier payments than under the normal law governing contracts of the Civil Code. This effect can be realized, however, much easier. It must be in the BGB-work contract (without the agreement of the VOB) only to specify exactly at which the construction progress payments become due.