The Superbox

Subsequentemente, the Methodology of the research will be presented in chapter 5, where the type of study, universe and sample, collects and analysis of the data is contained. On the basis of the previous chapters, in sixth will succeed the analyses of all the harvested information, relating them with the theories shown for the authors. With base 8 in these, pertinent recommendations will be given to the chances of observed improvements, with the intention to contribute with the growth of the company. 1,1 CHARACTERIZATION OF the COMPANY the study is alicerado in Native the Superbox company, located in the Street Prof. Wheat Antonio, 766? Philip Shrimp? Natal/RN.

Operating in the branch of the retailing since 2004 the Sr. Gilvana has as proprietor Cuts Da Silva Souza, which is the front of the managemental processes. The Superbox started not as a chance identified. Before arriving it the same, the proprietor acted in other branches, starting as an limited food, liquor store and few product only the item of the basic basket. When visualizing the business chance that such products retail provided to it, appeared the idea to initiate the enterprise activity and with this the sprouting of the Superbox Supermarket. Currently, the company counts on the force of work of its 20 collaborators and on one mix of products relatively high one to take care of its public-target, and such mix is composed for cereals, drinks in general, colds, horti-frutti, products of personal hygiene and cleanness, cellar, beyond weekly offers and service of delivery of purchases the domicile. Its structure is composed basically for three boxes, aougue, parking and system of cameras, future longing for projects and/or goals to increase the efficiency of the business, thus to offer to greater comfort and satisfaction of the necessities of its customers. 9 2 2,1 OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVE To promote the integration you discipline of them, to break of the organizacional analysis and the identification of chances and improvements for Native the Superbox Supermarket, of form to propagate the science of the Administration.