The Resources

Remembered that the administrator of an education institution not to have to summarize its activities in bureaucratic commitments. Today the necessity is well beyond. It is essential that this administrator it gets pedagogical knowledge but also it has one aims at ample of the resources partners economic politician and to provide to one environment of participativa interaction between directive team, professors and learning with one alone objective the improvement of the educational qualification. The participativa management brings obtains new trends in relation the pertaining to school administration in search of an efficient school: the change of the paper of the director and the search for the pertaining to school autonomy. She will be able to constitute a real way of improvement of the quality of education if it will be conceived, in depth, as mechanism capable to modify practical pedagogical.

Indispensable constructed an important relevance: knowing of the intervention politics, the schools at some moments elaborate projects that nape of the neck had left the drawer. It fits to the manager to work in team, but not to forget to search plans objective, to filter ideas, carrying through analyzes of each content to be elaborated realistic projects that are placed in practise, approaching always the questionings crucial: It stops that if it constructs to a project pedagogical politician, efficient and efficient, is necessary to reflect on the following aspects: so that it serves and to who it serves? Ahead of this pedagogical document exceeds the mere elaboration of plans. If it cannot leave to mention the necessity of the hierarchic position of the gesture. evident that all the sectors of an institution to have to give accounts of its activities to the leader of the team. This does not mean centralization of being able, and yes delimitations of functions knowing that legally the manager is responsible for all the events in the institucional scope. not if can allows that it is confused, democratic management with partnership of jeitinhos of coliguemos without end. ' ' The hierarchy of the manager can be compared with one eliminates chemical in laboratory that serves in such a way for remedy as for poison, depends on dosagem.' '