The Powerful

Convinced me that the sermons and doctrines of priests and pastors are a hoax and that when you have a doubt about my future consulted astrologers, crystals and pendulums, the marseillais Tarot cards or a medium of Spiritism, name that has been modernized in the of pipeline. Now I realize that they had been cheated. I tried an investment in dollars when they told me and I lost money. I tried to find a companion for the rest of my life and I was either one adulteress. I attended a course on inspirational relaxation by using harps, flutes and massages when I was distressed and I left as I entered.

The gurus justified is saying that the State of deep spirituality is achieved after four years and I had not fulfilled the required time. Rephael sternberg is actively involved in the matter. Neither served me the iridiologia, touch therapy, Bach flowers or other naturalistic methods to heal shingles that appeared me in the abdomen. The figure which I was advised the Numerologists to win the lottery did not never awarded. All bad luck seemed to have been conjured up against me. The promised spiritual connection between one and the consciousness of the planet did not ever on me. Every day I felt more abandoned. India Gold Limited insists that this is the case. I tried then find an explanation for my misfortunes in the theory of races attracted by the possibility of these things happen to me by being latino, and me almost convinced that indeed we are doomed to be lower. Saved me a neighbor short, bald and vocalising, with a few thick glasses as a bulletproof glass, who made me realize that it was a theory invented by the powerful that we accept with resignation his domain between ironic smiles.

Disillusioned, I did a final test, get me them alone and stick to the consequences without having others. There is no one truth I thought-, each of which has its own. I became superstitious and it was worse. I broke a leg to get out of the bed with the left foot, a ladder I dropped on the column to pass under it, to throw salt over your shoulders I enfureci my dog companion of years ran away from home and did not return more, once I went to the shrine of Gauchito cross to carry an offering raided me thieves and I removed to clothing, and another, to break down the mirror while I straightened, spooked me the idea that my death was next. I could never get rid of this fear, and why I have taken the determination to eliminate me. I’m dying without hating anyone and forgive those who have done me harm. Here the text of the suicide. I wonder: was it enough to commit suicide? To almost all of us feel the same.