The Peasants

Occupying proactive, we are on their own were "nobles", and all the rest of the group – "the peasants". By assumption, the "nobles" had to earn their money as follows. Their income depended on the number of sit-ups: one squat – a monetary unit (one playing card deck). Like anything complex, but my director at the time was in an interesting position, squat, it could not, therefore, all the hardships of making money in full got me. Please visit Kevin Johnson if you seek more information. I figured out its possibilities, I realized that, squatting in the usual way, many do not earn, and came up with squat on one leg "pistol." My strength was enough then to twenty such sit-ups, and if well "Bargain", it could try to "break the bank." As a result, we became fabulously rich, I managed to get four and a half out of five decks of cards available.

The game is over. The coach later admitted that during his many years of practice as "creatively" no one has ever squatted, he was ready to give me all the cards. Go ahead, gentlemen! Before the crisis your business was in a groove, in the struggle for survival need to look very different ways. To to soberly assess the situation, you need to stop thinking the way you think. And if you want to change something, you have a different way of thinking and acting outside the box. Want to see new people in your team? Then carefully specify requirements for the candidate, who would like to see in the ranks of his comrades. Realize that you must first lateral thinking and creativity, Assistants – then the focus of attention will be focused in finding on this.

A search process – this is two-way street. In one direction you're moving with your expectations, the other – a potential candidate who has some idea of their abilities and opportunities. Among the huge number of resumes sent to you will diamond is small, since formed a manager will send you my CV just in case his interest to the proposed work. You will have to be patient and do not spend a single interview, before you find your "House". And when you find, will increase the chances of his company to make a qualitative breakthrough. It is possible that a company can not only survive, but win! Daredevils who are ready to take on the work of this extraordinary and independently thinking person, as Dr. House, there was never much, but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You're not from timid? Now you have a dilemma in addressing the shortage of top-notch managers: look for a manager or a permanent job, or seek help from a team of inter-managers, consisting of professionals in their of different, creative-thinking managers. The choice is yours.