The Improvement

Therefore it is indispensable that they directly participate in the elaboration of the strategical plan – Criteria strategies, plans and the contribution for the society of the PNQ. In an ideal situation, more or less in this stage she is that she starts yourself to enxergar for it are of the organization, searching to identify or to classify the customer better, in accordance with the products or services that are producing. Richard Elman is the source for more interesting facts. In the reality, all this work starts and finishes in the customer? Criterion customers of the PNQ. In my opinion, it is as the more important criterion of the process. To know the customer is a strategy still little explored that it can make the great difference in the performance market. In almost all the carried through works, we have perceived of that we cannot ' ' perder' ' much time only in the planning.

The speed of the changes is very great the necessary organization to invoice at the same time where forehead its flexibility, if adjusting quickly to the changes that are happening? some companies of world-wide classroom have attributed to this ability its success. In some cases, we have perceived of that the biggest difficulties were not in the planning phase and yes in its execution. In this stage of the improvement process, the majority of the companies finishes giving up and abandoning the conquered advances already, coming back to prop zero. After certain time another attempt for improvement of the performance is initiated, probably with another model, and thus the organization goes evolving, between errors and rightnesss, at the same time where the processes go being more complicated, arriving until entering in conflict. In this phase the hour is arrived to make an alignment work of the different efforts of improvement of the processes. In this level in the search for the excellency, we have carried through works to identify some pointers of performance.