The Functioning

The gestation, independent of being planned or not, presents feelings diversified in the scope biopsicossocial as acceptance, joy, fear, anxiety, anguish and rejection, and even though the unreliability how much to the new style of life that the gestante will go to face, in the change of life, with the arrival of a new to be in its life (WOLF et al, 2005). This if must to many things as the fear of that financial difficulties can occur to create the son and misalignment between the couple. Although the pregnancy is a natural phenomenon, it is had as a bonanza event in the life of the woman, being demanded well-taken care of special. Beyond accepting as gestante, it needs the support mainly of its familiar ones for becomes more insurance at this moment of its life. According to Ministry of Sade (MS) during the pregnancy the familiar parents and also the next ones, must be informed on the events of the gestacional period, work of childbirth and birth, as well as the behavior of just been born.

(BRAZIL, 1994). The normal gestation is associated the physiological and anatomical adjustments that they cause accented changes maternal organism, including the composition of the elements appeared and humorais of the circulating blood. Probably, in none another phase of the vital cycle exists bigger change in the functioning and forms of the human body in so short space of time. Many of these changes are initiated since the moment of the nidao and if they extend for all gestacional period until the ending of the lactation (SOUZA, SON, BLACKSMITH, 2002). In the gestacional period the body of the woman passes for decurrent physiological alterations of the gestation can be subtle or even though to cause fear, mainly primigestas, therefore these changes go occurring to the measure that the pregnancy evolved. So that the life is kept materna and fetal all the systems of the body pass for modifications.