The City

Our office is located in real space in which we direct the flow of our work activities. Let me explain: we give advertisements in the newspaper, but as a reference for communications give a phone number, which is located in the office, we give the address of the office, the office, we consult and negotiate with potential clients, etc. etc. (In flesh to the fact that it usually occurs after 18.00 on Friday last we (and we are progressive people) decided to advertise on the Internet! Just our system administrator can configure the modem and knows what your browser. And so on electronic bulletin boards proudly: ‘Barnyard – wholesale horns phone (No, wrong, the city is called Muhomedsk 8-1234-87654 street. 4-5.

“Suppose we have competent secretary, and in addition to master possession of nail file, she regularly asked by customers, where they learned ofirme. And then after about a couple of weeks, we understand that a case of beer, put on the joys of familiarizing with Internet advertising, sysadmin, it is money wasted. And what you learned from the first and most simple form of online advertising – placing ads – are almost complete analog of offline advertising. ok. Let’s say our system administrator has a neighbor Web designer who has heard of your problem and advised to use banner advertising. In the general sense of the word banner, meant animated or static image with the visual information contained on site. If we take a more narrowly, the word banner, also implies that the user clicking the mouse on the banner, will move to a site, namely on your site! But you also do not have it Well, the axiom investigation In general, effective ads on the internet you need your own website, your virtual office on the Internet. You see, having a website, you can redirect the flow of potential customers not on the phone Muhomedske, and the site where he will receive detailed information about the company and its products.

Banners hung you on popular sites, would also lead to your website. Your site will be found through search engines and directories And even if you live in Moscow (like yours truly), if you plan to advertise on the Internet, the site you want. In general, all matters regarding the establishment and promotion of the site are addressed in relevant sections of the site (sorry for the tautology) and one short Finally phrase: if you plan on Internet advertising, the first thing you need to build your website. Next: You can place ads on special boards, which in turn are also sites, indicating as return address your site. You can place banner ads on the popular (visited) sites, which will lead to your website. You can do so that your site will be found in the search engines and directories. Doing mailings with Advertise your site. To give the site address in print. And monoooogoe more.